MGA Outsourcing Compliance Guidelines

MGA Outsourcing Compliance Guidelines

In a recent directive, the Malta Gaming Authority (#MGA) has emphasized the critical importance of #compliance in outsourcing practices for its #licensees. This article delves into the detailed requirements and procedural obligations mandated by the MGA to ensure strict regulatory adherence.

Understanding the MGA Directive

The MGA’s Gaming Authorisations and Compliance Directive sets forth rigorous policies governing outsourcing activities conducted by authorized persons. According to these guidelines, licensees must meticulously follow prescribed protocols when engaging in outsourcing related to material supplies, critical supplies, and key functions.

Compliance Requirements for Licensees

One of the primary obligations stipulated by the MGA is the requirement for licensees to promptly notify the authority within 30 days of outsourcing any material supplies. This notification process serves as a foundational step towards ensuring transparency and effective regulatory oversight over operational activities.

Critical Supplies and Services: Mandatory Prior Approval

Notably, for outsourcing activities involving critical supplies or services, prior approval from the MGA is mandatory. This approval must be secured before entering into any contractual agreements. By enforcing this prerequisite, the MGA ensures that all outsourced arrangements meet stringent regulatory standards right from their inception.

Application Procedures

To facilitate structured communication and oversight, licensees are instructed to submit their outsourcing requests through the designated “Operational – Outsourcing Arrangements” application available on the Licensee Portal. This systematic approach streamlines the process of regulatory compliance and enhances accountability.

Key Functions: Direct Submission by Responsible Personnel

In cases where outsourcing pertains to key functions within a licensee’s operations, the application process necessitates direct submission by the respective Key Person via the “Personal Portfolio” section on the Licensee Portal. This personal accountability underscores the significance of individual diligence in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Formal Approval for Shared Conduct Agreements

Moreover, when seeking formal approval for outsourced business arrangements, referred to as “Shared Conduct Agreements,” licensees must meticulously follow specific procedural guidelines prescribed by the MGA. These guidelines ensure that all agreements uphold the integrity and transparency essential to the gaming industry’s regulatory framework.


Adhering to the Malta Gaming Authority’s comprehensive guidelines on outsourcing is not merely a regulatory obligation but a pivotal aspect of maintaining operational integrity and fostering transparency within Malta’s gaming sector. By diligently navigating these prescribed procedures, licensees uphold their operational licenses and contribute to a compliant and trustworthy gaming environment.


What are the compliance requirements for outsourcing material supplies according to the MGA?
Licensees must notify the MGA within 30 days of outsourcing material supplies, ensuring transparency and regulatory oversight.

Why is prior approval necessary for outsourcing critical supplies and services?
Prior approval ensures that outsourced critical activities meet stringent regulatory standards from the outset, maintaining integrity and operational reliability.

How can licensees notify the MGA about their outsourcing activities?
Licensees can notify the MGA by submitting their outsourcing notifications through the designated “Operational – Outsourcing Arrangements” application on the Licensee Portal.

What is the process for submitting outsourcing requests via the Licensee Portal?
Licensees submit outsourcing requests via the “Operational – Outsourcing Arrangements” application, facilitating structured communication and regulatory compliance.

Who is responsible for submitting Key Function applications to the MGA?
Key Persons responsible for key functions within licensees’ operations are required to submit applications directly via the “Personal Portfolio” section on the Licensee Portal.

What are Shared Conduct Agreements in the context of MGA regulations?
Shared Conduct Agreements refer to formal approvals required for outsourced business arrangements, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and industry integrity.

Why is compliance with MGA outsourcing guidelines crucial for licensees?
Compliance ensures that licensees uphold regulatory standards, maintain operational transparency, and safeguard their gaming licenses from regulatory scrutiny.

How does adherence to outsourcing guidelines contribute to transparency in the gaming industry?
Adherence fosters transparency by ensuring that all outsourced activities are conducted in accordance with regulatory expectations, enhancing industry trust and credibility.

What penalties can licensees face for non-compliance with MGA outsourcing regulations?
Non-compliance can lead to penalties such as fines, suspension, or revocation of licenses, emphasizing the importance of strict adherence to MGA guidelines.

How often does the MGA update its directives on outsourcing guidelines?
The MGA updates its directives periodically to reflect evolving regulatory landscapes and industry best practices, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in oversight.


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