Explosive Wins with Fireworks Megaways™ Slot

Explosive Wins with Fireworks Megaways™ Slot

Experience the thrill of explosive chain reactions and dazzling light displays with Fireworks Megaways™, the latest slot sensation from Big Time Gaming (BTG). Set to launch on March 27, this game promises to ignite the Evolution Network with its mesmerizing features and potential for big wins.

Unleashing the Pyrotechnic Dream

Prepare to be mesmerized by Fireworks Megaways™, where rockets soar and pop like glitter bombs, Catherine wheels spin to the music, and roman candles spit fire. With 117,649 ways to win and combustible cascading symbols, each spin brings anticipation and excitement.

The Sparkling Firework Wild Bonus

At the core of the thrill lies the Sparkling Firework Wild Bonus. Each spin sets the stage for a spectacle as one of the four Extra Reel positions bursts into flames at random, unveiling a mesmerizing light show. Land a vibrant purple, red, blue, or green Firework in the illuminated spot, and behold its transformation into a Wild symbol, promising the potential for substantial wins.

Thrilling Free Spins Explosions

As the reels spin during Free Spins, the excitement reaches new heights with each explosion of the unlimited win multiplier triggered by the Firework Wild Bonus. Witness as two of the four Extra Reel positions light up with every spin, doubling the chances of activating the Firework Wild Bonus and unleashing even more vibrant explosions of color and thrill.

Exchange Wins™ and Bonus Purchase

The adrenaline rush doesn’t end there. Enter the realm of Exchange Wins™, where players can trade their significant wins for 12 Free Spins. Alternatively, plunge directly into the heart-pounding action with a Bonus Purchase, investing 100 times the stake to kick off the fireworks display. With a staggering maximum exposure of 150,335x and an impressive RTP of 96.44%, Fireworks Megaways™ guarantees an electrifying gaming adventure.

Insights from BTG's CEO and Evolution's Chief Business Development Officer

Nik Robinson, BTG’s CEO, paints Fireworks Megaways™ as a captivating blend of color and sound, meticulously crafted to elevate player engagement to unprecedented levels. He underscores the revolutionary Sparkling Firework Wild Bonus, which sets a new benchmark for thrilling features in the world of slot games.

Nicholas Peters, Chief Business Development Officer for Europe at Evolution, praises BTG for their ability to push boundaries and reimagine the slot experience. He describes Fireworks Megaways™ as an audio-visual delight that will captivate players, transforming a humble slot game into a glorious fireworks display.


Fireworks Megaways™ is not just a game; it’s an extraordinary spectacle of excitement, innovation, and adventure. With its stunning visuals, thrilling features, and the potential for massive wins, this slot promises to captivate players at every turn.

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What is Fireworks Megaways™?
Fireworks Megaways™ is a new slot game from Big Time Gaming featuring explosive chain reactions and dazzling visuals.

When will Fireworks Megaways™ be released?
Fireworks Megaways™ is set to launch on March 27, igniting the Evolution Network with its excitement.

How many ways to win does Fireworks Megaways™ offer?
Fireworks Megaways™ offers 117,649 ways to win, providing ample opportunities for players to secure big wins.

What is the Firework Wild Bonus?
The Firework Wild Bonus is a thrilling feature where one of the four Extra Reel positions ignites at random, transforming Firework symbols into Wilds for the chance of significant wins.

What happens during Free Spins in Fireworks Megaways™?
During Free Spins, the unlimited win multiplier increases with each Firework Wild Bonus triggered, creating more explosions of color and excitement.

How can players trigger the Firework Wild Bonus?
Players can trigger the Firework Wild Bonus by landing Firework symbols in the lit positions on the reels during regular spins or Free Spins.

What is Win Exchange™ in Fireworks Megaways™?
Win Exchange™ allows players to convert big wins into 12 Free Spins, adding another layer of excitement to the gameplay experience.

What is Bonus Buy, and how does it work in Fireworks Megaways™?
Bonus Buy allows players to dive straight into the heart-pounding action by purchasing Free Spins for 100 times their stake, offering immediate access to the excitement of Fireworks Megaways™.

What is the maximum exposure in Fireworks Megaways™?
Fireworks Megaways™ offers a staggering maximum exposure of 150,335x, providing the potential for massive wins.

What is the RTP of Fireworks Megaways™?
Fireworks Megaways™ boasts an impressive RTP of 96.44%, ensuring players can enjoy a fair and rewarding gaming experience.


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