iGaming Platform Deal with ParlayBay

iGaming Platform Deal with ParlayBay

iGaming Platform (iGP), a renowned provider of cutting-edge iGaming solutions, has just inked a groundbreaking deal with ParlayBay that promises to reshape the landscape of sports betting content.

The Pioneers of PaylayBay

ParlayBay, founded by a group of industry veterans, is on a mission to revolutionize the sports betting market. Their innovative content promises a player-centric experience characterized by lightning-fast gameplay and a range of engaging features. These features include re-buy options, cash-out functionalities, leaderboards, and an array of social tools designed to immerse players in an interactive gaming environment.

A Win-Win Agreement

The newly-formed partnership will open the doors to a collection of next-generation sports betting games. These games will be accessible to operators through iGaming Deck, a platform powered by iGP.

iGaming Deck stands as iGP’s latest innovation, serving as a centralized aggregation hub. It offers the world’s leading operators a vast selection of popular casino games. Some of the notable features of this aggregation hub include an extensive catalog of titles, streamlined single API integration, comprehensive dashboards for a holistic view of casino activity, and dedicated technical support throughout the integration process.

Elliott Banks, Sales Director at iGP, Weighs In

Elliott Banks, the Sales Director for iGP, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. He stated, “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers ParlayBay’s first-class portfolio of content via iGaming Deck powered by iGP. There is a huge appetite amongst players for fast-paced, entertaining, and easy-to-follow gameplay. We are wholly confident that operators will grasp the opportunity to enhance their casino offering with these innovative titles with both hands.”

Patrick Nordwall, CEO of ParlayBay, Shares the Excitement

Patrick Nordwall, the Chief Executive Officer for ParlayBay, echoed Banks’ sentiment. He emphasized the alignment of values and vision between the two companies. “Not only does iGP offer us a fantastic opportunity to reach new players in key markets around the world, but it also shares the same values and vision as we do here at ParlayBay. We look forward to working with iGP going forward,” said Nordwall.

FAQs: Unlocking the Details of the iGP and ParlayBay Partnership

What is iGaming Platform (iGP)?
iGaming Platform (iGP) is a renowned provider of iGaming solutions, known for its cutting-edge offerings in the industry.

Who are the founders of ParlayBay?
ParlayBay was founded by a group of industry veterans who are passionate about revolutionizing the sports betting market.

What sets ParlayBay’s content apart from traditional sports betting offerings?
ParlayBay’s content is player-centric and includes fast gameplay, re-buy options, cash-out features, leaderboards, and other interactive tools.

What is iGaming Deck, and how does it enhance the gaming experience?
iGaming Deck, powered by iGP, is a centralized aggregation hub that provides operators with a wide range of popular casino games. It simplifies integration, offers comprehensive dashboards, and provides dedicated technical support.

What benefits does this partnership offer to players and operators?
Players will gain access to innovative sports betting games with engaging features, while operators can enhance their casino offerings with these cutting-edge titles, catering to player demand for fast-paced and entertaining gameplay.


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