CT Gaming Unveils Innovations at BEGE 2023

CT Gaming Unveils Innovations at BEGE 2023

CT Gaming, a renowned name in the gaming industry, has proudly announced its participation in one of the most prominent gaming exhibitions in Eastern Europe: the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE). This highly anticipated event is scheduled to take place on the 22nd and 23rd of November at the prestigious Inter Expo Center in Sofia. CT Gaming, a stalwart in the world of gaming technology, will be occupying stand 3.11 at BEGE, where they intend to dazzle the audience with a spectacular array of cutting-edge products.

CT Gaming's Commitment to Industry Advancement

As an esteemed participant of BEGE 2023, CT Gaming is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to fostering the growth and development of the gaming industry in the Balkan region. Biser Bozhanov, the Director of Business Strategy and Sales at CT Gaming, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “We are glad to be part of an amazing event such as BEGE, supporting the development of the gaming industry in the Balkan area. This year we have brought a spectacular selection of products.”

A Sneak Peek at CT Gaming’s Showcased Innovations

Visitors to CT Gaming’s stand at BEGE can expect a feast for the senses. From the most cutting-edge multigame offerings to top-of-the-line gaming equipment, this year’s exhibition promises to be a memorable one. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to witness firsthand CT Gaming’s newest multigame, acquire state-of-the-art gaming equipment, enhance their services, and get up close and personal with the latest generation of slot machines.

Empowering the Gaming Industry: CT Gaming’s Casino Management System

One of the major highlights at CT Gaming’s stand is their revolutionary Casino Management System. This comprehensive and all-encompassing solution has been designed to deliver seamless performance, whether you’re managing a small gaming hall or a sprawling casino. The system is equipped with all the tools necessary to provide complete control over real-time activities for both slots and live games. It doesn’t stop there, as it also offers loyalty programs, in-depth analysis, and detailed reports, all of which are instrumental in improving operational efficiency and overall results in gaming establishments. The wide range of built-in modules and player tracking features contribute to an unprecedented level of functionality and flexibility.

Unveiling “NEXT”: The Future of Slot Machines

Another remarkable innovation that will take center stage at CT Gaming’s booth is the “NEXT” slot machine. Attendees at BEGE 2023 can expect to be captivated by the sleek cabinet displaying the latest and most popular multigames. NEXT’s main features include impressive 32″ or 27″ HD high-brightness monitors, an integrated 13.3″ iDeck panel featuring six high-quality mechanical buttons, and a host of innovative design and hardware solutions.

Biser Bozhanov, who has been instrumental in CT Gaming’s success, expressed his confidence in “NEXT,” stating, “NEXT has received excellent feedback from all expos so far and, in my opinion, it is a great investment. With its cutting-edge design and technology, the cabinet offers physical comfort combined with exciting content, a true recipe for customers’ memorable experience.”

Unlocking the Potential: What Lies Ahead at BEGE 2023

The participation of CT Gaming in BEGE 2023 isn’t just about showcasing their impressive products. It’s also about contributing to the ongoing transformation and evolution of the gaming industry. As technology continues to reshape the landscape, CT Gaming stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Their presence at BEGE underscores the importance of staying at the forefront of the industry, continuously pushing boundaries, and delivering experiences that resonate with players and operators alike.

A Glimpse into the Gaming Industry's Future

The gaming industry is in the midst of a profound transformation. As digitalization and technological advancements sweep through the sector, companies like CT Gaming are setting the pace, creating products and solutions that not only meet the demands of the present but also anticipate the needs of the future. BEGE 2023 provides a unique platform for industry leaders to come together, share their insights, and collectively chart the course for the gaming industry in the years to come.

Networking Opportunities and Industry Insights at BEGE

In addition to showcasing their groundbreaking innovations, CT Gaming’s presence at BEGE 2023 offers an invaluable opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange. With experts and professionals from all corners of the gaming world converging at this prestigious event, there’s no shortage of opportunities to connect, collaborate, and gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s latest trends and developments.

The Human Touch in Gaming

While technology undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the modern gaming landscape, the human element remains essential. CT Gaming recognizes this and strives to infuse its products with the excitement and thrill that only human interaction can provide. Whether it’s the anticipation of spinning the reels on a new slot machine or the joy of sharing a winning moment with friends, the essence of gaming is deeply rooted in human experiences.


What is BEGE, and why is it important for the gaming industry?
BEGE, the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo, is a significant event in the gaming industry, especially for Eastern Europe. It serves as a platform for companies like CT Gaming to showcase their latest innovations, connect with industry professionals, and contribute to the growth of the gaming sector in the Balkan region.

What products can visitors expect to see at CT Gaming’s stand at BEGE?
Visitors can look forward to a wide range of products, including the latest multigames, cutting-edge gaming equipment, and the Casino Management System, a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the performance of gaming establishments.

What makes CT Gaming’s Casino Management System stand out?
CT Gaming’s Casino Management System offers complete control over real-time activities for both slots and live games. It also includes loyalty programs, in-depth analysis, and detailed reports, contributing to improved operational efficiency.

Tell me more about the “NEXT” slot machine.
“NEXT” is a state-of-the-art slot machine with features like HD high-brightness monitors, an integrated iDeck panel with mechanical buttons, and innovative design and hardware solutions. It promises to offer players a memorable gaming experience.

What is the significance of CT Gaming’s participation at BEGE 2023?
CT Gaming’s participation at BEGE 2023 is not only about showcasing their products but also about contributing to the ongoing transformation of the gaming industry. They aim to set the pace in innovation and excellence.

How is technology shaping the gaming industry?
Technology is playing a pivotal role in transforming the gaming industry. Digitalization and technological advancements are leading to more immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

What networking opportunities are available at BEGE?
BEGE provides an ideal platform for networking and knowledge exchange. Professionals from the gaming industry come together to connect, collaborate, and stay informed about the latest trends and developments.

Why is the human element important in gaming, despite technological advancements?
While technology is crucial, the human element in gaming provides the excitement and joy that only personal interactions can deliver. It enhances the overall gaming experience.

How can industry professionals stay at the forefront of the gaming sector?
To stay at the forefront of the gaming sector, professionals need to continuously innovate, anticipate future needs, and actively participate in industry events like BEGE.

What can we expect from the future of the gaming industry?
The future of the gaming industry holds promise with continued technological advancements, immersive experiences, and a focus on delivering what players desire most – fun and excitement.


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