Groove Aggregator Unveils iGaming Revolution

Groove Aggregator Unveils iGaming Revolution

In an exciting development for the global iGaming community, Aggregator Groove is all set to make its presence felt at the prestigious SBC Summit Barcelona conference and exhibition, taking place at Fira de Barcelona Montjuic from September 19 to 21. With a fresh brand identity and a compelling new message, “we are aggregation,” Groove is ready to redefine the landscape of the industry. This article delves into Groove’s latest initiatives, its significant role in the iGaming sector, and what visitors can expect at their stand during this event.

A New Groove in Barcelona

SBC Summit Barcelona is the rendezvous point for sports betting and iGaming luminaries from around the world. This event serves as a melting pot of ideas, knowledge-sharing, and networking, set within a sprawling 38,000-square-meter exhibition space. Expecting to welcome over 15,000 attendees and feature more than 350 exhibitors, including Groove, SBC Summit Barcelona is a hotbed of innovation and collaboration.

As part of its transformation, Groove has launched a brand-new website at Additionally, they’ve crafted a dedicated webpage specifically tailored for the SBC Barcelona event. This renewed digital presence reflects Groove’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Groove: Pioneering Content Aggregation

With seven years of dedicated service to the global iGaming community, Groove has earned a reputation as a pioneer in content aggregation. The company is synonymous with stable and reliable technology solutions that span the globe. Groove stands tall as a leading content provider with an impressive roster of over 100 content partners. They consistently roll out more than 100 new games every month, amassing a staggering portfolio of over 15,000 games.

Groove’s expertise extends to working with tier-one operators and others to deliver high-performance and sustainable revenue streams through aggregated content. Their offerings encompass everything from slots and live casinos to poker, table games, and a suite of new crash games.

Among Groove’s dynamic marketing tools are free spins, tournaments, promotions, jackpots, quests, and a full suite of gamification features. These tools empower operators to engage their audiences in innovative and captivating ways, ensuring a memorable gaming experience.

Beyond Technology: Data-Driven Innovation

While Groove has rightfully earned accolades for its technological prowess in areas like crypto and sweepstakes, it’s their data-driven innovations that have recently captured the industry’s attention. Groove’s data-driven insights, including informative reports, the groundbreaking new recommender, and an array of smart lobby tools, are making headlines.

“In the Casino and iGaming Zone at the event, visitors can explore the secrets to crafting a successful casino offering by visiting the Groove stand,” shared Yahale Meltzer, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Groove. “Our dedicated team at the show eagerly awaits the opportunity to guide operators, casinos, and game providers through the potential and challenges of various casino products and innovations. We’ll also be demonstrating how our new recommender is a true game-changer for casino management.”

The Groove stand at SBC Summit Barcelona promises to be a hub of knowledge and innovation, offering visitors the chance to gain valuable insights into the ever-evolving iGaming landscape.


What is Groove’s key message at SBC Summit Barcelona?
Groove’s key message is “we are aggregation.” They aim to showcase their role as an aggregator and their commitment to revolutionizing the iGaming industry.

How many content partners does Groove work with, and what is their game launch frequency?
Groove collaborates with over 100 content partners and consistently launches more than 100 new games each month.

What are some of Groove’s marketing tools for operators?
Groove provides operators with dynamic marketing tools such as free spins, tournaments, promotions, jackpots, quests, and gamification features.

What distinguishes Groove’s data-driven innovations in the iGaming sector?
Groove’s data-driven innovations include insightful reports, a new recommender system, and a range of smart lobby tools, all designed to enhance the iGaming experience.

Why is Groove’s recommender considered a game-changer for casino management?
Groove’s recommender is a game-changer because it leverages data-driven insights to enhance casino management, helping operators make informed decisions and improve player engagement.


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