iVIZION Ensures Security on Norwegian Prima

iVIZION Ensures Security on Norwegian Prima

JCM Global (JCM) has once again proven its commitment to excellence by ensuring the security of land-based casinos and casinos at-sea through its award-winning iVIZION bill validator. The latest installation of iVIZION on the Norwegian Prima, a Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ship, marks the next chapter in the enduring partnership between JCM and NCL. This article explores the significance of this installation, the advanced technology behind iVIZION, and the longstanding relationship between these industry giants.

Sailing with Confidence

The Norwegian Prima, NCL’s latest addition to its fleet, embarked on its maiden voyage with an extra layer of security. Its casino, boasting 298 gaming devices, is safeguarded by JCM’s iVIZION bill validator. This milestone installation reflects the trust NCL places in JCM’s cutting-edge technology. Moreover, it underscores the continuation of a partnership that has seen JCM’s bill validators become integral to more than 4,400 slots across all NCL ships.

A Strong Partnership

Dave Kubajak, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Operations at JCM, expressed his excitement about the extended collaboration with Norwegian Cruise Lines and the prestigious Norwegian Prima. He stated, “We are thrilled to again have expanded our existing relationship with Norwegian Cruise Lines and to be part of the incredible new Norwegian Prima. The ship is full of outstanding features that elevate expectations, and iVIZION’s better, smarter, faster capabilities further deliver on the NCL brand experience.”

The Superiority of iVIZION

At the heart of this successful partnership is JCM’s groundbreaking iVIZION, hailed as the most advanced bill validator in its class. What sets iVIZION apart is its Contact Image Sensing (CIS) technology, capable of scanning a staggering 75 times more data points than any other bill validator in its league. This cutting-edge technology captures comprehensive images of both sides of a banknote or ticket.

Furthermore, iVIZION integrates a patented anti-stringing device, adding an extra layer of security. This device is designed to detect and thwart any attempts at manipulation or mechanical cheating, ensuring the integrity of the gaming environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is iVIZION’s role in land-based casinos and casinos at-sea?
iVIZION serves as a crucial security measure, safeguarding the integrity of gaming devices and protecting against fraudulent activities in both land-based casinos and casinos at-sea.

How many NCL ships currently utilize JCM’s bill validators?
JCM’s bill validators are currently in operation on more than 4,400 slots across all Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

What makes iVIZION stand out from other bill validators?
iVIZION’s superiority lies in its advanced CIS technology, which captures a comprehensive image of both sides of banknotes or tickets, and its patented anti-stringing device, which prevents manipulation and cheating.

Why is the Norwegian Prima’s adoption of iVIZION significant?
The Norwegian Prima’s adoption of iVIZION further solidifies the partnership between JCM and Norwegian Cruise Lines, showcasing the trust NCL places in JCM’s technology.

How does iVIZION contribute to the NCL brand experience?
iVIZION’s “better, smarter, faster” capabilities enhance the NCL brand experience by ensuring the security and integrity of gaming operations on board the Norwegian Prima and other NCL ships.


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