EU MED9 Summit Gathers in Malta

EU MED9 Summit Gathers in Malta

The EU MED9 Summit is set to take place in Malta on Friday, bringing together the leaders of several EU member states, with a focus on Mediterranean countries. This significant event will see heads of state and high-ranking officials convene to discuss pressing issues and explore opportunities for cooperation.

Prominent Attendees

The summit boasts a distinguished lineup of attendees, including:

  • Croatia Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic
  • Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides
  • France Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron
  • Greece Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis
  • Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni
  • Portugal’s Prime Minister António Costa
  • Slovenia’s Prime Minister Robert Golob
  • Spain’s State Secretary for the European Union Pascual Ignacio Navarro Ríos
  • Malta’s Prime Minister Robert Abela

In addition to these leaders, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and President of the European Council Charles Michel will also participate in parts of the summit.

Agenda Highlights

During a press briefing, Glenn Micallef, Head of the OPM Secretariat, provided insights into the topics to be discussed at the summit. The agenda includes:

  • Irregular Migration
  • Strategic Partnerships in the Southern Mediterranean
  • Mid-term Revision of the 7-year EU Budget
  • Ukraine
  • Economic Challenges
  • Energy Prices
  • Climate Change
  • And more

Addressing Pressing Challenges

The timing of the MED9 summit is crucial, as the EU and Mediterranean states grapple with a range of challenges. Irregular migration remains a top priority for many participating states. Furthermore, the region experienced a series of climate-related incidents during the summer, including wildfires in Greece, Spain, and Italy, floods in Libya, and extreme temperatures in various European areas, including Malta.

Moreover, the summit follows a series of ministerial-level MED9 meetings held in Malta in recent months. For instance, the MED9 energy ministers met in May, pledging to transform the Mediterranean region into a hub for green energy. Their commitment aimed to support the EU’s efforts to achieve a decarbonized, energy-independent Europe. The focus was on offshore renewables and enhancing energy interconnections between EU and non-EU Mediterranean countries to promote European investments in green energy.

In addition to the formal summit proceedings, various bilateral meetings are expected to occur on the sidelines, fostering collaboration and dialogue among the participating nations.


What is the EU MED9 Summit, and where is it being held?
The EU MED9 Summit is a gathering of leaders from EU member states, primarily Mediterranean countries, held in Malta.

Who are some of the prominent attendees of the summit?
Key participants include leaders such as Prime Ministers, Presidents, and high-ranking officials from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Malta. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel will also be present.

What are some of the main topics on the summit’s agenda?
The agenda covers a wide range of issues, including irregular migration, strategic partnerships in the Southern Mediterranean, the revision of the EU budget, Ukraine, economic challenges, energy prices, climate change, and more.

Why is the MED9 summit significant at this time?
The summit is crucial as it addresses pressing challenges faced by the EU and Mediterranean states, including irregular migration and climate-related incidents like wildfires, floods, and extreme temperatures.

What was the outcome of the MED9 energy ministers’ meeting held in Malta in May?
The MED9 energy ministers committed to making the Mediterranean region a hub for green energy, focusing on offshore renewables and enhancing energy interconnections to facilitate European investments in green energy.

What role does Malta play in hosting these MED9 meetings?
Malta serves as a host for various ministerial-level MED9 meetings, providing a platform for dialogue and cooperation among Mediterranean countries.

How does the EU plan to address irregular migration within the Mediterranean region?
Irregular migration remains a top priority, and discussions at the summit may involve strategies and collaborative efforts to address this issue.

What is the significance of the mid-term revision of the 7-year EU budget on the summit’s agenda?
The revision of the EU budget is of interest to Mediterranean states, as it may impact funding for various initiatives and projects in the region.

How does climate change factor into the discussions at the summit?
Climate change is a significant concern, particularly following recent climate-related incidents in the Mediterranean region. Discussions may revolve around mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Are there any specific outcomes or agreements expected from the summit?
While specific outcomes may vary, the summit provides an opportunity for leaders to engage in dialogue, share insights, and explore avenues for cooperation on critical issues affecting the region.


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