FinanceMalta secures speakers for Annual Conference

FinanceMalta secures speakers for Annual Conference

As the excitement builds for the upcoming FinanceMalta 16th Annual Conference, the organizers have been working tirelessly to assemble a lineup of esteemed local and international speakers who will delve into this year’s theme: “Leading Change Through Innovation.” The goal is to provide attendees with the most relevant and cutting-edge insights.

Anticipating a Pioneering Gathering

The FinanceMalta 16th Annual Conference is on the horizon, and the preparations have been in full swing to ensure a top-notch event. This year’s theme, “Leading Change Through Innovation,” resonates with the dynamic landscape of finance and technology.

A Spotlight on International Speakers

The conference is set to host a range of influential international speakers, each bringing their expertise to the table. These distinguished figures are poised to shed light on various facets of the financial world and its evolving dynamics.

Andrea Tinagli: Pioneering Sustainable Finance

Andrea Tinagli, a Senior European Investment Bank (EIB) Official to the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM) for Sustainable Finance and Investments, is set to grace the stage. With extensive experience in development finance and green finance, Tinagli’s insights will delve into the role of financial services in the Blue Economy and Malta’s potential within this realm.

Clara Durodié: AI and Fintech Governance

Clara Durodié, an AI governance, fintech, and digital transformation expert with over 25 years in the financial technology sector, will bring her wealth of knowledge to the conference. Durodié’s exploration of AI’s ethical use to foster innovation and growth promises to be enlightening.

Panagiotis Polydoros: Mastering FinTech

Panagiotis Polydoros, Mastercard Regional Manager for Greece, Cyprus, and Malta, will share Mastercard’s FinTech study on Malta. His presentation will contribute to positioning Malta as a leading regional Fintech Hub through ongoing collaboration with FinanceMalta.

More Powerhouse Speakers

The roster continues with influential speakers like Eila Kreivi, Chief Sustainable Finance Advisor at the European Investment Bank, and Elisa Bevilacqua, Sustainability Reporting Senior Technical Manager at the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group. Additionally, the conference will welcome Omar Shaikh, Director and Co-founder of the Global Ethical Finance Initiative, and Jack O’Sullivan, Director of Account Management (EMEA) at EZOPS. These perspectives will be bolstered by a selection of local industry leaders and experts.

A Masterful Event

The conference will be skillfully chaired by Francina Moisa, a talent acquisition expert and founder of FM Search. The opening remarks will come from FinanceMalta Chairman George Vella, setting the stage for an eventful and insightful gathering.

Stay Tuned for More

As the conference draws near, keep an eye out for further updates on the official agenda, confirmed speakers, sponsorship opportunities, and registration details. For all the latest information, visit FinanceMalta Annual Conference.

FAQs About the FinanceMalta 16th Annual Conference

What is the theme of this year’s FinanceMalta Annual Conference?

This year’s conference theme is “Leading Change Through Innovation,” focusing on the dynamic intersection of finance and innovation.

Who are some of the notable international speakers at the conference?

The conference will feature prominent speakers like Andrea Tinagli, Clara Durodié, and Panagiotis Polydoros, among others.

What is the significance of Andrea Tinagli’s talk?

Andrea Tinagli’s expertise in sustainable finance will shed light on the role of financial services in the Blue Economy and Malta’s potential in this regard.

What insights can attendees expect from Clara Durodié’s presentation?

Clara Durodié will discuss the ethical use of AI in driving innovation and growth within the fintech sector.

How does Panagiotis Polydoros’s presentation contribute to Malta’s Fintech Hub ambitions?

Panagiotis Polydoros will present Mastercard’s FinTech study on Malta, further establishing Malta’s position as a regional Fintech Hub in collaboration with FinanceMalta.


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