MGM Resorts Launches BetMGM in the UK

MGM Resorts Launches BetMGM in the UK

The iGaming landscape is undergoing a significant transformation as MGM Resorts takes the leap to introduce BetMGM iGaming and online sports betting to the United Kingdom.

MGM Resorts Ventures into the UK iGaming Market

Building on its acquisition of LeoVegas last year, MGM Resorts is set to leverage LeoVegas’ platform and technology as part of its expansion into the UK market. Notably, the sportsbook segment will be bolstered by Kambi’s technology, while LeoVegas will spearhead the casino operations.

Currently accessible across nine jurisdictions in Europe and Canada, LeoVegas is already making waves in the iGaming realm.

Exciting Features Await UK Customers

The UK BetMGM online platform brings a wave of fresh product features to customers, including large and frequent jackpots, loyalty rewards, enticing sports promotions, and a collection of exclusive slots that promise a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

With years of successful implementation in Las Vegas, BetMGM’s sports and casino offerings promise a secure and reliable online betting atmosphere not just in the UK, but also in any international markets the company sets its sights on.

A Seamless Transition to the UK Market

While BetMGM is making its foray into the UK iGaming scene, it’s important to note that the brand will continue its operations in the US and Canada under the guidance of Entain’s technology and platform.

As of now, the UK arm of the company is accessible through both desktop and mobile applications, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for players on the go.

Industry Leaders Express Their Enthusiasm

Bill Hornbuckle, CEO and President of MGM Resorts, shared his thoughts on the occasion, stating: “BetMGM has established itself as a trusted brand in the sports betting and iGaming domains. We’re excited to extend our platforms to international players, catering to their unique needs.”

He further added, “Today’s announcement is a significant stride in our international growth strategy, a path that has been rapidly advancing ever since our acquisition of LeoVegas.”

Gary Fritz, President of MGM Resorts International Interactive, echoed the sentiment, saying: “Our BetMGM brand has enjoyed immense success in the US and Canada. We’re confident in replicating this triumph in new markets, starting with the UK.”

Fritz highlighted the distinct relevance that the BetMGM brand holds for both sports enthusiasts and avid iGaming consumers in the mature online gaming market of the UK.


What is the significance of MGM Resorts’ introduction of BetMGM in the UK?

MGM Resorts’ launch of BetMGM in the UK marks a significant step in expanding its iGaming presence internationally, offering a unique gaming experience to UK players.

How will BetMGM operate in the US and Canada?

BetMGM will continue to operate in the US and Canada, utilizing Entain’s technology and platform to deliver its offerings to players in these regions.

What new features does the UK BetMGM platform bring to customers?

The UK BetMGM platform introduces exciting features, including frequent jackpots, loyalty rewards, sports promotions, and exclusive slots, enhancing the gaming experience.

Why is LeoVegas handling the casino operations for BetMGM’s UK venture?

While BetMGM taps into LeoVegas’ platform and technology, LeoVegas is entrusted with managing the casino operations, leveraging its expertise in the field.

How does MGM Resorts plan to replicate its success in the UK market?

Gary Fritz, President of MGM Resorts International Interactive, believes that the established success of the BetMGM brand in the US and Canada can be duplicated in the UK due to its distinct relevance for both sports bettors and iGaming enthusiasts.


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