FinanceMalta’s Annual Report Highlights Successes in 2022

FinanceMalta's Annual Report Highlights Successes in 2022

@FinanceMalta, the driving force behind promoting Malta as an international financial center, has unveiled its highly anticipated annual report for 2022. The report showcases the organization’s remarkable efforts throughout the year in advancing the country’s financial services sector and solidifying Malta’s position as a reliable and cost-effective jurisdiction on the global stage.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and Malta’s removal from the FATF grey list, FinanceMalta played a pivotal role in restoring confidence and reestablishing Malta’s reputation. With a focused approach, the organization dedicated itself to projecting Malta as a safe and trusted destination for financial services.

To achieve this objective, FinanceMalta implemented a comprehensive business development strategy, leveraging targeted digital marketing campaigns, PR initiatives, international events, and effective lobbying efforts. By highlighting Malta’s diverse range of financial services and products, FinanceMalta effectively positioned the country as an attractive destination for global investors.

One significant milestone for FinanceMalta in 2022 was its 15th anniversary, marked by the unveiling of a fresh and modern brand identity. The new branding reflects the organization’s professionalism and dynamism, injecting renewed enthusiasm within the organization and the industry as a whole. The updated brand was seamlessly integrated across all communication channels, including the website, which underwent regular updates, and the Insight e-newsletter. FinanceMalta also witnessed a surge in its social media following, while revamping its popular #FinTalks podcasts and actively participating in five virtual events.

Furthermore, as part of its internationalization strategy, FinanceMalta achieved “full member” status within the prestigious World Alliance of Financial Centres (WAIFC) during the WAIFC Board Meeting in Casablanca, Morocco. The organization also contributed to the EU Roundtable of Financial Centres and Federations in Luxembourg, further solidifying Malta’s presence on the global financial map.

Throughout the year, FinanceMalta actively participated in 30 in-person events, both domestically and internationally, promoting the jurisdiction across various sectors of financial services. These events covered areas such as funds and asset management, insurance, private wealth, fintech, and capital markets. Locally, FinanceMalta hosted sectoral networking events, bringing together industry professionals after the challenging pandemic period. The pinnacle of these efforts was the 15th annual conference, themed “Learning from the past: Looking to the Future.” The conference featured esteemed speakers and attracted over 300 delegates, fostering meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange.

FinanceMalta’s involvement extended beyond its own events, with active participation in initiatives organized by its founding associations, members, government entities, and other stakeholders. This collaborative approach demonstrates the industry’s appreciation for FinanceMalta’s support and the collective commitment to attracting business to Malta.

Chairman George Vella expressed his satisfaction with the organization’s achievements in 2022, stating, “We are delighted to have resumed our activities after the pandemic, hosting local gatherings, intensifying digital marketing efforts, and witnessing increased interest from members in promoting our jurisdiction internationally. This is a testament to the industry’s confidence in our offering, and we will continue to provide them with opportunities to showcase Malta to the world.”

FinanceMalta’s impactful initiatives benefited 191 registered members, including six companies that employ over 200 workers each. Members enjoyed enhanced representation and participation in international events, sponsorships, specialized training in marketing and PR, and valuable networking opportunities.

Membership in FinanceMalta is open to entities operating within the financial services and legal industry, as well as those contributing to Malta’s growth in this sector. By fostering collaboration and facilitating growth, FinanceMalta continues to shape Malta’s financial landscape and position the country as a global leader in financial services.


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