Malta’s Escalating Debt Crisis

Malta's Escalating Debt Crisis

The economic landscape of Malta has been cast into a shadow of uncertainty as the nation grapples with a burgeoning debt crisis. As of October’s conclusion, the debt has snowballed to an alarming €9.7 billion, signaling a staggering increase of €942.9 million since the same period in 2022.

Jerome Caruana Cillia, Nationalist Party MP and Finance Spokesperson, shed light on the gravity of the situation, revealing that the interest costs on this spiraling debt amounted to a whopping €175 million by October’s end. This represents a substantial increase of €30 million compared to the corresponding period in the previous year, translating into a significant weekly burden of €4 million on the nation.

In the intricate web of economic complexities, Caruana Cilia went on to disclose that Malta closed the fiscal year of 2022 with a deficit towering at €982.2 million, equivalent to a noteworthy 5.7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This unsettling statistic catapults Malta to the position of having the fourth-highest deficit among all European Union member states, as the EU’s average deficit for the year hovered around 3.3%.

The economic alarm bells reverberate further as media reports hint at an imminent agreement within the EU to reintroduce mechanisms related to fiscal sustainability among member states. This development adds another layer of concern to Malta’s already precarious economic situation.

In response to these challenges, the Nationalist Party maintains a steadfast position, urging the government to take decisive action. Caruana Cilia, in no uncertain terms, advocates for the elimination of what the party terms the “corruption tax” and emphasizes the paramount importance of ensuring the sustainability of public finances, particularly in the face of escalating interest rates.

Caruana Cilia’s concern extends beyond immediate economic repercussions. He asserts, “This debt is a burden to our children and our children’s children,” underscoring the intergenerational impact of the financial decisions being made today. The MP bemoans the apparent squandering of public funds, condemning the prevailing culture of indifference that allows for irresponsible fiscal behavior.

The call for responsibility and accountability reaches its crescendo as Caruana Cilia concludes his statement by urging Prime Minister Robert Abela and his associates to prioritize the recovery of what he alleges was stolen from the country. Beyond the ethical and moral considerations, there is a resounding call for action to rectify the perceived mismanagement of public finances.


What is the current debt of Malta?
Malta’s debt stood at €9.7 billion at the end of October.

How much has Malta’s debt increased since October 2022?
The debt has witnessed an alarming increase of €942.9 million since October 2022.

What are the interest costs on Malta’s debt?
By the end of October, the interest costs soared to €175 million.

How does the current interest cost compare to the previous year?
There has been a significant increase of €30 million from the same period last year.

What deficit did Malta close 2022 with?
Malta concluded 2022 with a substantial deficit of €982.2 million.

How does Malta’s deficit compare to the EU average?
Malta secured the unenviable position of having the fourth-highest deficit among EU member states, with the average deficit for 2022 standing at 3.3%.

Why is there concern about fiscal sustainability in the EU?
Reports in the media suggest an imminent agreement to reintroduce mechanisms related to fiscal sustainability among EU member states.

What is the Nationalist Party’s stance on Malta’s debt?
The Nationalist Party vehemently insists on the elimination of the “corruption tax” and emphasizes the necessity of ensuring sustainable public finances.

Why does Caruana Cilia emphasize the burden on future generations?
Caruana Cilia believes that the accumulating debt poses a significant burden to “our children and our children’s children.”

What action does Caruana Cilia urge from Prime Minister Robert Abela?
Caruana Cilia urges Abela and his associates to prioritize the recovery of what he alleges was stolen from the country.


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