LuckyStreak & Ethereal Gaming iGaming Alliance

LuckyStreak & Ethereal Gaming iGaming Alliance

@LuckyStreak, the renowned #iGaming services provider based in Riga, has announced a strategic partnership with @EtherealGaming, a dynamic and innovative #games provider. This partnership represents a major improvement to LuckyStreak’s content aggregation platform, #LuckyConnect. Established in 2014, LuckyStreak has consistently aimed to deliver #topnotch iGaming services, and the integration of EtherealGaming into their platform is a testament to their commitment to providing diverse and high-quality #gaming experiences.

Expanding the LuckyConnect API

LuckyStreak’s content aggregation API, LuckyConnect, has become a pivotal tool for over 1000 online casinos worldwide. The inclusion of Ethereal Gaming’s extensive portfolio into LuckyConnect signifies a major upgrade. Ethereal Gaming, established in 2023, has rapidly made a name for itself with a tech-centric approach and a strong focus on innovation. Their games portfolio is set to bring a fresh wave of excitement and variety to the LuckyConnect platform, benefitting operators and players alike.

The Universal Provider API (UPAPI)

Ethereal Gaming is the fourth significant content provider to be added to LuckyConnect in 2024. This milestone is part of LuckyStreak’s broader strategy, powered by the recently launched Universal Provider API (UPAPI). UPAPI is designed to streamline the integration process for new content partners, making it easier and faster for top-tier gaming solutions to become available to a wide audience. The introduction of UPAPI underscores LuckyStreak’s commitment to expanding its offerings and maintaining a competitive edge in the iGaming industry.

Ethereal Gaming: A Pioneering Force

Founded by industry veterans, Ethereal Gaming is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions tailored for the online casino market. The company operates under three distinct brands:

  • Ethereal Gaming: The primary brand focused on technology solutions for the iGaming industry.
  • Sport Slots: A brand dedicated to sports-themed slot games.
  • Xin Gaming: A brand that offers themed slots specifically designed for the Asian market.

Ethereal Gaming’s diverse range of products, from innovative gaming content to advanced games development kits and Remote Gaming Servers (RGS), positions it as a game-changer in the iGaming sector. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their rapidly growing portfolio and the strategic partnerships they have formed.

Strategic Insights from Industry Leaders

Rory Kimber, LuckyStreak’s Commercial Director, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating, “I’m delighted to welcome Ethereal to LuckyConnect, our content-rich aggregation solution. It’s a real win-win: for LuckyConnect customers, it’s the addition of unique content and a solid pipeline based on years of industry knowledge. For Ethereal, boosting their reach to our growing customer base of operators and leading platforms is a great early step in their development. For our players, it means even more great games.”

This sentiment was echoed by Iñaki Fernandez, Ethereal Gaming’s Co-founder and CTO. He remarked, “It’s been an incredible first year for Ethereal, and we’re delighted with what we have achieved. We have made some invaluable partnerships, and LuckyStreak, an established player, provider, and aggregator in iGaming, is helping us push forward. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to take our content and solutions to our core audience, at scale, with a highly professional and well-connected partner.”

Enhancing the Player Experience

The integration of Ethereal Gaming’s portfolio into LuckyConnect is set to enhance the gaming experience for players across the globe. Ethereal Gaming’s products are designed to meet the varied preferences of gambling customers and businesses. Their innovative approach ensures that players have access to a wide range of engaging and high-quality games, which is a crucial factor in maintaining player interest and satisfaction.

The Road Ahead for LuckyStreak and Ethereal Gaming

The partnership between LuckyStreak and Ethereal Gaming is expected to yield significant benefits for both companies. For LuckyStreak, the addition of Ethereal Gaming’s innovative content enriches their already diverse offerings, making LuckyConnect a more attractive proposition for online casinos seeking a comprehensive content aggregation solution. For Ethereal Gaming, the partnership provides an opportunity to expand their reach and showcase their products to a broader audience.

As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, partnerships like this one are essential for driving innovation and ensuring that players have access to the best possible gaming experiences. LuckyStreak and Ethereal Gaming are well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, leveraging their combined expertise and resources to deliver top-tier gaming content.


The collaboration between LuckyStreak and Ethereal Gaming represents a significant step forward in the iGaming industry. By integrating Ethereal Gaming’s cutting-edge portfolio into the LuckyConnect API, LuckyStreak is enhancing its content offerings and providing a richer gaming experience for players worldwide. This partnership is a testament to the importance of strategic alliances in driving innovation and growth in the competitive world of iGaming.


What is LuckyStreak?
LuckyStreak is an iGaming services provider based in Riga, established in 2014, known for its content aggregation API, LuckyConnect.

Who is Ethereal Gaming?
Ethereal Gaming is a tech-centric games provider founded in 2023, offering innovative gaming products and technology solutions for the online casino market.

What is LuckyConnect?
LuckyConnect is LuckyStreak’s content aggregation API, which provides a diverse range of gaming content to over 1000 online casinos worldwide.

What is the Universal Provider API (UPAPI)?
UPAPI is a recently launched API by LuckyStreak designed to streamline the integration process for new content partners.

What brands are under Ethereal Gaming?
Ethereal Gaming operates under three brands: Ethereal Gaming (technology solutions), Sport Slots (sports-themed slots), and Xin Gaming (themed slots for the Asian market).

What does the partnership between LuckyStreak and Ethereal Gaming mean?
The partnership integrates Ethereal Gaming’s portfolio into LuckyConnect, enhancing the content offerings for LuckyStreak’s network of online casinos.

What benefits does Ethereal Gaming bring to LuckyConnect?
Ethereal Gaming provides a diverse and innovative portfolio, enhancing the variety and quality of games available on the LuckyConnect platform.

How will players benefit from this partnership?
Players will have access to a wider range of high-quality and engaging games, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

What are Remote Gaming Servers (RGS)?
RGS are servers that allow game developers to manage and distribute their games to various online casinos efficiently.

How does this partnership impact the iGaming industry?
The partnership drives innovation and growth, showcasing the importance of strategic alliances in enhancing the gaming experience and expanding market reach.


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