Majority Opt for Overseas Summer Getaways

Majority Opt for Overseas Summer Getaways

New data from a survey conducted by MaltaSurvey sheds light on the holiday preferences of the people. Nearly 63% of individuals favored an international vacation over local getaways this summer, according to the study.

Digging into the Methodology

The survey, which took place between August 1 and 5, targeted individuals aged 16 to 70. Utilizing an online platform and voluntary participation through social media, managed the data collection process independently, ensuring complete anonymity. While the sample remained anonymous, demographic variables were utilized to maintain the sample’s representativeness. By aligning with the National Statistics Office census, the sample was divided by gender, age, and region. The same variables were then used to weight the cases, ensuring accurate representation.

The survey, titled ‘Malta Summer Sentiment 2023,’ gathered insights from 950 participants, providing results with a margin of error of 3% at a 95% confidence level.

A Four-Point Approach

The survey employed a four-point scale, encouraging respondents to make a definitive choice rather than offering vague answers. This approach facilitated clear decision-making.

Revealing the Results

The survey tackled three key questions: participants’ plans for overseas holidays, local holidays, and visits to Gozo. A significant 62.6% opted for an overseas vacation, surpassing the 40.5% who leaned towards a local holiday.

Breaking it down further, 31.6% declined overseas holidays, and 5.9% remained uncertain. Defining a holiday as a period of leisure and recreation, the survey embraced local holidays as experiences away from home or the workplace, regardless of international borders. The data demonstrated that 50.1% showed no interest in local holidays, while 40.5% planned or embarked on local getaways, leaving 9.5% undecided.

Gozo: A Popular Choice

Regarding visits to Gozo, 48.3% responded positively, yet 37% chose to skip the island this summer. Interestingly, participants across all age groups leaned more towards overseas vacations. The preference for local holidays increased among those aged 61 to 70.

Popular Destinations and Durations

When asked about their favored international destinations, 60.7% pointed to Europe, while Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia accounted for less than 2% combined. In terms of holiday duration, 23.9% preferred a full week, followed by 20.3% who opted for more than a week. Conversely, 31.1% hadn’t yet planned any vacation.

Budget and Outlook

Budget-wise, 48% allocated €1,000 or less for their holidays. A significant number, 27.1%, aimed between €1,001 and €2,000. Participants were also asked if their budget was higher, similar, or lower compared to the previous summer. The majority, 32.4%, maintained the same budget, whereas 24.9% aimed higher, and 21.9% aimed lower.

As the survey illuminates the trends, it provides valuable insights into the holiday preferences of the Maltese population. The shift towards international vacations carries implications for the travel industry and offers an interesting perspective on evolving holiday choices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was the purpose of the ‘Malta Summer Sentiment 2023’ survey?

The survey aimed to gauge the sentiments of individuals in Malta concerning their summer holiday plans, destinations, and related aspects.

What percentage of participants favored an overseas holiday?

Nearly 63% of respondents expressed a preference for overseas vacations over local getaways.

How was the survey conducted?

The survey employed an online platform and invited participants aged 16 to 70 to share their opinions voluntarily.

What was the sample size of the survey?

The survey collected insights from 950 participants, with a margin of error of 3% at a 95% confidence level.

What was the primary method used for data representation in the survey?

Demographic variables such as gender, age, and region were utilized to ensure the sample’s representativeness, aligning with the National Statistics Office census.


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