Cakes of Fortune Slot from Wizard Games

Cakes of Fortune from Wizard Games

In online gaming, where innovation is key and players are constantly seeking new thrills, Wizard Games, a subsidiary of NeoGames S.A (Nasdaq: NGMS), has emerged as a leading force. With a track record of delivering top-notch gaming experiences, Wizard Games continues to captivate audiences with its diverse portfolio of titles. And now, they’re ready to unveil their latest masterpiece: Cakes of Fortune.

A Mouthwatering Adventure

Embark on a delectable journey with Cakes of Fortune, a slot game that promises to tantalize your taste buds and your wallet. Set against a backdrop of whimsical confectionery, the game features a 5×3 grid layout with 243 paylines, ensuring ample opportunities for players to land winning combinations. From decadent cakes to delicate macarons, every symbol on the reels is designed to evoke the irresistible allure of sweets.

Wild Multipliers for Bigger Wins

One of the most thrilling aspects of Cakes of Fortune is the presence of wild multipliers. These special symbols, which appear on reels two, three, and four, not only substitute for any win but also multiply the winnings of all combinations they are a part of. Imagine the excitement of watching your winnings multiply before your eyes as these magical symbols work their charm.

Unveiling the Super Wheel

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Cakes of Fortune also features the Super Wheel, a special bonus feature that can lead to even greater rewards. Triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols on reels one, three, or five, the Super Wheel offers players up to 18 possible prizes. From extra spins to increasing multipliers of up to 10x, the Super Wheel is where dreams of fortune can truly come to life.

The Thrill of the Super Bonus

Of course, the pinnacle of excitement in Cakes of Fortune is the Super Bonus. Land the Super Wheel on this coveted prize, and you’ll be in for a treat. The Super Bonus feature offers three progressive levels of prizes: Mini, Minor, and Major jackpots. What sets these jackpots apart is their progressive nature, meaning that with each bet placed, the jackpot amount incrementally increases. It’s a thrilling race against time and luck as players vie for the chance to claim the ultimate prize.

Expanding Wizard Games' Portfolio

Cakes of Fortune isn’t just another game in Wizard Games’ extensive lineup—it’s a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming innovation. With over 150 titles in their portfolio, including recent hits like Surtr’s Fury and Digipays, Wizard Games continues to captivate players with its diverse range of offerings. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual player looking for some fun, there’s something for everyone in Wizard Games’ collection.

A Word from the Director

Megan Easey, Director of Operations at Wizard Games, is thrilled about the release of Cakes of Fortune. “Cakes of Fortune is a thrilling addition to our growing portfolio, offering players even more opportunities to savor big wins,” she says. “With its exciting features and the progressive Super Bonus, this title takes gameplay to the next level.”


In conclusion, Cakes of Fortune represents more than just a new addition to Wizard Games’ portfolio—it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to providing players with innovative and captivating gaming experiences. With its mouthwatering theme, exciting features like wild multipliers and the Super Wheel, and the potential for progressive jackpot prizes, Cakes of Fortune has everything players could want in a slot game and more. As Wizard Games continues to push the boundaries of gaming innovation, one thing is clear: the future of online gaming is looking sweeter than ever. So why wait? Indulge in the sweet rewards of Cakes of Fortune today and see if fortune favors you!

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What is Cakes of Fortune?
Cakes of Fortune is a new slot game released by Wizard Games, offering players the chance to win big while indulging in sweet treats on a 5×3 grid.

How many paylines does Cakes of Fortune have?
Cakes of Fortune features 243 paylines, providing ample opportunities for players to land winning combinations.

What are wild multipliers?
Wild multipliers are special symbols that can substitute for any win and multiply the winnings of all combinations they are a part of.

How does the Super Wheel feature work?
The Super Wheel feature is triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols on specific reels. It offers players up to 18 possible prizes, including extra spins and increasing multipliers.

What is the Super Bonus in Cakes of Fortune?
The Super Bonus is a special feature that awards players with progressive jackpot prizes: Mini, Minor, and Major. The jackpot amount increases with each bet placed.

How many titles does Wizard Games have in its portfolio?
Wizard Games boasts a diverse collection of over 150 titles, including popular releases like Surtr’s Fury and Digipays.

Who is Megan Easey?
Megan Easey is the Director of Operations at Wizard Games, overseeing the development and release of new gaming titles.

What makes Cakes of Fortune stand out from other slot games?
Cakes of Fortune stands out with its enticing theme of sweet treats, exciting gameplay features like wild multipliers and the Super Wheel, and the chance to win progressive jackpots through the Super Bonus.

Can players access Cakes of Fortune on mobile devices?
Yes, Cakes of Fortune is optimized for play on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

Is Cakes of Fortune available for free play?
Some online casinos may offer Cakes of Fortune for free play in demo mode, allowing players to try the game without wagering real money.


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