Malta’s Vision for Economic Growth

Malta's Vision for Economic Growth

In a recent interview on the Labour Party’s media platform, Prime Minister Robert Abela expressed his thoughts on Malta’s future economic growth. He highlighted the significance of quality in this growth trajectory, underlining the government’s commitment to investing in sectors that contribute to the common good. Abela’s perspective emphasizes that economic expansion must be pursued sensibly, avoiding unchecked growth while ensuring a focus on sectors that promote social progress and benefit the majority.

Abela’s Vision for Future Economic Growth

During the interview, Prime Minister Abela outlined his vision for Malta’s economic future. He firmly believes that the advancement of the nation’s economy must go hand in hand with quality-driven development. He cautioned against halting economic growth, noting that such a move could lead to recession. However, he stressed the importance of responsible growth that prioritizes the well-being of the population.

Two Key Points for Realizing the Vision

Abela highlighted two pivotal points crucial to realizing his vision of quality-centered economic growth. Firstly, he emphasized that social progress is intricately linked with economic expansion. He declared, “Without growth there is no social progress.” He expressed his party’s commitment to nurturing dreams and aspirations, affirming that the Labour Party would not stifle the ambitions of its citizens.

The second crucial point he underlined was the necessity for growth to be of high quality. Abela advocated for growth in sectors that would have a widespread positive impact. He mentioned, “The country must grow with an emphasis on quality and grow where it is needed. And where is it needed? In sectors where, when successful, they benefit the many and not the few.”

Shift towards Quality-Centric Sectors

Prime Minister Abela expressed the government’s intention to shift towards sectors that prioritize the quality of work rather than the quantity of workers. He cited examples such as iGaming and quality start-ups, where the emphasis is on skilled workers and cutting-edge technology.

Encouraging Foreign Workers for Economic Growth

Abela touched on the issue of foreign workers in the context of economic growth. He clarified that the focus should be on economic development rather than nationality. He stressed that the country is undergoing an economic transition, requiring significant changes from economic operators in the coming years. The Prime Minister underscored the importance of digitalization and environmental consciousness as fundamental aspects of this transformation, impacting every sector.

Support for Forward-Thinking Investors

Addressing potential investors, Abela assured those interested in technology, skill development, and worker well-being that the government would support them through various schemes and subsidies. However, he cautioned against strategies that overlook the changes the government is striving to implement. He cited the Y plate taxi issue as an example, where the government intervened to ensure regulated growth and prioritize safety.

Balancing Work Opportunities and Quality of Life

Abela highlighted the increase in full-time job opportunities within the private sector, emphasizing that these opportunities have contributed to a better quality of life for Gozitans. He also indicated that the island’s job opportunities would now focus on quality, aligning with his vision of growth in beneficial sectors.

Progress on Electoral Manifesto

Regarding the 2023 electoral manifesto, Abela mentioned that more than a third of its goals have already been implemented. He indicated that the upcoming budget presentation would intensify efforts to realize the remaining objectives. The Prime Minister reaffirmed the Labour Party’s commitment to fulfilling its promises and advancing the nation’s interests.


Why is quality emphasized in Malta’s economic growth strategy?
Quality-driven economic growth ensures that the benefits are widespread and contribute to social progress, benefiting the majority rather than just a few.

What sectors is Malta looking to grow in for quality-focused development?
Malta is targeting sectors like iGaming and quality start-ups, which prioritize skilled workers and advanced technology.

What role do foreign workers play in Malta’s economic growth?
Foreign workers are encouraged based on economic development needs rather than nationality, aligning with the country’s transition towards a more dynamic economy.

How is Malta balancing growth and safety in sectors like transportation?
The government aims for regulated growth to ensure safety and avoid over-expansion. An example is the Y plate taxi issue, where safety and controlled growth were prioritized.

What is the status of the 2023 electoral manifesto’s implementation?
Prime Minister Abela noted that more than a third of the manifesto’s goals have been achieved, with intensified efforts in the upcoming budget presentation. The Labour Party remains committed to fulfilling its promises.


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