Malta’s Rainy Season and Upcoming Thunderstorm

Malta's Rainy Season and Upcoming Thunderstorm

As the annual rain season in Malta draws to a close this Thursday, an unexpected twist is set to unfold. The total rainfall tally, spanning from September 1, 2022, to August 31, 2023, is currently pegged at 481mm. However, local meteorological sources suggest that this number is far from final. In a recent update by the Facebook page “Aġġornament tat-Temp,” it was revealed that a well-timed bout of rainfall is poised to make an appearance on the season’s ultimate day, potentially altering the recorded figures.

“Mark your calendars for August 31st, as a thunderstorm is on the horizon, poised to grace the Maltese Islands with its presence,” Aġġornament tat-Temp announced on social media. “While the probability of rainfall is high, the exact quantity remains in flux.”

A brewing thunderstorm positioned between Malta and Sicily has garnered a 60% likelihood of making landfall on the islands. It’s worth noting that this probability is in a state of constant flux, oscillating due to the influence of the African anti-cyclone. This atmospheric phenomenon is set to augment atmospheric pressure, ultimately shaping the forthcoming storm on Thursday.

The notion of a late-stage surge in rainfall brings to mind the recent tempest that ravaged Genoa, Italy. A potent thunderstorm swept through the city, leaving behind a trail of destruction as severe flooding wreaked havoc on the landscape.

As the rain season’s grand finale approaches, residents and weather enthusiasts are left with bated breath, awaiting the climactic show that Mother Nature might unveil on August 31st. The potential for a last-minute surge in precipitation adds an element of suspense, keeping both meteorological experts and the general public intrigued.

FAQs About Malta's Rainy Season and Upcoming Thunderstorm

When does Malta’s annual rain season typically occur?
A1: Malta’s rainy season spans from September 1st to August 31st of the following year.

What is the current recorded rainfall for the 2022-2023 rain season?
A2: As of now, the recorded rainfall for the period between September 1, 2022, and August 31, 2023, stands at 481mm.

How might the impending thunderstorm impact the season’s rainfall total?
A3: The thunderstorm expected on August 31st could potentially alter the final rainfall tally for the season, adding to the recorded amount.

What influences the fluctuating probability of the thunderstorm hitting Malta?
A4: The probability of the thunderstorm hitting Malta is affected by the African anti-cyclone, which in turn impacts atmospheric pressure and the storm’s trajectory.

Has Malta experienced similar late-stage weather phenomena in the past?
A5: While each rainy season is unique, unexpected weather events like the upcoming thunderstorm have been observed in Malta’s meteorological history, underscoring the dynamic nature of the region’s climate patterns.


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