Gaming Corps: Romania’s Gaming Market

Gaming Corps - Romania's Gaming Market

In a candid interview, Gaming Corps opens up about its burgeoning presence in the Romanian gaming market, sharing insights on its strategic approach, game performance, and future aspirations. With an emphasis on non-traditional content and innovation, Gaming Corps has made significant inroads in this dynamic gaming landscape. Join us as we delve into the details of their Romanian venture.

Exploring the Romanian Frontier

Gaming Corps has made a noteworthy mark in Romania’s gaming landscape, having gone live with six customers and more in the pipeline. This Eastern European nation holds a special place for the company due to its unique player demographics, characterized by a penchant for non-traditional gaming content.

In its early days, Romania served as a pivotal market for one of Gaming Corps’ key customers. This initial success paved the way for securing additional agreements with local casinos, propelling the company’s growth in the region. The company’s current focus remains on expanding its presence by onboarding more casinos and developing innovative slot games tailored to resonate with Romanian players.

Despite these achievements, Gaming Corps remains committed to pushing boundaries and exploring the non-traditional gaming space.

Performance in Romania: A Promising Outlook

Gaming Corps’ game performance in Romania has been quite promising. The company’s Mines content has garnered significant attention, even leading to the release of branded content specifically for the Romanian market. Slot content is also on the rise, with exciting themes like “Super Hot Stacks” poised to cater to the preferences of Romanian players.

One of the standout moments for Gaming Corps was when a client streamed several of their games, including the unique Plinko, which the company believes to be the first of its kind in the Romanian market. This success has only fueled their determination to continue innovating in the non-traditional gaming space, especially for markets like Romania.

As a relative newcomer in the industry with a limited game portfolio, Romania has proven to be a significant market for Gaming Corps compared to others, and there’s still ample room for growth. In fact, one of their Mines content releases even merited a TV advertisement broadcast via a client.

Tailoring Games for Romanian Players

Gaming Corps’ games have found resonance with Romanian players, particularly their Mines content, which has performed exceptionally well. While the company hasn’t created market-specific content due to its current scale, they are mindful of crafting new content with themes that have historically resonated with Romanian players. Additionally, their introduction of Plinko to the market signifies their commitment to innovating in the non-traditional gaming space.

The Future of the Romanian Gaming Market

Over the years, Romania’s gaming market has predominantly favored traditional games that have transitioned from land-based operations, exemplified by the dominance of companies like EGT. However, a notable shift has been observed in recent years, with modern visuals and alternative game types gradually gaining market share. Gaming Corps anticipates this trend to intensify, particularly as the next generation of players becomes less familiar with land-based products, favoring their style of gaming content.

Gaming Corps' Aims for Romania

Gaming Corps has experienced remarkable success with its arcade games in Romania. Their close partnerships with key players in the market have paved the way for collaborations with the majority of remaining operators. The company aims to further strengthen its position by enhancing the quality of its slot content and building a brand identity that resonates with Romanian slot players, mirroring the success achieved with arcade games.

Romania's Role in Gaming Corps' Overall Operations

The Romanian gaming market holds a prominent position in Gaming Corps’ overall operations. Recognized for its importance, many operators view the larger Romanian operators as valuable partners. As Gaming Corps’ content gains traction and close relationships with Romanian operators continue to flourish, the company expects improved overall performance and heightened demand for their games across Eastern Europe.


How many customers is Gaming Corps currently live with in Romania?
Gaming Corps is live with six customers in Romania, with more partnerships in the pipeline.

What demographic of players in Romania has Gaming Corps focused on, and why?
Gaming Corps has targeted players who appreciate non-traditional content, making Romania a significant market due to its unique player demographics.

How have Gaming Corps’ games performed in Romania so far?
Mines content has performed exceptionally well, leading to the release of branded content in the Romanian market. Slot content is also on the rise.

Has Gaming Corps tailored its games specifically for the Romanian market?
While market-specific content hasn’t been created yet, Gaming Corps is developing new content with themes that historically resonate with Romanian players.

What is the company’s outlook for the Romanian gaming market in the coming years?
Gaming Corps anticipates a shift towards more modern visuals and alternative game types, particularly as the next generation of players becomes less familiar with land-based products.


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