GiG & GP Gaming Partner for European Expansion

GiG & GP Gaming Partner for European Expansion

Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) has announced a significant partnership with GP Gaming, a new entrant in the online sports betting arena. This pan-European agreement will see GiG providing its comprehensive turnkey solution, leveraging its cutting-edge sportsbook (10 posts)" class="autobesttag" style="color:#77da55" rel="nofollow" href="">Sportsbook, SportX, and its robust iGaming Platform, CoreX.

A Comprehensive Turnkey Solution

The agreement stipulates the deployment of GiG’s SportX and CoreX platform across several strategically targeted European jurisdictions. Additionally, there is a specific launch planned for the highly regulated French market, focusing exclusively on sports betting, pending regulatory approvals.

The Innovative SportX Sportsbook

SportX, GiG’s flagship sportsbook, is designed to be one of the most feature-rich solutions in the market. It offers competitive odds, enhanced insights, and a highly engaging betting experience across a broad range of sports. The platform is driven by a cutting-edge backend system and bolstered by a specialized trading team that allows for real-time margin adjustments. This feature ensures that SportX appeals to a wide audience, including virtual sports, horse racing, and a customizable bet-builder feature.

SportX integrates with leading specialist technologies and data feeds, such as Betmakers and Sportscast, ensuring it provides a premier sportsbook tailored for partner growth. The solution’s advanced technology and expertise allow it to stand out in a crowded market, offering partners the tools they need to succeed.

CoreX: The Backbone of GiG’s Offering

CoreX, GiG’s iGaming platform, underpins the entire solution, providing a robust and scalable foundation for the sportsbook. CoreX is designed to support expansion and maximize revenue in the complex global regulated markets of online sports and casino betting. It combines flexibility, security, and performance, making it an ideal choice for partners looking to grow their presence in the iGaming sector.

GP Gaming: A New Entrant with Significant Influence

GP Gaming is a new venture backed by some of the most influential figures in European online sports betting. The company aims to quickly establish a strong presence in the highly competitive European sportsbook markets. By leveraging its significant industry influence, GP Gaming is poised to make a substantial impact.

Partnership with Proven Industry Leaders

The partnership between GiG and GP Gaming underscores the confidence that established industry leaders have in GiG’s technology and expertise. Andrew Cochrane, Chief Business Officer at GiG Platform & Sportsbook, emphasized the significance of this partnership, noting the proven track record of GP Gaming’s management in building successful online sports betting brands.

Cochrane stated, “The partnership with GP Gaming and the proven track record their management have in building successful online sports betting brands, is further evidence of the reliance preeminent industry partners have in SportX’s promise to drive long-term revenue growth. The strength of our sportsbook and platform technology is anchored to the wealth of experience we have in multi-jurisdictional markets across the globe, and I’m again proud that our commitment to delivering innovative and product rich solutions continues to attract ambitious new partnerships.”

Samuel Ruff, Chief Operating Officer at GP Gaming, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the advantages of GiG’s technology. “We are delighted to have partnered up with GiG, identifying their best-in-class sports betting and platform technology as the ideal solution to power our new venture, generating long-term and sustainable growth throughout multiple markets worldwide.”

The Strategic Importance of Multi-Jurisdictional Markets

One of the key strengths of GiG’s offering is its adaptability to multi-jurisdictional markets. This capability is crucial for operating in Europe’s diverse regulatory landscape. GiG’s platform and sportsbook technology have been designed to handle the complexities of different regulatory environments, ensuring compliance and optimizing operations across various markets.

Tailored Solutions for Market Success

GiG’s approach involves tailoring its solutions to meet the specific needs and regulations of each market. This strategy not only enhances compliance but also improves the user experience, making it more likely for partners to achieve success. By understanding and adapting to the unique characteristics of each market, GiG ensures that its partners can maximize their revenue potential.

Driving Growth through Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of GiG’s strategy. The company continually invests in developing new features and technologies to stay ahead of the competition. This commitment to innovation is evident in the advanced capabilities of SportX and CoreX, which offer unique features that enhance the betting experience and drive growth for partners.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies

SportX’s integration with advanced technologies such as Betmakers and Sportscast allows it to offer a superior betting experience. These partnerships provide access to high-quality data feeds and specialized technologies that enhance the platform’s performance and appeal. By harnessing these technological advancements, SportX can provide heightened competitiveness in odds, deeper insights, and an increasingly immersive betting experience for its users.

Enhancing User Engagement

One of the key goals of SportX is to enhance user engagement. The platform achieves this by offering a wide range of betting options and features that cater to different interests. From virtual sports to horse racing and bet-building, SportX provides a comprehensive and engaging betting experience. This focus on user engagement helps drive growth and increases the platform’s appeal to a broad audience.

The Future of the Partnership

The partnership between GiG and GP Gaming represents a significant step forward for both companies. By combining GiG’s innovative technology with GP Gaming’s industry influence, the collaboration is well-positioned to succeed in the competitive European sports betting market.

Long-Term Growth and Sustainability

Both GiG and GP Gaming are committed to achieving long-term growth and sustainability. This partnership is designed to generate lasting success, leveraging the strengths of both companies to create a powerful and competitive offering. By focusing on innovation, compliance, and user engagement, GiG and GP Gaming aim to establish a strong foothold in the market and drive sustainable growth.


The agreement between GiG and GP Gaming marks an important milestone in the expansion of online sports betting in Europe. With the deployment of SportX and CoreX, the partnership is set to deliver a comprehensive and innovative sportsbook solution that meets the needs of diverse markets. As both companies work together to navigate the complexities of the European regulatory landscape, their combined expertise and technology will pave the way for a successful and sustainable venture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the new partnership between GiG and GP Gaming about?
The partnership involves GiG providing its SportX sportsbook and CoreX platform to GP Gaming for deployment in multiple European markets.

What are the key features of GiG’s SportX sportsbook?
SportX offers competitive odds, advanced insights, real-time adjustable margins, and a wide range of betting options, including virtual sports and horse racing.

What is CoreX and why is it important for this partnership?
CoreX is GiG’s iGaming platform, providing a robust and scalable foundation for online sports and casino betting, supporting growth and compliance.

Why is GP Gaming significant in the European online sports betting market?
GP Gaming is backed by influential figures in the industry and aims to quickly establish a strong presence in Europe’s competitive sportsbook markets.

What makes GiG’s technology stand out in the market?
GiG’s technology combines advanced features, real-time data integration, and a user-centric approach to offer a superior betting experience and drive partner growth.

How does GiG ensure compliance in multi-jurisdictional markets?
GiG tailors its solutions to meet the specific regulatory requirements of each market, ensuring compliance and optimizing operations.

What are the benefits of the SportX platform for users?
SportX provides more competitive odds, better insights, and a highly engaging betting experience, catering to a wide range of interests.

How does the partnership between GiG and GP Gaming benefit both companies?
The partnership leverages GiG’s innovative technology and GP Gaming’s industry influence to create a competitive and successful offering in the European market.

What role does innovation play in GiG’s strategy?
Innovation is central to GiG’s strategy, with ongoing investment in new features and technologies to enhance the betting experience and stay ahead of the competition.

What are the long-term goals of the GiG and GP Gaming partnership?
The partnership aims to achieve sustainable growth and establish a strong foothold in the European sports betting market through innovative technology and strategic collaboration.


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