Bragg Gaming Group Expands Presence in Italy

Bragg Gaming Group Expands Presence in Italy

Bragg Gaming Group, a prominent figure in the iGaming industry, recently made waves with its announcement of launching its in-house developed proprietary slots content in the Italian market. This strategic move is set to elevate the gaming experience for Italian players through a collaboration with Sisal, a leading online casino, sports betting, and lottery operator in Italy.

The Partnership with Sisal: Elevating the Gaming Experience

The agreement between Bragg Gaming Group and Sisal is poised to bring a range of high-performing slots titles to the Italian audience. Among these titles are gems from Bragg’s studios Atomic Slot Lab and Indigo Magic, including popular picks like Egyptian Magic, Fairy Dust, Cai Fu Emperor Ways, Sevens & Suns, Alpha Gold, and Phoenix Fury. These games are not just replicas but are uniquely inspired by the best features, themes, and mechanics of beloved land-based casino slots in North America.

Innovative Development Approaches

Bragg Gaming’s Atomic Slot Lab and Indigo Magic studios operate with distinct yet complementary focuses. While Atomic Slot Lab harnesses insights from North America’s casino slots to craft a new generation of online content, Indigo Magic pioneers a data-driven approach, integrating global best practices with localized insights to deliver cutting-edge gaming experiences. This amalgamation of expertise ensures that players are presented with captivating and culturally relevant content tailored to their preferences.

Seamless Access through Bragg's Remote Gaming Server (RGS)

The content delivered by Bragg Gaming Group is made accessible through its Remote Gaming Server (RGS), a licensed, certified, and globally approved delivery system. This platform ensures a seamless gaming experience for players while adhering to regulatory standards across 25+ regulated markets worldwide. Sisal’s deployment of Bragg’s content in Italy falls under an existing distribution agreement with Microgame, solidifying Bragg’s foothold in the Italian iGaming landscape.

Empowering Growth in the Italian Market

Since its debut in the Italian market in 2023, Bragg Gaming has been dedicated to localizing and certifying a plethora of online casino games, totaling over 45 titles. This includes offerings from Bragg’s proprietary studios as well as its Powered By Bragg partners. Stefano Santagostino, Associate Product Manager at Sisal, expressed enthusiasm about offering Bragg’s exclusive content, emphasizing the significance of providing players with cutting-edge slots to drive growth in the Italian market.

Commitment to Strategic Expansion

Karl Grech, Head of Business Development at Bragg Gaming Group, reiterated the company’s commitment to partnering with leading operators in major regulated markets worldwide. The collaboration with Sisal underscores Bragg’s success in executing this strategy, paving the way for enhanced player experiences and market penetration.

Tapping into Italy's Thriving iGaming Market

Italy’s online gambling market continues to demonstrate remarkable growth, with projections indicating a year-on-year increase in gross gambling revenue (GGR). According to H2 Gambling Capital, the total online gambling GGR in Italy is expected to surpass $3.4 billion in 2024, with casino gaming accounting for a significant portion of this revenue. Italy now stands as the second-largest European iGaming market, following the UK.

Navigating Regulatory Changes

Italy’s regulatory landscape for online gambling is undergoing significant transformations, driven by the government’s initiative to reorganize the sector. The recent decree entails substantial changes, including a considerable increase in license fees and the imposition of new technical requirements on licensees. These measures aim to enhance player protection and combat unlicensed gambling activities, underscoring Italy’s commitment to fostering a safe and regulated iGaming environment.

Bragg Gaming Group's Contribution to Responsible Gaming

In the midst of evolving regulatory frameworks, Bragg Gaming Group remains steadfast in its commitment to responsible gaming practices. The company prioritizes player protection by implementing stringent measures to prevent problem gambling and promote healthy gaming behaviors. Through its partnership with Sisal and other leading operators, Bragg aims to uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the iGaming industry.

The Role of Proprietary Content in Driving Innovation

Proprietary content has emerged as a key driver of innovation in the iGaming sector. By developing and delivering exclusive titles, companies like Bragg Gaming Group can differentiate themselves in a crowded market and cater to the diverse preferences of players. With its in-house studios and strategic partnerships, Bragg continues to push the boundaries of creativity and technological excellence, offering players an unparalleled gaming experience.

Expanding Horizons: Looking Towards the Future

As Bragg Gaming Group expands its presence in the Italian market, the company remains focused on its long-term vision of becoming a global leader in iGaming innovation. By leveraging its expertise, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge technology, Bragg is poised to shape the future of online gaming, driving growth and transformation in markets around the world.

Conclusion: Pioneering Excellence in iGaming

Bragg Gaming Group’s strategic partnership with Sisal marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to redefine the iGaming landscape. By introducing its proprietary slots content to the Italian market, Bragg not only enriches the gaming experience but also contributes to the growth and sustainability of Italy’s burgeoning iGaming sector.


How does Bragg Gaming Group differentiate its slots content for the Italian market?
Bragg Gaming leverages insights from North America’s land-based casino slots to develop unique online content, tailored to Italian players’ preferences and cultural nuances.

What distinguishes Bragg’s Atomic Slot Lab and Indigo Magic studios?
Atomic Slot Lab focuses on integrating best-in-class features from land-based slots, while Indigo Magic adopts a data-driven approach, incorporating global best practices with localized insights.

How can players access Bragg’s content in Italy?
Bragg’s content is made accessible through its Remote Gaming Server (RGS), ensuring seamless delivery across regulated markets globally.

What is the significance of Bragg’s partnership with Sisal?
The collaboration with Sisal signifies Bragg’s strategic expansion into the Italian iGaming market, aiming to enhance player experiences and drive growth.

What are the projections for Italy’s online gambling market?
Italy’s online gambling market is expected to witness significant growth, with projections indicating an increase in gross gambling revenue (GGR) across various segments.

What regulatory changes are underway in Italy’s online gambling sector?
Italy is overhauling its regulatory regime, implementing measures to enhance player protection, combat unlicensed gambling, and adapt to evolving industry dynamics.

How does Bragg Gaming contribute to player protection?
Bragg Gaming prioritizes responsible gaming by adhering to regulatory standards, implementing player-imposed limits on gameplay, and promoting safe gambling practices.

What factors contribute to Italy’s thriving iGaming market?
Italy’s iGaming market benefits from a combination of regulatory stability, technological advancements, and a growing appetite for online entertainment among consumers.

How does Bragg Gaming adapt its content to local preferences?
Bragg Gaming employs a data-driven approach to understand local trends, tastes, and preferences, ensuring that its content resonates with the Italian audience.

What is the long-term vision of Bragg Gaming Group in the Italian market?
Bragg Gaming aims to establish itself as a leading provider of innovative and culturally relevant gaming experiences in Italy, contributing to the sustainable growth of the iGaming industry.


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