EveryMatrix Partners with Matchbook

EveryMatrix Partners with Matchbook

EveryMatrix, a prominent technology provider, has entered into a multi-year partnership with Matchbook, a leading UK tier-1 operator. The collaboration aims to revamp Matchbook’s casino business by leveraging EveryMatrix’s CasinoEngine platform and cross-product BonusEngine technology.

The CasinoEngine platform, known for its exceptional integration and productivity capabilities, will serve as the driving force behind Matchbook’s entire casino operation. Additionally, BonusEngine will play a crucial role in enhancing the brand’s growth by providing cross-product bonusing tools designed to boost reactivation, acquisition, and retention efforts, ultimately generating impressive results.

Matchbook, founded in 2004, is a well-established online UK betting exchange. The company has built a strong player base in its home territory by offering low-margin sports markets and innovative products.

Through the integration of CasinoEngine, EveryMatrix aims to transform Matchbook’s casino offering into a world-class, multi-vertical, digital entertainment experience. This partnership provides Matchbook access to an ever-expanding portfolio of thousands of high-performing games.

EveryMatrix has a proven track record of delivering year-on-year record results for tier-1 casino customers. In 2022, EveryMatrix’s operator partners generated over €1 billion in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) from their casino operations. The company continued to achieve record-breaking results in Q1 and Q2 of 2023, with GGR of €374 million and €432 million, respectively, marking a 77% and 86% year-on-year increase compared to the same quarters in 2022.

Matchbook will also integrate JackpotEngine and BonusEngine, further enhancing its gaming division. These additions provide flexible and configurable jackpot customization options and a range of industry-leading player rewards and bonus management features.

Stian Enger Pettersen, Head of CasinoEngine at EveryMatrix, expressed excitement about the partnership: “We’ve long admired Matchbook as one of the standout brands in the UK, so we’re delighted to be working with them to accelerate their casino business and take it to new heights through the power and possibilities of CasinoEngine and BonusEngine. We’ve shown time and again that our technologies, products, and services combine like no other to create the ultimate casino productivity platform that drives both instant results and creates sustainable long-term growth for brands, no matter what market they are in.”

Malcolm Graham, CEO of Matchbook, also shared his enthusiasm: “Our sports product is well recognized as best-in-class and, with our new partnership with EveryMatrix, we fully intend to replicate that success in the casino, creating the ultimate 21st-century player experience with the latest personalized content, bonuses, and rewards. I’m delighted to have EveryMatrix on board, and we’re all looking forward to the journey ahead.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EveryMatrix’s role in the partnership with Matchbook?
EveryMatrix is providing Matchbook with its CasinoEngine platform and BonusEngine technology to enhance Matchbook’s casino business.

What are the key objectives of this partnership for Matchbook?
The partnership aims to transform Matchbook’s casino offering into a world-class, multi-vertical, digital entertainment experience, ultimately improving player engagement and generating substantial results.

What is CasinoEngine, and what makes it unique?
CasinoEngine is an integration and productivity platform known for its ability to provide access to a vast portfolio of high-performing games. Its unique features make it a valuable tool for enhancing the casino operations of operators like Matchbook.

Can you elaborate on BonusEngine and its role in this partnership?
BonusEngine is a technology that offers cross-product bonusing tools, which are proven to increase reactivation, acquisition, and player retention. In this partnership, it will help Matchbook boost its gaming division’s performance.

What achievements has EveryMatrix demonstrated in the casino industry?
EveryMatrix has a strong track record of delivering year-on-year record results for tier-1 casino customers, with impressive Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) figures in 2022 and further growth in Q1 and Q2 of 2023.


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