Peter & Sons Expand Reach with Relax Gaming

Peter & Sons Expand Reach with Relax Gaming

Peter & Sons, an internationally acclaimed #game development studio renowned for its uniquely styled, high-performing #videoslots and #casino games, has recently announced an exciting new partnership with the esteemed iGaming aggregator, @RelaxGaming. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Peter & Sons as they become the latest #PoweredByRelax partner, poised to inject a fresh wave of excitement into the #iGaming market.

The Strategic Alliance: A Gateway to New Markets

The partnership with Relax Gaming is strategically designed to facilitate the distribution of Peter & Sons’ innovative content across various regulated markets, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Ontario, Greece, and jurisdictions governed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This move is set to significantly amplify the reach of Peter & Sons’ distinctive games, offering their creative and engaging experiences to a broader audience than ever before.

A Perfect Alignment of Visions

Expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, Yann Bautista, Commercial Director of Peter & Sons, stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with Relax Gaming as a P2P partner. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to push the boundaries of game design and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences. With Relax Gaming’s robust platform and extensive network, we are confident that our games will captivate players across multiple markets.”

Peter & Sons has carved a niche in the iGaming industry by breaking new ground in visuals and gameplay. They have rightfully earned acclaim for their distinctive artistic style and pioneering game mechanics. By leveraging Relax Gaming’s extensive distribution capabilities, Peter & Sons can ensure that their high-quality games reach a wider audience while maintaining their unwavering commitment to excellence and creativity.

Enhancing Game Distribution

The partnership with Relax Gaming not only broadens the reach of Peter & Sons’ games but also enhances their distribution capabilities. Nicholas Hammon, Director of Aggregation Commercials at Relax Gaming, commented on the collaboration, stating, “Adding Peter and Sons’ premium range of content to our platform is an exciting collaboration. Peter and Sons’ distinctive approach to creating games and storytelling is well recognized and loved by a wide range of players, and they are a welcome addition to the Relax family.”

Relax Gaming, known for its robust platform and extensive network, offers an ideal conduit for Peter & Sons to showcase their games to a broader audience. The collaboration is expected to bring significant benefits to both parties, with Peter & Sons gaining access to new markets and Relax Gaming enhancing its portfolio with the unique and innovative content that Peter & Sons is known for.

Driving Innovation in Game Design

Peter & Sons’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of game design is evident in their portfolio of high-performing video slots and casino games. Their games are characterized by a unique blend of artistic creativity and innovative mechanics, setting them apart in the crowded iGaming market. This partnership with Relax Gaming is a testament to their dedication to excellence and their vision for the future of game design.

“We are eager to collaborate with their talented team and leverage their expertise to take our game distribution to the next level,” added Yann Bautista. The synergy between Peter & Sons and Relax Gaming is expected to drive innovation in the iGaming industry, offering players new and exciting gaming experiences.

Expanding Global Reach

The partnership with Relax Gaming marks a significant step in Peter & Sons’ strategic plan to expand their global reach. By tapping into Relax Gaming’s extensive network, Peter & Sons can bring their games to new markets, including those with stringent regulatory environments. This expansion is not only about increasing their footprint but also about enhancing the gaming experience for players worldwide.

Relax Gaming’s platform is renowned for its reliability and reach, making it an ideal partner for Peter & Sons. This collaboration will enable Peter & Sons to focus on what they do best – creating exceptional games – while Relax Gaming handles the distribution and market expansion.

The Future of iGaming

The alliance between Peter & Sons and Relax Gaming marks a major milestone in the iGaming sector. It reflects a broader trend of collaboration between game developers and aggregators to enhance the gaming experience and expand market reach. This collaboration is expected to set a new benchmark in the industry, driving innovation and delivering unparalleled gaming experiences to players worldwide.


Peter & Sons’ collaboration with Relax Gaming represents a strategic initiative that perfectly aligns with their objective to innovate in game design and provide outstanding gaming experiences. By leveraging Relax Gaming’s robust platform and extensive network, Peter & Sons is poised to reach new heights in the iGaming market. This collaboration is a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation, and it sets the stage for a new era of growth and expansion.


What is the main focus of Peter & Sons’ partnership with Relax Gaming?
The partnership aims to distribute Peter & Sons’ innovative content across various regulated markets, enhancing their global reach.

Which markets will Peter & Sons’ games be distributed to through this partnership?
The games will be distributed to markets including the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Ontario, Greece, and MGA jurisdictions.

What is Relax Gaming known for in the iGaming industry?
Relax Gaming is known for its robust platform, extensive network, and reputation for excellence in game aggregation.

How will this partnership benefit Peter & Sons?
Peter & Sons will benefit from enhanced distribution capabilities, allowing their games to reach a broader audience.

What sets Peter & Sons’ games apart in the iGaming market?
Their games are known for unique artistic styles and innovative mechanics, providing engaging and creative experiences.

Who is Yann Bautista and what is his role in Peter & Sons?
Yann Bautista is the Commercial Director of Peter & Sons, overseeing strategic partnerships and market expansion.

What did Nicholas Hammon say about the partnership?
Nicholas Hammon praised the collaboration, highlighting Peter & Sons’ distinctive approach to game creation and storytelling.

How will Relax Gaming’s platform support Peter & Sons’ growth?
Relax Gaming’s platform will facilitate wider distribution of Peter & Sons’ games, reaching new and regulated markets.

What are the future expectations from this partnership?
The partnership is expected to drive innovation in the iGaming industry and set new benchmarks for gaming experiences.

What is the significance of this partnership for the iGaming market?
It signifies a trend of collaboration to enhance gaming experiences and expand market reach, benefiting both developers and aggregators.


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