PwC Malta’s Continued Growth and New Leadership

PwC Malta's Continued Growth and New Leadership Appointments

PwC Malta, a prominent player in the professional services industry, has recently made significant new appointments that underscore the firm’s ongoing growth and commitment to delivering excellence. The addition of Pamela Mamo, Mark Tabone, and Etienne Bonnici to key leadership roles within the organization not only reflects PwC’s diversified approach but also signals its dedication to fostering innovation and expertise.

Pamela Mamo’s Vision for PwC’s Academy

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing PwC’s educational offerings, Pamela Mamo has been appointed as the Director of PwC’s Academy. With a career trajectory that began as an audit associate in 2004, Pamela’s journey within PwC has been marked by dedication and growth. Her role entails spearheading the Academy’s external training initiatives, which encompass learning and education strategies, e-learning development, and the delivery of tailored training solutions for clients.

Pamela’s contributions extend beyond her role as a Director. She actively shapes PwC’s Academy as a prominent training service provider aligned with national education standards. Her insights and expertise in learning and education consulting, curricula design, and effective training program implementation have played a pivotal role in furthering PwC’s commitment to quality education.

Mark Tabone’s Expertise in Advisory

Mark Tabone’s new position as a Director within PwC’s Advisory line of service demonstrates the firm’s strategic focus on advisory excellence. With a career spanning several locations, including PwC Jersey, London, and New York, Mark brings a wealth of experience to his role. Having played a crucial role in Transaction Services and financial due diligence projects, Mark is now responsible for overseeing the firm’s Mergers and Acquisitions sector in the Advisory domain.

The significance of M&A in PwC’s strategy is evident, and Mark’s role includes collaboration with the PwC Corporate Finance network globally. His background as a Certified Public Accountant and his expertise in business valuations and feasibility studies reinforce PwC’s commitment to comprehensive advisory services.

Etienne Bonnici: PwC’s Technology Visionary

PwC Malta’s technological landscape is in capable hands with Etienne Bonnici at the helm as Chief Technology Officer. With over 15 years of IT management experience within the firm, Etienne’s responsibilities encompass leading and driving PwC’s Malta technology and information security strategy. His tenure has seen involvement in critical areas such as systems and process controls reviews, security administration, and disaster recovery planning.

Etienne’s contributions extend beyond technical matters. He has been instrumental in providing outsourcing services for ICT infrastructure management and support, demonstrating PwC’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions to clients in diverse industries.

Investing in Capabilities for a Dynamic Future

PwC Malta’s decision to make these strategic appointments underscores the firm’s dedication to investing in capabilities that define its purpose. As David Valenzia, Territory Senior Partner at PwC Malta, notes, these appointments highlight the multidisciplinary nature of PwC’s offerings and its commitment to addressing the challenges and opportunities of today’s dynamic business landscape.

Sustaining Growth and Embracing Opportunities

In conclusion, PwC Malta’s ongoing growth is not just a testament to its resilience but also its ability to identify and embrace new opportunities. The appointments of Pamela Mamo, Mark Tabone, and Etienne Bonnici exemplify the firm’s commitment to diversity, innovation, and the sustained success of both the organization and its clients.

FAQs About PwC Malta’s New Appointments

What positions have been recently appointed at PwC Malta?

Pamela Mamo as Director of PwC’s Academy, Mark Tabone as Director within Advisory, and Etienne Bonnici as Chief Technology Officer.

What is Pamela Mamo’s role within PwC’s Academy?

Pamela leads PwC’s Academy, overseeing external training initiatives and client-specific training solutions.

What is Mark Tabone’s expertise in?

Mark specializes in Transaction Services, Mergers and Acquisitions, and financial due diligence within PwC’s Advisory.

What responsibilities does Etienne Bonnici hold as Chief Technology Officer?

Etienne is responsible for leading PwC’s Malta technology and information security strategy.

What does PwC’s investment in capabilities signify?

It reflects the firm’s commitment to innovation, expertise, and its purpose of delivering sustained outcomes.


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