As the curtains have closed on GA3 (Google Analytics Universal Analytics), the window for gathering fresh data in this venerable analytics platform has also drawn to a close. However, this development hasn’t exactly been met with open arms by a multitude of publishers.

In the aftermath of this transition, a poll was conducted to gauge the pulse of publishers and their readiness for the shift. The response has painted a clear picture: a significant portion of publishers found themselves caught off-guard and not fully primed for the changeover.

Google's John Mueller published a poll asking, ‘Ready for GA4?’

Which shows:

Yes, bring it on 27.1%
Not yet 39%
Is something happening? 12.8%
Definitely a “maybe” 21%

The numbers from the poll paint a revealing picture: a notable 39% of respondents admitted they’re not quite prepared for the transition, while a smaller but still significant 27% expressed confidence in their readiness.

Further insights come from another poll, this time conducted by the esteemed Google Analytics authority, Krista Seiden. Her question, “Are you ready for the switch to GA4? (Please only answer if you are using Universal Analytics and considering what’s next.)”, provides an additional layer of perspective. This query delves into the minds of those currently on Universal Analytics, probing their stance on the impending switch to GA4. The collective response to this inquiry promises to offer even more insights into the shifting analytics landscape.

Yes, GA4 is setup 41%
No! But GA4 is setup 34.8%
No! GA4 is not setup 9.4%
I’m leaving GA altogether 14.8%

The outcomes of these polls present a discernible pattern: 41% of participants express their readiness for the upcoming changes, while a more substantial 59% find themselves in various stages of unreadiness or are contemplating a departure from the Google Analytics platform altogether. These figures provide a clear indication of the diverse sentiments and actions of users in response to the shifting analytics landscape.

A few days before the end of GA3, MARTECH reported that a majority of sites (28M compared to 11M) were still using UA.


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