Swintt and Casimba Gaming Partnership

Swintt and Casimba Gaming Partnership

In an exciting collaboration, Swintt, the renowned software provider known for its cutting-edge slot releases like Electric Elements and Aloha Spirit XtraLock, has joined forces with the newly-formed iGaming powerhouse, Casimba Gaming. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies, as Swintt prepares to share its full suite of captivating games with Casimba Gaming’s rapidly growing player base worldwide.

Under the terms of this strategic agreement, Swintt will supply Casimba Gaming with its entire portfolio of slot games. This means that operators who rely on Casimba Gaming for their casino solutions will now have access to a diverse and innovative catalog featuring SwinttGames and classic SwinttPremium titles.

Casimba Gaming, a formidable entity formed through the merger of the esteemed operator Whitezip and the global iGaming PAM and aggregation provider Markor Technology, aims to provide clients with an expanded range of top-notch products and services. This alliance with Swintt will undoubtedly propel Casimba Gaming further into the limelight of the iGaming sector.

By incorporating Swintt’s gaming offerings, Casimba Gaming is poised to realize its ambitions in the realm of game aggregation. This collaboration empowers its clients to choose from an impressive selection of over 120 state-of-the-art releases from Swintt, thereby enhancing the variety and quality of gaming options available to their players.

Among the standout SwinttGames soon to grace the Casimba Gaming platform, Electric Elements and Aloha Spirit XtraLock are poised to steal the spotlight. Electric Elements is an electrifying cluster pays slot game boasting four elementally-charged bonus features, while Aloha Spirit XtraLock holds the title of Swintt’s most successful release to date. Both of these games have already garnered immense popularity in Casimba Gaming’s core markets.

For those drawn to the nostalgia of classic slot machines, the SwinttPremium catalogue offers an array of classically-themed games. These titles capture the essence of traditional land-based slots while infusing them with modern flair. Notable titles in this category include the fan-favorite Book series title, Seven Books Unlimited, and Cleopatra’s Pearls, which tantalizes players with the opportunity to win one of four local jackpot prizes.

This exciting addition to Casimba Gaming’s offerings in the coming month is expected to solidify the brand’s position in the iGaming industry. Furthermore, it will connect Swintt with a broad spectrum of new customers, fueling mutual growth and success. Both parties involved in this partnership are eager to embark on this journey and are thrilled about the prospects it holds.

Lars Kollind, the Head of Business Development for Swintt, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “As a predominantly Malta-based business ourselves, Swintt is looking forward to working closely with Casimba Gaming to strengthen its product line-up and help this powerhouse brand deliver on the promise of offering greater choice to its clients. By teaming up with a company that’s not only active in many markets but also has a firm focus on the United Kingdom, the Nordics, and Canada, we can potentially position Swintt games in front of a number of new global audiences going forward, and we’re sure players are going to love seeing what we have to offer.”

Lavina Karlsson, the B2B Director for Casimba Gaming, echoed this sentiment, stating, “Despite only being formed a couple of months ago following the merger of two already successful iGaming brands, Casimba Gaming has been making waves in the industry, and picking the right partners to work with has been a big part of that. In Swintt, we feel we’ve identified an exciting and innovative software provider that can add significant value to our product line-up. Offering both next-gen SwinttGames and classic Premium releases, the studio will undoubtedly be a popular choice with Casimba Gaming clients going forward.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is Swintt, and what are its notable slot releases?
Swintt is a prominent software provider known for its innovative slot releases. Two of its notable titles include Electric Elements, an action-packed cluster pays slot with four elementally-charged bonus features, and Aloha Spirit XtraLock, Swintt’s most successful title to date.

Who is Casimba Gaming, and how did it come into existence?
Casimba Gaming is a newly-formed iGaming powerhouse that resulted from a merger between renowned operator Whitezip and global iGaming PAM and aggregation provider Markor Technology. This merger aims to offer clients a wider range of products and services in the iGaming sector.

What does the partnership between Swintt and Casimba Gaming entail?
The partnership between Swintt and Casimba Gaming means that Swintt will provide its entire suite of slot games to Casimba Gaming. This allows operators using Casimba Gaming for their casino solutions to offer a diverse catalog of SwinttGames and SwinttPremium titles to their players.

What distinguishes SwinttPremium titles from SwinttGames?
SwinttPremium titles are classically-themed games designed to replicate the experience of popular land-based slot machines. They offer a blend of traditional slot gaming with modern twists. Some standout SwinttPremium titles include Seven Books Unlimited and Cleopatra’s Pearls.

How does this partnership benefit both Swintt and Casimba Gaming?
This partnership benefits Swintt by expanding its reach to new global audiences through Casimba Gaming’s extensive market presence. For Casimba Gaming, it enhances its product line-up, offering clients a wide selection of high-quality games from Swintt, strengthening its position in the iGaming industry.


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