Police Sergeant Bitten by Dog

Police Sergeant Bitten by Dog

In a surprising turn of events, a seemingly ordinary road rage incident in Attard, Malta, has taken a bizarre twist. A police sergeant, initially thought to have been injured during a heated altercation with a motorist, is now under investigation for his role in the incident, which also involves a dog bite. The unexpected development unfolded during a court hearing, leaving everyone puzzled.

The Altercation Unfolds

It all began on a seemingly routine Friday evening in Attard, when tempers flared on Triq il Pitkali. A police sergeant, off-duty at the time, was behind the wheel of his car with his teenage son as a passenger. As he prepared to make a turn onto Triq il Passolina, another vehicle abruptly collided with his own, causing an instant (8 posts)" class="autobesttag" style="color:#77da55" rel="nofollow" href="https://malta-media.com/tag/instant/">instant standoff.

The sergeant, irritated by the incident, exited his car and confronted the other driver. “Aren’t you seeing the indicator? Are you stupid?” he questioned the driver angrily. The situation escalated quickly, with both drivers stepping out of their vehicles and engaging in a physical struggle. During the altercation, the off-duty officer suffered minor scratches and had his T-shirt torn.

To document the incident, the sergeant’s 15-year-old son snapped photographs, capturing the torn clothing and his father’s injuries. What seemed like a typical road rage encounter was about to take an astonishing turn.

The Dog's Surprise Attack

The sergeant further testified that the grievous injuries to his right hand, initially attributed to the scuffle, were, in fact, caused by an unexpected assailant – a passerby’s dog. As the brawl between the two drivers unfolded, the dog’s owner tried to intervene and separate the combatants. In the chaos, the dog lunged at the sergeant, biting his hand.

In his testimony, the sergeant described how he had grabbed the other driver by the collar, suspecting that he was attempting to hide his identity by covering his driver’s license photo with his finger. This action led to additional tension and confrontation between the two.

A Curious Legal Twist

During a court hearing, the defendant, Ngeanya Evise Fombeh, a 31-year-old Cameroonian resident of Malta, was charged with grievously injuring the off-duty police sergeant during the altercation. However, when questioned by his defense attorney, Franco Debono, about the injury caused by the dog bite, a perplexing legal dilemma emerged.

Debono inquired why Fombeh was facing charges of causing grievous injuries when the victim himself had informed the police that he had been bitten by a dog. In response, Prosecuting Police Inspector Andrew Agius Bonello explained that while a dog bite was indeed one of the injuries, it was not the only one sustained by the victim. The doctor who examined the injured sergeant at the hospital had reportedly refused to specify which injuries were caused by the dog and which were inflicted by a human.

A Closer Look: The Investigation

Intriguingly, it was also revealed during the hearing that the alleged victim, the off-duty police sergeant, was under investigation by the police regarding his involvement in the incident. The exact nature of this investigation remained undisclosed, leaving room for further questions.

The Path Forward

In light of the unusual circumstances surrounding the case, Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo made a pivotal decision. She appointed a medico-legal expert to thoroughly examine the alleged victim, with the specific aim of determining whether the injuries were primarily the result of the scuffle between the two drivers or the dog bite. This examination would serve as a crucial factor in determining the course of legal proceedings against Fombeh.

The court announced that it would issue a decree once the expert submits their findings. This decree will ultimately decide whether there is sufficient prima facie evidence to proceed with an indictment against Fombeh, or if the case takes an entirely different direction based on the expert’s conclusions.

The Legal Standoff Continues

As the legal standoff unfolds, both sides are eager to resolve the mystery surrounding the dog’s role in the incident. Inspector Andrew Agius Bonello and Clayton Camilleri are prosecuting the case, while Franco Debono and Francesca Zarb represent the defendant, Ngeanya Evise Fombeh.

The courtroom drama in Attard has captivated the public’s attention, raising numerous questions about the intricate details of the case. The involvement of a dog in a road rage incident adds a unique layer of complexity to an already unusual situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What initially led to the altercation between the police sergeant and the other driver in Attard?
The altercation began when the off-duty police sergeant and the other driver were involved in a minor collision on a street in Attard. This collision escalated into a heated argument and physical confrontation.

How did a dog become involved in the incident, and how did it injure the police sergeant?
During the altercation, a passerby’s dog, owned by a third party, became involved when its owner attempted to break up the fight. In the chaos, the dog attacked the police sergeant, biting his hand and causing injuries.

Why is the police sergeant also under investigation in connection with the incident?
The exact nature of the investigation into the police sergeant’s involvement remains undisclosed. However, it was revealed during a court hearing that he is under investigation by the police regarding his role in the incident.

What legal questions arose during the court hearing regarding the dog bite?
The legal dilemma arose when the defense questioned why the defendant was charged with causing grievous injuries when the victim had reported being bitten by a dog. The prosecution clarified that while the dog bite was one of the injuries, it was not the sole injury, and the doctor’s report did not specify which injuries were caused by the dog and which were inflicted by a human.

What will happen next in the legal proceedings?
The magistrate overseeing the case has appointed a medico-legal expert to examine the alleged victim. The expert’s findings will play a crucial role in determining whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with an indictment against the defendant, Ngeanya Evise Fombeh, or if the case takes a different direction based on the expert’s conclusions.


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