SBC Media Launches iGaming Daily Podcast, Delivering Industry Analysis Worldwide

SBC Media Launches iGaming Daily Podcast, Delivering Industry Analysis Worldwide

SBC Media, a leading news and media specialist in the betting and gaming industry, has recently launched a new daily podcast called ‘iGaming Daily.’ This podcast aims to provide analysis of the industry’s major stories from around the world, offering valuable insights to industry professionals.

Hosted by SBC Multimedia Editor James Ross, the podcast features a rotating cast of experts from SBC’s extensive network of news portals and beyond. Covering various industry verticals and geographic regions, including Europe, the US, and LatAm, the show delves into topics ranging from sports betting to casino and gaming.

Each episode of iGaming Daily brings together relevant experts, such as SBC News Editor Ted Menmuir, Head of LatAm Media Lucía Mouriño, CasinoBeats Editor Craig Davies, SBC Americas Editor Jessica Welman, SBC Managing Director Andrew McCarron, SBC Senior Media Manager Martyn Elliott, and a talented team of senior journalists. Together, they provide in-depth analysis and insights into the latest happenings in the betting and gaming worlds.

James Ross expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “A daily podcast was a daunting challenge, but the team has proven that there is always something new to discuss somewhere in the world. It’s very satisfying seeing the latest episode of iGaming Daily enter my podcast feed every day.”

Andrew McCarron, SBC Managing Director, acknowledged the crowded podcast market but highlighted the uniqueness of iGaming Daily. He mentioned, “James and the production team have created a truly global igaming podcast that brings something new to the market. This new pod leverages the biggest editorial team in the industry’s B2B space and provides news and insight across another media platform.”

The podcast, recorded daily, will be available early evening in Europe and mid-morning Eastern time. With guests joining from various locations such as the UK, Malta, Spain, USA, Argentina, and Brazil, iGaming Daily will also feature live recordings from SBC Events, including SBC Summit North America, CasinoBeats Summit, SBC Summit Latinoamérica, and SBC Summit Barcelona.

iGaming Daily offers expert analysis, live fallout, and fresh perspectives on the industry’s most significant and industry-shifting stories. Listeners can expect coverage of regulatory updates, major M&A deals, notable appointments and departures, and much more.

You can listen to iGaming Daily on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your preferred podcast platform. Simply ask your smart speaker to play the podcast “iGaming Daily by SBC Media” to stay up-to-date with the latest industry insights. Join SBC Media’s iGaming Daily podcast and stay informed about the latest happenings in the dynamic world of betting and gaming.


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