Nationalist Party Calls for Action on High Cost of Living

Nationalist Party Calls for Action on High Cost of Living

In a bid to alleviate the financial strain on Maltese and Gozitan families and businesses grappling with the relentless pressures of a steep cost of living, the Nationalist Party has raised its voice, urging Prime Minister Robert Abela and his government to take immediate action. The call comes as statistics paint a concerning picture, placing Malta among the Eurozone nations with the highest living expenses. In a statement released by PN MPs Albert Buttigieg and Jerome Caruana Cilia, the party underscores the need for substantial measures to address the mounting challenges faced by the citizens.

The Cry for Relief

As Maltese and Gozitan households and enterprises continue to wrestle with the exorbitant costs of living, the Nationalist Party has sounded the alarm. Recognizing the uphill battle many face to make ends meet, the party has called upon the Abela government to step up its efforts and provide meaningful support.

A Glimpse into the Data

The distressing reality of Malta’s position within the Eurozone is illuminated by the latest statistics. The country ranks high on the scale of living costs, placing an undue burden on its residents and businesses. With each passing day, higher costs of essential goods and food products amplify the struggle, leaving many in the lurch.

Government’s Role in Mitigation

In the face of these escalating challenges, concerns loom over the government’s response. The Nationalist Party raises apprehensions that Prime Minister Abela’s administration is not doing enough to alleviate the ramifications of the rising cost of living. Of particular concern are families, especially the elderly, who find themselves grappling to keep pace with the mounting expenses.

A Plea for Responsible Governance

With conviction, the PN emphasizes that the government must tighten its belt and curtail unnecessary expenditure. Rather than burdening the population with additional costs, it’s urged to seek avenues to relieve the economic pressure that plagues families and businesses alike.

Proposed Solutions

The Nationalist Party doesn’t just highlight the problem; it presents a vision for change. One of its proposed solutions involves the creation of a fresh economic model, one that ushers in new sectors capable of generating quality jobs and improved wages. Furthermore, the party champions the concept of a non-taxable Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), which could offer some respite.

Incentives to Battle Rising Costs

Understanding the gravity of the situation, the PN puts forth another proposition – fiscal incentives. By offering these incentives, the government could play a crucial role in mitigating the escalating costs, ensuring that citizens’ hard-earned money stretches a bit further.

The Foundation of Support

Aiming to provide consistent aid, the Nationalist Party proposes the establishment of a national fund. With an annual budget allocation, this fund would offer backing to both import and export industries, serving as a stabilizing force against the fluctuations in living costs.

Conclusion: A Pledge for Change

In a nation grappling with the strain of high living expenses, the Nationalist Party emerges as a voice for the people. With a comprehensive strategy encompassing economic restructuring, non-taxable COLA, and financial support, the party lays the groundwork for a brighter, more sustainable future.


What prompted the Nationalist Party to address the issue of the high cost of living?

The Nationalist Party raised its concerns about the escalating cost of living to draw attention to the challenges faced by Maltese and Gozitan families and businesses.

How does Malta’s cost of living compare to other Eurozone nations?

Statistics show that Malta ranks among the Eurozone countries with the highest living costs, which places a considerable burden on its residents and enterprises.

What solutions does the Nationalist Party propose to address this issue?

The party suggests creating a new economic model with new sectors for quality job generation, introducing a non-taxable Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), offering fiscal incentives, and establishing a national fund to support import and export industries.

What is the primary concern expressed by the Nationalist Party regarding the government’s response?

The party is concerned that the government is not doing enough to alleviate the impact of the high cost of living, particularly affecting families and the elderly.

How can individuals and businesses expect to benefit from the proposed solutions?

The proposed solutions aim to provide financial relief by generating better job opportunities, offering non-taxable COLA, providing fiscal incentives, and establishing a support fund for import and export industries.


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