Understanding Inflation Trends in Malta

Understanding Inflation Trends in Malta

Last month, the annual rate of inflation in Malta, as measured by the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP), stood at 5.6 per cent. This marked a decrease from the previous month’s rate of 6.2 per cent, according to national data provided by the National Statistics Office.

Inflation Rates by Categories

In July, the highest annual inflation rates were observed in two key categories: food and non-alcoholic beverages (10 per cent), and housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuels (7.6 per cent). On the contrary, the lowest inflation rates were registered in communication (-1.4 per cent) and clothing and footwear (-0.7 per cent).

Factors Driving High Inflation

The significant impact on the overall inflation rate was attributed to the rising prices of bakery products within the food and non-alcoholic beverages category. This increase contributed to a notable uptick of 1.69 percentage points in the index, highlighting the direct influence of food prices on inflation.

Moreover, the annual inflation rate was further propelled by the restaurants and hotels index, adding 1.37 percentage points due to higher costs of restaurant services. Additionally, the housing, water, electricity, gas, and other fuels index contributed 0.73 percentage points, largely due to increased rent and utility charges.

Contributions to Lower Inflation

Conversely, the communication index made a slight downward impact of -0.06 percentage points on the inflation rate, mainly due to reduced costs in telephone equipment. Similarly, the clothing and footwear index contributed to a -0.03 percentage point decrease, primarily attributed to lower prices of garments.

Maltese HICP vs. Euro Area

During the same month, Malta’s HICP recorded an annual rate of change of 5.6 per cent, which was 0.3 percentage points higher than the corresponding figure for the euro area, standing at 5.31 per cent. This data indicates that Malta’s inflation rate outperformed that of the larger euro area.


Inflation trends in Malta for the recent month showcased a slight decrease, but the impact of various categories on the overall inflation rate remained significant. While food prices, especially bakery products, contributed to higher inflation, costs related to restaurant services and housing also played a role. Communication and clothing, on the other hand, exerted downward pressure on inflation. Malta’s inflation rate continued to stand above the euro area’s average, demonstrating its economic dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did food prices increase the most?

The sharp increase in food prices, particularly bakery products, contributed to higher inflation due to their direct impact on the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices.

What caused the decrease in clothing and footwear prices?

Lower prices of garments within the clothing and footwear category led to a decrease in its index, contributing to a slight decrease in overall inflation.

How does Malta’s inflation compare to the euro area?

Malta’s inflation rate of 5.6 per cent was slightly higher than the euro area’s rate of 5.31 per cent for the same period.

What is the significance of the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices?

The Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices is a crucial indicator that tracks changes in the average prices paid by consumers for goods and services, reflecting inflation trends.

How do inflation rates impact the average citizen’s daily life?

Inflation rates can affect the purchasing power of individuals, influencing the costs of goods and services they consume and potentially altering their consumption patterns. Higher inflation may lead to increased living costs.


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