Blue Guru Games Releases St. Louis 1904 Slot

Blue Guru Games Releases St. Louis 1904 Slot

Gamers are being beckoned to participate in one of history’s most extraordinary races with the debut of #StLouis1904, the newest #slotgame from @BlueGuruGames. This game is inspired by the #1904StLouisMarathon, an event infamous for its chaos, unexpected challenges, and peculiar occurrences that left an indelible mark on #SportingHistory.

The Historical Inspiration Behind the Game

The 1904 St. Louis Marathon is remembered not for athletic excellence but for the extraordinary and bizarre incidents that occurred during the race. Some of the most notorious moments include:

  • Dust Disaster: A runner inhaled so much dust that he experienced a stomach hemorrhage.
  • Rotten Apple Incident: Another participant, driven by hunger, ate rotten apples, which caused him to collapse mid-race.
  • Dog Chase: A runner was chased off course for a mile by a pack of dogs.
  • Unconventional Attire: One competitor showed up in trousers, a shirt, and dress shoes instead of running gear.
  • Car Ride Scandal: The first athlete to cross the finish line was later found to have ridden in a car for 11 miles of the race.

Capturing the Chaos: Game Features

Blue Guru Games has expertly encapsulated the unpredictability and madness of the 1904 marathon in “St. Louis 1904.” This slot game is packed with bonus features designed to keep players engaged as they navigate the dusty tracks of Missouri in pursuit of victory and substantial wins.

Bonus Features Galore

Instant Money Medal Symbols: Players can collect these symbols for immediate rewards.
Progressive Multiplier Free Games Bonus: This feature is triggered when three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels. If only two Scatter symbols land in the base game, a second chance feature may activate.

Before the Free Games begin, players can select up to five Reel Modifiers, including:

  • More Money Medal symbols
  • Additional Wild Collector symbols
  • More Cars
  • Rotten Apples and Packs of Dogs
  • Instant Multiplier
  • Extra Free Spins

The Wild Collector symbol gathers all values from the Money Medal symbols and adds them to the Progressive Free Spins Meter. Every fourth Wild Collector reactivates the feature with more Free Games and a higher Multiplier.

For those who prefer a shortcut, emulating Fred Lorz, the runner who rode in a car for part of the race, there is an option to buy the Bonus.

Blue Guru Games' Vision

Kristian Hassall, Commercial Manager at Blue Guru Games, explained the motivation behind “St. Louis 1904”:

“St. Louis 1904 puts players at the center of the craziest marathon to have ever been run. As the reels spin and the dust flies into the hot Missouri air, they must avoid the pitfalls the runners experienced back in the day to cross the line first. To give them a taste of just how unpredictable the race was, we have packed in plenty of bonus features that caused chaos but still deliver plenty of big win potential. So, lace up and see if you have what it takes to claim victory in St. Louis 1904.”

A Dive into Gameplay Mechanics

“St. Louis 1904” aims to deliver a vibrant and engaging gaming adventure. The integration of historical anecdotes into the gameplay mechanics ensures that players not only engage with the slot game but also get a glimpse into one of the most infamous marathons in history.

Instant Money Medal Symbols and Free Games

The Instant Money Medal Symbols provide immediate monetary rewards, enhancing the excitement of each spin. The Progressive Multiplier Free Games Bonus, on the other hand, introduces an element of strategy, as players can select Reel Modifiers to increase their chances of winning.

The Role of Wild Collectors

Wild Collectors play a crucial role in accumulating values from Money Medal symbols and boosting the Progressive Free Spins Meter. This feature keeps players invested, as every fourth Wild Collector triggers additional Free Games and a higher Multiplier, promising bigger wins.

The Buy Feature

For players who prefer a more direct approach, the option to buy the Bonus feature mimics the scandalous shortcut taken by Fred Lorz in the 1904 marathon. This feature adds a layer of excitement and choice, allowing players to expedite their path to potential rewards.

Conclusion: A Tribute to a Historical Oddity

“St. Louis 1904” by Blue Guru Games is not just a slot game; it’s a tribute to one of the most chaotic and memorable events in marathon history. By blending historical facts with engaging gameplay mechanics, Blue Guru Games has created a unique gaming experience that stands out in the crowded slot game market. Players are invited to lace up their virtual running shoes and take part in a race where anything can happen and where big wins await those who can navigate the chaos.

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What is the theme of the St. Louis 1904 slot game?
The game is based on the 1904 St. Louis Marathon, known for its chaotic and unusual events.

What are some key features of the St. Louis 1904 slot game?
Key features include Instant Money Medal Symbols, a Progressive Multiplier Free Games Bonus, and several Reel Modifiers.

How can players trigger the Free Games Bonus in the game?
The Free Games Bonus is triggered when three or more Scatter symbols land on the reels. A second chance feature can activate if only two Scatters land.

What are Reel Modifiers, and how do they affect gameplay?
Reel Modifiers are special features that can be selected before the Free Games play out, offering additional Money Medal symbols, Wild Collectors, cars, rotten apples, dogs, multipliers, and extra free spins.

What is the role of the Wild Collector symbol?
The Wild Collector symbol collects all values from Money Medal symbols and adds them to the Progressive Free Spins Meter, reactivating the feature with more Free Games and a higher Multiplier every fourth Wild Collector.

Can players buy the Bonus feature in St. Louis 1904?
Yes, there is an option to buy the Bonus feature, allowing players to access special bonuses directly.

Who is Fred Lorz, and how is he related to the game?
Fred Lorz is a runner from the 1904 marathon who infamously rode in a car for part of the race. The game includes an option to buy the Bonus, inspired by Lorz’s shortcut.

What makes the 1904 St. Louis Marathon historically significant?
The 1904 St. Louis Marathon is notable for its chaotic and bizarre incidents, including runners suffering from dust inhalation, rotten apples, dog chases, and a competitor who took a car ride.

How does Blue Guru Games incorporate historical elements into the slot game?
Blue Guru Games includes various historical anecdotes and features inspired by the 1904 marathon’s unusual events, creating an engaging and historically themed slot game.

What kind of experience can players expect from St. Louis 1904?
Players can expect a dynamic and immersive gaming experience, with historical references, strategic gameplay elements, and the potential for substantial rewards.


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