AvatarUX Unveils 80sPop Slot Game

AvatarUX Unveils 80sPop Slot Game

In a vibrant homage to the colorful and energetic party scene of the 1980s, the award-winning slots studio AvatarUX has introduced its latest creation: 80sPop. This musical-themed slot not only captures the essence of a bygone era but also reintroduces the immensely popular PopWins mechanic, promising an exhilarating gaming experience for players.

A Musical Journey Back in Time

Upon launching 80sPop, players are greeted with a 5×3 grid adorned with electric guitars, drums, musical notes, and a dazzling band donning iconic makeup. Each reel expands dynamically whenever a winning combination occurs, setting the stage for potentially lucrative rewards.

Expansive Gameplay

During base play, reels have the capacity to grow up to six symbols tall, while during free spins, this expands further to eight symbols. With each winning combination, a multiplier count is initiated, progressively increasing by +1x. What’s more, triggering the free spins not only amplifies the excitement but also builds upon the existing multiplier, ensuring a continuous surge of anticipation without resetting between spins.

Enhanced Rewards

The highest paying symbol, represented by the star, boasts even more generous payouts during free spins, proportionate to the reel’s height. Achieving a full eight-cell height on the reels unlocks a 4x multiplier for this symbol throughout the round, elevating the potential for significant wins.

Gamble Wheel and Bonus Features

Prior to entering the free spins round, players have the opportunity to spin a gamble wheel, potentially earning up to five additional free spins. Moreover, within the bonus game itself, landing maximum reel heights triggers an additional two spins, further prolonging the excitement and potential rewards.

Accessible Bonus Feature

For players in certain jurisdictions, a convenient Buy Feature option allows direct access to the bonus round in exchange for 85 times their stake, offering a shortcut to the heart of the action.

Expanding Portfolio

80sPop marks the latest addition to AvatarUX’s extensive portfolio of slot games. Initially available exclusively to AvatarUX’s partners with direct integrations, the game will later be made accessible to audiences worldwide.

Statement from the CEO

Commenting on the release of 80sPop, Lara Falzon, Chief Executive Officer of AvatarUX, expressed enthusiasm for the game’s unique blend of nostalgia and innovation. “80sPop combines our signature PopWins mechanic with a vibrant party theme, reminiscent of the glamorous days of glam rock,” Falzon remarked. “It’s an exciting and visually captivating title that promises players ample thrills in pursuit of a maximum win potential of 20,000 times their stake.”


In conclusion, 80sPop from AvatarUX offers an exhilarating journey back to the vibrant and glamorous era of the 1980s, infused with innovative gameplay mechanics and the potential for significant rewards. With its dynamic features, nostalgic theme, and the promise of thrilling entertainment, 80sPop is poised to captivate players worldwide and solidify its place as a standout addition to the world of online slots. Get ready to groove to the rhythm of big wins and nostalgic vibes with 80sPop.

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What is 80sPop?
80sPop is a new slot game developed by AvatarUX, featuring a vibrant 1980s party theme and incorporating the popular PopWins mechanic.

How does the PopWins mechanic work?
The PopWins mechanic causes reels to expand whenever a winning combination occurs, increasing the potential for more wins and larger payouts.

What are the features of 80sPop?
80sPop offers expanding reels, increasing multipliers, free spins with enhanced payouts, a gamble wheel for bonus spins, and a Buy Feature option in certain jurisdictions.

What is the maximum win potential in 80sPop?
Players have the opportunity to win up to 20,000 times their stake in 80sPop.

Can players access the bonus round directly?
Yes, in some jurisdictions, players can use the Buy Feature option to access the bonus round immediately, for a cost of 85 times their stake.

How many free spins can players earn in 80sPop?
Players can potentially earn up to five additional free spins by spinning the gamble wheel before entering the bonus round. Additionally, landing maximum reel heights during the bonus game awards two extra spins.

Is 80sPop available worldwide?
While initially exclusive to AvatarUX’s partners with direct integrations, 80sPop will be made available globally in the future.

What makes 80sPop unique?
80sPop stands out for its nostalgic theme, innovative gameplay mechanics, and the potential for substantial wins, all of which combine to deliver an exciting gaming experience.

Who is the CEO of AvatarUX?
Lara Falzon serves as the Chief Executive Officer of AvatarUX.

Where can players find 80sPop?
Players can enjoy 80sPop on platforms and online casinos featuring AvatarUX’s slot games.


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