SMO Case Study – Insurance Industry

SMO Case Study - Insurance Industry


After conducting a detailed analysis, we identified several reasons for low performance, including no consistency in social media posting, no attractive social media posts, no proper sharing of mixed content (motivational, facts, humor, and business posts), no proper monitoring of the Ad campaign, and no A/B testing for the Ad campaign.

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SMO Case Study - Insurance Industry

Solution & Process

To address these issues, we implemented a two-pronged approach. First, we focused on increasing website traffic. We took over the campaign and created attractive Ad copies while testing different images, headlines, and Ad text. We also did carousel ads, which gave a good boost to the Facebook ads. By narrowing the target audience, we were able to increase website traffic and decrease the cost per result.

Second, we focused on increasing organic engagement and Facebook page likes. We created social media content for the business that included 10 business posts and 10 motivational/facts/humor/video content that was relevant to the business, and for each piece of content, we created attractive images. We also made sure to post at optimal times when the fans were most active, and we had a proper content mix, for example, posting Monday Motivational posts on Mondays. We also shared these posts on relevant groups and focused on posts with proper calls to action.

Through these efforts, we were able to help our client increase website traffic, decrease cost per result, and increase organic engagement and Facebook page likes. If you’re facing similar challenges with your SMO campaigns, be sure to download our insurance industry case study to learn more about our process and solutions.

Campaign Performance Comparison

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Organic page like growth

Examples of Engaging content on social media for better engagement. (Organic Engagement)


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