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March 2024 - Analytics Report Snapshot

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We are updating our statistics on a regular bases, which you can see in this screenshot for 90 days.

Below the GA4 statistics for the last year since launch.



Dear Marketing Visionaries,

Are you ready to elevate your brand and engage with a global audience that's passionate about iGaming? Look no further than Malta-Media.com, the premier digital destination for iGaming professionals and enthusiasts alike. With a robust history since our launch in May 2023, we've become the beacon of news, insights, and trends for the iGaming community.

Malta-Media.com stands as a testament to the vibrant iGaming community, leading the forefront of digital media in this dynamic industry. Based in London and powered by the expertise of Easy-Design Ltd., this platform offers an unparalleled commitment to providing the most comprehensive and current iGaming news, analyses, and insights.

With a rich library of content available in both English and German, Malta-Media.com caters to a diverse audience, ranging from casual players to industry veterans, all seeking to stay informed about the latest trends and updates in the world of online gaming.

The platform's demographic spread is a clear indicator of its global impact, with a significant 50% of its readership coming from English-speaking regions such as Malta, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, Malta-Media.com continues to expand its reach, with 35% of its audience spread across key markets like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. This wide-reaching influence not only solidifies Malta-Media.com's position as a leader in iGaming journalism but also makes it an attractive hub for advertisers looking to connect with a highly engaged and international audience.

A Glimpse into Our Audience (updated 17.02.2024)

Our visitors are not just numbers; they are engaged readers, industry professionals, and passionate casino players. With Malta-Media.com, you can:

Connect with a Loyal Base: In the last nine months (launch 10th of May 2023), Malta-Media.com has grown a loyal user base of one million unique visitors, with an impressive average time spent of over 13 minutes per session. Our visitors are committed and curious, offering you an audience that truly engages with content.

Visitor Statistics including Google Analytics February 2024

Unmatched Reach and Engagement

Malta-Media.com has captured the attention of nearly one million unique visitors in just the last 9 months, with each guest spending an incredible average of 13 minutes per visit! Despite the challenges of search engine updates, our resilience and SEO expertise have triumphed, bringing our traffic back on track with over half a million unique visitors in the last 3 months alone.

Recover and Rise: Despite the challenges faced with search engine updates back in October 2023, our website has bounced back stronger, with over half a million unique visitors in just the last three months, and an increase in average session duration to over 18 minutes. This demonstrates our resilience and the sticky nature of our content.

Visitor Statistics including Google Analytics 3 month

Dive into the DACH Region: The SEO strategies we've implemented are yielding exceptional results, especially in the DACH region, which now constitutes over 50% of our traffic. This offers a focused demographic for targeted advertising in German-speaking countries.

Visitor Statistics including Google Analytics 1 month

A Focus on Quality and Diversity

Our content isn't just prolific; it's curated to cater to a diverse audience. With content available in both English and German, we've seen tremendous traction in the DACH region, accounting for over 50% of our traffic. This is a testament to the quality of our SEO and content strategy, ensuring your advertisements are not just seen, but seen by the right eyes.

But that's not all. Our visitors are spending more time than ever on our site, with recent stats showing over 22 minutes of engagement per session. This indicates a highly captivated audience, ready to hear your message.

Global Reach, Local Insight: English-speaking visitors from countries like Malta, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom make up a substantial part of our traffic.

German-speaking regions are not far behind, with Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein bringing in a substantial number of visitors.

The Global market, along with Brazil, Turkey, Israel, and Russia, is also well-represented, showing our worldwide appeal.

Understanding the intricacies of regional interests, we've seen significant visitor numbers from across the globe. Our top 20 geographic locations last month paint a picture of a widespread and diverse audience, eager for iGaming content:

Visitor Statistics including Google Analytics - GEO Analyitics

Your Brand, Center Stage

When you advertise with Malta-Media.com, you're not just another ad in the rotation – you're a featured player on the iGaming stage. We offer a variety of formats and packages to ensure your message makes an impact:

  • Rotating Banners: Maximize visibility across various pages and posts.
  • Sponsored Content: Engage readers with articles and features that align with their interests.
  • Official Partner Status: Elevate your brand with a prestigious partnership that not only enhances visibility but also allows for strategic content placement and association with Malta-Media.com's trusted name.

Join our iGaming Ecosystem: A Gateway for Industry Leaders and Innovators

At Malta-Media.com, we are on the lookout for forward-thinking advertisers who are ready to connect with an audience that's as dynamic and engaged as the iGaming industry itself. Ideal partners range from iGaming giants to niche startups, all eager to showcase cutting-edge platforms, services, and gaming innovations. Whether your company specializes in the latest online casino games, sports betting, or e-sports, advertising with us offers a unique opportunity to reach a dedicated community of players and industry professionals.

Our platform also serves as an essential resource for updates on gaming laws and regulations, making it a prime spot for law firms, compliance consultancies, and regulatory bodies to share their expertise and services. With the ever-changing landscape of iGaming legislation, our readers rely on Malta-Media.com for the latest legal insights, offering a great environment for advertisers in the legal sector to demonstrate thought leadership and legal acumen.

Moreover, as iGaming is interwoven with finance, banking, tax, accounting, and business, we welcome advertisers from these spheres to provide our readers with financial services, expert advice on fiscal matters, and strategic business solutions tailored to the iGaming sector. In a world where marketing and tourism play pivotal roles, Malta-Media.com is also the perfect avenue for marketing agencies and tourist organizations to promote their services, connect with potential clients, and contribute to the exciting intersection of iGaming and travel.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Embrace the opportunity to be a part of Malta-Media.com's growing success. With our targeted reach, high user engagement, and flexible advertising packages, your brand can shine in the iGaming world.

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