Have you been keeping up with the latest news from Google? Just last month, they made some interesting changes to the rich results report for breadcrumbs within the Search Console. Imagine this: if you happen to utilize the HTML ‘id’ attribute to give an ID to your Breadcrumb structured data, you might notice a sprinkle of additional warnings making an appearance in your Breadcrumb report. It’s like Google is giving a heads-up to web developers and site owners to ensure the best possible performance and user experience. The change was reported on the SC data anomalies page.

Chances are, you’re no stranger to breadcrumb trails – those nifty little guides that help users navigate through websites and web applications. Think of them as a series of breadcrumbs (or in this case, links) that users can follow to retrace their steps to previous pages or different levels within the site’s structure.

But there’s more to breadcrumbs than just guiding lost souls. They’re actually all about keeping users engaged and on the right track. By smoothing out navigation, breadcrumbs can work wonders in reducing bounce rates. It’s pretty straightforward: when users can effortlessly find what they’re after on your site, they’re more inclined to stick around and less likely to give the dreaded exit button a click.

And let’s not overlook their efficiency. Breadcrumbs offer a swift way for users to grasp the broader category or section of the page they’re on, without resorting to the ‘Back’ button or embarking on a treasure hunt within other navigation options. This isn’t only a gold star for user experience – it’s also a secret weapon for SEO, as it helps search engines decipher your site’s structure and hierarchy.

So, how does all of this translate to you? It’s a smart move to delve into your Breadcrumb report within the Google Search Console and ensure your website is in harmony with the latest guidelines. After all, those warnings should never catch you off guard.

As we ride the ongoing SEO and user experience wave, let’s embrace these updates as opportunities to elevate our websites to new heights.



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