EveryMatrix Empowers bet-at-home Germany

EveryMatrix Empowers bet-at-home Germany

Bet-at-home, a renowned iGaming operator, has gone live with EveryMatrix’s full suite of technological offerings in Germany. This ambitious integration follows the migration of millions of players to bet-at-home’s MGA-licensed platform earlier this year, replacing their previous system with EveryMatrix’s comprehensive back- and front-end solutions. In this article, we delve into the details of this transformative partnership and how it’s poised to impact the iGaming industry in Germany and beyond.

A Custom-Built Technological Marvel

The integration of EveryMatrix’s products and solutions into bet-at-home’s German platform is a testament to cutting-edge technology. EveryMatrix spared no effort in creating a tailor-made solution for bet-at-home.de, bringing its full suite of offerings to the table. This included the implementation of the OddsMatrix sportsbook and a wide-ranging turnkey solution, covering everything from the casino platform to player management, payment processing, and affiliate software. This technological marvel is designed to not only enhance bet-at-home’s operation but also drive increased revenues and operational efficiencies.

The Role of GamMatrix in Ensuring Success

Key to the success of this project was GamMatrix, EveryMatrix’s platform unit. GamMatrix worked diligently to create multiple new microservices to meet Germany’s complex technical compliance requirements. These requirements encompassed a wide range of aspects, from external and responsible gambling limits to multi-wallet solutions and taxation and legislation services. These crucial integrations and compliance measures laid the foundation for the seamless launch of bet-at-home’s iGaming platform in Germany.

A Strategic and Financial Powerhouse

bet-at-home is not just another client for EveryMatrix; it stands as one of their largest and most valuable partners in the world of sports betting. The long-term agreement between the two companies covers all markets where bet-at-home currently operates, including the highly competitive German market. This strategic collaboration represents a fusion of two industry giants, promising a bright future for both.

The Leaders Speak

Ebbe Groes, the Group CEO of EveryMatrix, expressed his delight in the successful execution of this intricate project. He acknowledged the tireless efforts of hundreds of experts across global teams, emphasizing the magnitude of this achievement. “Today is arguably more significant due to the complexity involved, and proves we truly belong in the top tier of the world’s most respected and trusted iGaming suppliers,” Groes noted. He went on to reiterate EveryMatrix’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in the months and years ahead.

On the other side of the partnership, Marco Falchetto, CEO of bet-at-home.com AG, extended his gratitude to EveryMatrix for their extraordinary teamwork and dedication. He spoke with pride about the accomplishment of this complex and challenging migration. “We are very pleased and proud with the results of our joint efforts with a new, intuitive, and extremely appealing bet-at-home.de website powered by EveryMatrix,” Falchetto commented. He highlighted the pleasure of working with EveryMatrix and commended their flexibility, reliability, and resilience as a partner, expressing excitement about entering a new phase of growth together.

The Road Ahead: Redefining iGaming in Germany and Beyond

The integration of EveryMatrix’s cutting-edge technology into bet-at-home’s operations represents a paradigm shift in the iGaming industry. As these two powerhouses continue to collaborate and innovate, the future holds great promise. Players in Germany and beyond can expect a more seamless, secure, and enjoyable gaming experience, thanks to this transformative partnership.

Conclusion: Setting the Bar Higher in iGaming

The collaboration between EveryMatrix and bet-at-home in Germany has set new standards for the iGaming industry. This successful integration, led by GamMatrix’s expertise, demonstrates the immense potential for growth and innovation in the world of iGaming. As the partnership evolves and expands, the iGaming community eagerly anticipates the benefits it will bring to players and operators alike.


What is EveryMatrix’s role in the bet-at-home integration?
EveryMatrix provided a comprehensive suite of back- and front-end solutions, custom-built for bet-at-home, to facilitate the integration in Germany.

What makes GamMatrix a pivotal component of this project?
GamMatrix played a crucial role by creating new microservices tailored to meet Germany’s intricate technical compliance requirements.

How does the long-term agreement benefit both EveryMatrix and bet-at-home?
The agreement covers all markets where bet-at-home operates, including Germany, and represents a strategic and financial powerhouse for both companies.

What is the significance of this integration in the iGaming industry?
This integration redefines industry standards, promising a more seamless, secure, and enjoyable gaming experience for players in Germany and beyond.

How did EveryMatrix’s CEO, Ebbe Groes, describe the significance of this project?
He emphasized that the complexity involved in this integration solidifies EveryMatrix’s position in the top tier of the world’s most respected and trusted iGaming suppliers.

How has the bet-at-home CEO, Marco Falchetto, reacted to the partnership?
Falchetto expressed his pleasure and pride in the results of this collaboration and commended EveryMatrix for their flexibility, reliability, and resilience as a partner.

What are the major components of EveryMatrix’s technological offerings to bet-at-home?
EveryMatrix provided a comprehensive suite, including the OddsMatrix sportsbook, casino platform, player management, payments module, and affiliate software.

What are the key compliance requirements that GamMatrix addressed for bet-at-home in Germany?
GamMatrix handled external and responsible gambling limits, multi-wallet solutions, taxation, and legislation services to ensure compliance.

How is this partnership poised to impact the iGaming industry in Germany and beyond?
The partnership promises to set new standards, enhancing the gaming experience for players and transforming the iGaming landscape.

What does the future hold for this collaboration between EveryMatrix and bet-at-home?
The partnership is expected to lead to further innovation and growth, with potential benefits for both players and operators in the iGaming sector.


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