Improve your online casino operations

Improve your online casino operations

In today’s world, where personalization is the name of the game, the iGaming industry is no exception. With a plethora of games available, every online casino is vying to attract and retain players for the long haul.

The landscape has shifted dramatically since 2020 when casinos could effortlessly lure new players due to surging demand. In 2023, operators must embrace strategic approaches to both acquire and retain customers.

Game customization is emerging as a game-changer in the iGaming industry, offering players unique experiences and helping casinos stay competitive. In this article, we’ll delve into why tailored games are essential for player retention and explore the success story of Blaze Casino and BGaming.

To customise or not to customise?

We recognize the growing demand for personalized iGaming content in a world where individuals seek unique experiences rather than scrolling through endless options. Crafting special games for operators or adapting existing ones to match a casino’s style enhances player engagement and loyalty.

Personalized content also fosters trust and encourages players to return. Therefore, offering custom games exclusively on your platform is a smart way to cater to player preferences while promoting your online casino brand.

However, creating customized games can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, potentially diverting resources from regular releases. Consequently, most exclusive games on the market today are relatively simple, often involving changes to logos and colors.

It’s essential to remember that merely producing a customized game isn’t enough. To reap the maximum benefits, a solid game development strategy and effective promotion are crucial. The true rewards of custom games materialize when executed correctly. Let’s dive into the illuminating case study of Blaze Casino and BGaming, where tailored game production tactics led to remarkable success.

Customise games effectively

To craft a personalized gaming experience that resonates with all stakeholders, game providers and operators must collaborate closely. Recognizing this principle, we engaged Blaze Casino right from the inception of game development, as they possessed an unparalleled understanding of their target audience. This ensured that every aspect of the game aligned with the online casino’s brand, objectives, and the preferences of registered players.

Achieving this level of game customization demands the collection and analysis of extensive player data. For instance, in our collaboration with Blaze Casino, we delved into user behavior, preferences, ages, geographical locations, and playing habits. This data-driven approach facilitated the creation of a game concept that resonated most with casino players.

Yet, the journey doesn’t end with creating custom games. The real magic of customization occurs when operators not only craft tailored games but also strategically employ them in promotional activities. The success story of BGaming and Blaze Casino serves as a testament to this strategy. Following a comprehensive approach, which involved developing five custom and branded titles, the games exhibited remarkable growth in mission-critical key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics included Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), player retention, bet count, average bet size, and more. One standout game single-handedly increased GGR fourfold, whereas the fifth custom game, lacking any branding elements, didn’t achieve the same stellar performance as its predecessors.

The differentiator was the operator’s timely promotion efforts. By creating special promotions tied to events or holidays, operators harnessed customization to connect with players on a deeper level. This demonstrates that customization isn’t a frivolous expense but rather a savvy approach to engaging players.

In brief

The path of game customization is filled with challenges and opportunities. As the iGaming industry navigates this course, it is abundantly clear that personalization and customization are not mere add-ons; they are vital strategies.

To delve deeper into the strategic approach to creating tailored games, we invite you to explore the full version of our exclusive case study. Learn how to forge stronger and enduring relationships with your players, elevating your online casino to new heights.


What is game customization in the iGaming industry?
Game customization in the iGaming industry involves tailoring games to meet the specific preferences and branding of online casinos. This can include changes to game design, themes, and promotional strategies to create a unique and engaging experience for players.

Why is game customization important for player retention?
Game customization is essential for player retention because it creates a more personalized and engaging experience. When players feel that a casino understands their preferences and offers games tailored to their liking, they are more likely to stay loyal and continue playing.

What challenges are associated with creating customized games in the iGaming industry?
Creating customized games in the iGaming industry can be challenging due to the time and resources required. It can also be tricky to strike a balance between customization and maintaining a regular release schedule. Additionally, collecting and analyzing player data for customization can be complex.

How can operators effectively promote customized games to maximize their impact?
Operators can maximize the impact of customized games by strategically promoting them. This involves creating special promotions tied to events or holidays, as well as using targeted marketing campaigns to reach the right audience at the right time.

Can you provide an example of a successful case study involving game customization in the iGaming industry?
Certainly! One successful case study is the collaboration between Blaze Casino and BGaming, where a comprehensive approach to game customization led to significant growth in key performance indicators, including Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), player retention, and more. This success was attributed to both the creation of tailored games and strategic promotional efforts.


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