SMO Case Study – Health Care Industry

SMO Case Study - Health Care Industry


A client in the health care industry had a unique challenge – they wanted to generate leads for their business, but had no social media presence.


Our goal was to help them establish an online presence, increase brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately generate leads to grow their business.

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SMO Case Study - Health Care Industry

Solution & Process

To start, we launched a brand awareness campaign which helped them gain visibility on social media. After a month, we started running Facebook on-page lead ads, designing and creating ad content while optimizing them daily to reach the right audience.


Our approach paid off – we achieved great results in a short amount of time. During the first month, we increased their reach through the brand awareness campaign. By the second month, with daily optimization and precise targeting, we were generating genuine leads through Facebook on-page lead ads. We successfully overcame the challenge of generating leads for a client with zero online presence on social media platforms.


Brand Awareness Campaign Performance Comparison


Facebook On-Page Campaign Performance Comparison


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