HSBC Malta’s Partnership with ĠEMMA

HSBC Malta's Partnership with ĠEMMA

Picture a world where young children not only possess the academic knowledge necessary for success but are also empowered to make impactful decisions that shape the future. HSBC Malta is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration with ĠEMMA, a beacon of financial knowledge, to introduce an engaging financial capability program for young explorers attending Skolasajf this summer. In alignment with this year’s theme of “Piece by Peace,” these sessions aim to instill the concept of social responsibility in young learners, emphasizing the significance of understanding and making choices aligned with socially responsible investing principles.

At the core of this initiative stands ĠEMMA, a guiding star in financial literacy operating under the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights. With a deep-rooted commitment to nurturing financial wisdom, ĠEMMA empowers Malta’s communities with essential financial skills, making the world of finance accessible and relatable to everyday life.

A dedicated team of educators and HSBC volunteers collaborate to craft interactive, enjoyable training sessions that are practical, up-to-date, and hands-on. Together, they are set to deliver sessions to approximately 2,500 students aged eight to 15 across 45 Skolasajf centers throughout Malta and Gozo. These workshops utilize critical thinking and competitive activities to impart children with the essential competencies required for wise purchasing, discernment, and investment practices.

Feedback from these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. Students have not only found the experience engaging but also enlightening, while educators have cherished the opportunity to engage with young minds on subjects that, though not traditionally part of the standard curriculum, hold paramount importance for their comprehensive growth.

Michel Cordina, Executive Director, and Deputy Chairman for the HSBC Malta Foundation, spoke about this initiative, stating, “At HSBC Malta, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education and its potential to shape the trajectory of our future. This partnership with ĠEMMA underscores our dedication to the community and our conviction in empowering the upcoming generation with the knowledge requisite for making well-informed decisions in pursuit of a sustainable future.”

In addition to the educational sessions, a poster competition is being conducted for all the children participating in the financially capable program. In this competition, participants form teams of four and must design a poster showcasing their fictitious company while listing four key socially responsible initiatives they would apply. The winners will be announced during the first week of September, adding an element of excitement to the educational journey.

The Skolasajf workshops closely align with HSBC’s unwavering commitment to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, they contribute to Goal 4, which pertains to Quality Education, and Goal 12, focusing on Responsible Consumption and Production.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is Skolasajf, and how does it relate to HSBC Malta’s initiative?
Skolasajf is a summer program for young learners in Malta and Gozo. HSBC Malta’s initiative involves partnering with ĠEMMA to provide financial education as part of this program, emphasizing social responsibility.

Who is ĠEMMA, and what role does it play in this partnership?
ĠEMMA is an organization focused on financial literacy under the Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights in Malta. It plays a central role in empowering young learners with essential financial skills.

How are the educational sessions structured, and what do they teach the students?
The sessions are interactive and practical, using critical thinking and competitive activities to impart skills such as prudent purchasing, discernment, and investment practices to students aged eight to 15.

What is the significance of the poster competition mentioned in the article?
The poster competition allows participating children to showcase their understanding of socially responsible initiatives in a creative manner. It adds an element of excitement and competition to the educational program.

How does HSBC Malta’s initiative align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?
The initiative aligns with Goal 4 (Quality Education) and Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) by promoting education and responsible financial practices among young learners.


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