Fantasma Games Unveils Mystic Spells

Fantasma Games Unveils Mystic Spells

Fantasma Games is thrilled to introduce the Mystic Spells slot game, a groundbreaking collaboration between Fantasma Games and Casinolytics, a leading AI-driven live-streaming data science company in the iGaming industry.

Mystic Spells is unlike any other game on the market, combining advanced AI analytics and player behavior research based on the rapidly growing live streaming market. The result is a game designed to provide players with the ultimate entertainment experience and cater to the highly engaged streaming community.

The mechanics and features in Mystic Spells have been meticulously crafted with the assistance of data analysis derived from billions of classified minutes of live streaming content generated by Casinolytics AI. This analysis is complemented by a study of player behavior based on over 10,000 hours of watching live streaming slots content. The insights gained from this detailed analysis and unique data have been used to create innovative game mechanics and features, all packaged into an exhilarating gaming experience.

Casinolytics’ expertise in the live streaming market, streamers’ behaviors, and their audiences has offered Fantasma valuable insights into how audiences prefer to play and the types of streaming content they enjoy. This focus on streaming will also help maximize the game’s exposure and longevity, ensuring sustained returns for operators.

Players will be enchanted by the distinctive world and stunning design of Mystic Spells, which features two innovative bonuses, Mysticspins, and a highly volatile mathematical model.

Fredrik Johansson, CEO of Fantasma, expressed his excitement about the game’s launch: “We are delighted to launch Mystic Spells alongside Casinolytics. The combination of our creative approach to game development and the detailed insights and knowledge about the live streaming market provided by the Casinolytics team has allowed us to create a game that could be suitable for the market right now.”

“Streaming is essential to the modern online slot experience, and with Mystic Spells, we’ve created the perfect game for this environment. The detailed data and knowledge provided by Casinolytics has given us a unique insight into how streamers like to play, allowing us to create a game that streaming audiences will love.”

Johan Sandén, Co-founder of Casinolytics, commented, “The foundation of Mystic Spells is based on data analysis generated by our AI, which identifies the popularity of mechanics and features by classifying billions of minutes of content created using features and mechanics that are loved by streamers.”

Sebastian Khalighy, Co-founder of Casinolytics, added, “Streamers play a huge role in making it possible to stand out in today’s iGaming market but also offer a perfect opportunity to deep-dive into player behaviors and feelings. Mystic Spells is created using data from streamers and deep qualitative analysis to create a product designed with features that appeal to streamers and a broad range of modern players.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets Mystic Spells apart from other slot games on the market?
Mystic Spells is unique because it combines advanced AI analytics and insights from the live streaming market to create a game tailored to the preferences of both players and streamers.

How was data used in the development of Mystic Spells?
Data analysis from billions of minutes of live streaming content and player behavior research from thousands of hours of streaming slots content helped shape the game’s mechanics and features.

Why is streaming important in the iGaming industry, and how does Mystic Spells cater to it?
Streaming is crucial for player engagement, and Mystic Spells has been designed with features that appeal to both streamers and modern players, making it a perfect fit for the streaming environment.

What makes the bonuses and features in Mystic Spells innovative?
The bonuses and features in Mystic Spells are innovative because they have been designed based on insights from popular streamers and player preferences.

What benefits does Casinolytics’ expertise bring to the development of Mystic Spells?
Casinolytics’ expertise in live streaming, streamer behaviors, and audience insights has provided valuable data and knowledge that have contributed to the creation of Mystic Spells, ensuring it meets the expectations of both players and streamers.


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