MGA Games – The Wizard Cat

MGA Games - The Wizard Cat

Get ready for an enchanting journey filled with thrilling spins and mystical surprises as MGA Games introduces “The Wizard Cat,” a premium 5-reel slot game that’s set to take the gaming world by storm. This latest addition to the market promises an unforgettable experience for players seeking excitement and rewards.

The Enigmatic World of The Wizard Cat

At the heart of this captivating slot game is The Wizard Cat, a masterful wizard who has dedicated years to unraveling ancestral secrets and delving into the mysterious realm of dark arts hidden within ancient books. The result? A remarkable array of achievements and an opportunity to unearth the most coveted prizes. As players enter this mystical world, they’ll discover an unimaginable library filled with enigmatic puzzles, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure.

Unveil the Mysteries, Collect the Riches

Players are invited to spin the 5 reels, each revealing a chance to collect up to an astounding €97,350 in prize money. The slot game boasts a range of thematic symbols, including cauldrons, witches’ hats, and magic wands. However, what truly sets this game apart are the powerful spells cast by The Wizard Cat, enhancing players’ chances of success.

Magical Features at Your Fingertips

With The Wizard Cat by your side, you can unlock a series of magical features that will leave you spellbound. Players have the opportunity to win up to 10 Free Spins for each winning line, thanks to the wizard’s potent spells. Additionally, the coveted Wild symbol, adorned with the character’s face, serves as a wild card, replacing other symbols on the reels to create winning combinations.

The Potion Mini-Game

For those seeking even more magical rewards, three or more Bonus symbols grant players access to the potion mini-game. Here, you must carefully select each potion to accumulate prizes, with a maximum potential reward of €260 per game. It’s an exciting twist that adds an extra layer of anticipation to your gaming experience.

Multiply Your Fortunes

“The Wizard Cat” offers an opportunity to multiply your winnings. Each winning combination increases the multiplier, potentially reaching a maximum of x5 in the main game and an astonishing x15 during Free Spins. It’s a thrilling way to boost your earnings and make each spin even more rewarding.

Partner with The Wizard Cat

As you align the magical symbols with the guidance of The Wizard Cat, you’ll unlock hours of guaranteed fun and adventure. Get ready to embark on a journey where the mystical meets the rewarding, and where every spin could lead to astonishing riches.

FAQs – Your Magical Questions Answered

What is “The Wizard Cat”?
“The Wizard Cat” is a premium 5-reel slot game developed by MGA Games. It offers a magical and enchanting gaming experience with the potential for significant prizes.

Who is The Wizard Cat?
The Wizard Cat is the central character in the game, a wizard who has dedicated years to uncovering ancestral secrets and mastering the dark arts to create achievements and prizes for players.

What kind of symbols are featured in the game?
The game includes thematic symbols such as cauldrons, witches’ hats, and magic wands. These symbols, along with the Wild symbol, contribute to the game’s exciting features.

How can I win Free Spins in the game?
You can win up to 10 Free Spins for each winning line, thanks to the powerful spells cast by The Wizard Cat.

Tell me more about the potion mini-game.
The potion mini-game is activated by three or more Bonus symbols. In this mini-game, you select potions to accumulate prizes, with a maximum reward potential of €260 per game.

What is the maximum multiplier in the game?
In the main game, the maximum multiplier is x5, and during Free Spins, it can reach an impressive x15.

How can I play “The Wizard Cat”?
You can enjoy “The Wizard Cat” at online casinos that offer MGA Games’ slot titles.

Is the game available for free play?
Some online casinos may offer a demo version of the game for free play, allowing you to experience the game without real-money bets.

What is the maximum prize that can be won in “The Wizard Cat”?
Players have the chance to collect up to €97,350 in prize money in this enchanting slot game.

Is “The Wizard Cat” available on mobile devices?
Yes, the game is optimized for play on both desktop and mobile devices, offering flexibility to players.


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