Altenar iGaming Alliance with Random State

Altenar iGaming Alliance with Random State

@Altenar, a leading provider of #sportsbook and #iGaming software solutions, has forged a significant partnership with @RandomState, a prominent supplier in the #iLottery and games platform sector. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for both companies as they seek to expand their #offerings and strengthen their positions in the competitive landscape of iGaming.

Enhancing the iGaming Landscape

Random State is recognized for its robust lineup of iLottery and bingo games, including the innovative Skills & Thrills category. These games are designed to appeal to a diverse audience by blending elements of chance with engaging gameplay experiences. The platform itself represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and intuitive design principles, ensuring that operators can deliver seamless and enjoyable gaming experiences to their customers.

Altenar’s Premium Sportsbook Integration

Central to the partnership is the integration of Altenar’s highly acclaimed sportsbook into Random State’s comprehensive suite of solutions. In addition to existing offerings such as Player Account Management (PAM), Random Number Generator (RNG), and various game modules/logics, the inclusion of Altenar’s sportsbook enhances the platform’s versatility and attractiveness. This strategic move underscores Altenar’s commitment to empowering lottery and casino operators with robust sports betting solutions that meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Industry Voices on the Partnership

Charlie Williams, Commercial Director at Altenar, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Supporting Random State in launching their sportsbook is a testament to our shared commitment to innovation in iGaming. Together, we aim to set new standards and drive the industry forward.”

Mattias Westholm, CEO at Random State, echoed these sentiments: “Integrating Altenar’s sportsbook into our platform marks a significant milestone for us. This partnership not only expands our capabilities but also strengthens our position in the competitive iGaming market.”

Expanding Opportunities and Market Reach

The strategic alliance between Altenar and Random State opens up new avenues for both companies to expand their market reach and offer more comprehensive solutions to their clients. By combining their strengths and expertise, they can deliver enhanced gaming experiences and drive growth in the iGaming sector. This partnership is poised to leverage synergies between sports betting and lottery offerings, catering to a broader spectrum of player preferences and operational needs.

Enhanced Technology and Innovation

With Altenar’s sportsbook integrated into Random State’s platform, operators can expect enhanced technological capabilities and innovative features. The seamless integration of sports betting with existing lottery and bingo offerings promises to elevate user engagement and satisfaction. Moreover, the collaboration facilitates smoother operations through streamlined integrations and enhanced backend functionalities, ensuring a robust gaming experience for both operators and players alike.

Future Prospects and Strategic Vision

Looking ahead, Altenar and Random State are committed to leveraging their combined strengths to drive innovation and excellence in the iGaming industry. By focusing on technological advancement and customer-centric solutions, they aim to set new benchmarks and redefine gaming experiences. The partnership underscores their shared vision of pioneering new trends and shaping the future of digital entertainment.


In conclusion, the partnership between Altenar and Random State represents a significant step forward in the evolution of the iGaming industry. By integrating Altenar’s sportsbook into Random State’s platform, both companies are poised to deliver enhanced value and innovation to their clients. This collaboration not only enhances their market competitiveness but also reinforces their commitment to pushing the boundaries of iGaming excellence. As they embark on this collaborative journey, Altenar and Random State are well-positioned to lead the charge in transforming the iGaming landscape and delivering unparalleled gaming experiences to global audiences.


What does Altenar specialize in?
Altenar is a leading provider of sportsbook and iGaming software solutions, known for delivering robust and scalable platforms tailored for sports betting and online gaming operators.

What is Random State known for in the iGaming industry?
Random State is recognized for its expertise in iLottery and games platforms, offering a diverse range of games including bingo and unique categories like Skills & Thrills, blending chance with engaging gameplay.

Why did Altenar and Random State decide to collaborate?
The collaboration aims to combine Altenar’s advanced sportsbook technology with Random State’s comprehensive iLottery platform, offering operators a complete gaming solution that includes both sports betting and lottery options.

How will the integration benefit operators?
Operators will benefit from a wider range of gaming options and enhanced technological capabilities. The integration allows seamless operation of sportsbook alongside existing lottery and bingo offerings, providing a more engaging experience for players.

What does the partnership mean for the iGaming market?
The partnership sets new standards for integrated gaming solutions, leveraging synergies between sports betting and lottery games. It aims to enhance industry competitiveness and drive innovation in digital gaming experiences.

Will the collaboration affect existing services offered by Altenar and Random State?
No, the collaboration aims to complement existing services by integrating Altenar’s sportsbook seamlessly into Random State’s platform, enhancing the overall service offerings without disrupting current operations.

How will the partnership impact customer experience?
Customers can expect a more diverse and engaging gaming experience with access to a broader range of games and betting options. The integration aims to improve user satisfaction through innovative features and seamless gameplay.

What are the future plans for Altenar and Random State following this collaboration?
Both companies are committed to continued innovation and expansion in the iGaming sector. Future plans include further enhancing technological capabilities and exploring new opportunities for growth and market expansion.

How can operators integrate Altenar’s sportsbook into their existing platforms?
Integration of Altenar’s sportsbook with Random State’s platform is designed to be straightforward and seamless, ensuring minimal disruption to existing operations. Operators can easily access and implement the new sports betting features within their current setups.

Who can benefit from the combined solutions offered by Altenar and Random State?
The combined solutions cater to a wide range of operators in the iGaming industry, including online casinos, sports betting platforms, and lottery operators looking to enhance their offerings and attract a broader audience.


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