WowPot!™ Jackpot Hits €40M Record

WowPot!™ Jackpot Hits €40M Record

Games Global has once again taken center stage with its WowPot!™ jackpot surpassing an impressive €40 million. This monumental achievement has sent ripples of excitement throughout the industry, with anticipations running high as the company gears up to crown its next multi-millionaire.

The WowPot!™ Phenomenon

WowPot!™, a progressive jackpot introduced by Games Global, has proven to be a game-changer in the world of online slots. Boasting a current jackpot that not only threatens to break records but could potentially double the payout of the previous largest online slot win, WowPot!™ has captured the imagination of players worldwide.

Mega Moolah™: The Reigning Champion

Games Global’s Mega Moolah™, a fellow flagship progressive jackpot, holds the prestigious title for the largest single win on an online jackpot. In April 2021, it disbursed a staggering €19.4 million, setting a formidable benchmark. The echoes of this success reverberated in June, with another player claiming a substantial €5.7 million from the same network jackpot.

WowPot!™ Mechanics

What sets WowPot!™ apart is its innovative approach to jackpot mechanics. The progressive jackpot comprises four tiers, with the largest tier starting at an astonishing €2 million. This not only enhances the potential for epic wins but also contributes to an ever-expanding collection of online slot games.

Games Global's Jackpot Portfolio

Beyond WowPot!™, Games Global proudly hosts a diverse network of progressive jackpots. Mega Moolah™ stands tall alongside Ontario-ringfenced Maple Moolah™, and the recently introduced King Millions™, which made its debut in key regulated jackpot markets in July and has now gone live in Ontario.

Record-Breaking Payouts and Frequency

Games Global’s jackpot network is not only synonymous with colossal prize pools but also holds the distinction of delivering the most frequent wins in the industry. In the year 2023 alone, the network has paid out an astonishing total of more than €73.8 million in jackpot prizes. This translates to a win every 10.4 seconds on average, solidifying Games Global’s reputation as an industry leader in rewarding players.

Upcoming Marvel: Mega Moolah Megaways™

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Games Global is set to unleash Mega Moolah Megaways™, developed by Gameburger Studios, on December 18th. This eagerly awaited release marks the convergence of the legendary Megaways™ mechanic with the formidable win potential of the Mega Moolah™ progressive jackpot.

Andrew Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “WowPot!™ continues to excite the industry and players alike. The jackpot has added a further €10 million since June, and there is no telling how far it can go.”


As the WowPot!™ jackpot eclipses the €40 million mark, the iGaming community is on the edge of its seat, eagerly anticipating the moment when this historic prize will be claimed. Games Global’s commitment to innovation, coupled with its record-breaking payouts and frequent wins, cements its position as a trailblazer in the world of online gaming.


How does WowPot!™ differ from other progressive jackpots?
WowPot!™ stands out with its four-tiered progressive jackpot, offering players the chance to win from a staggering €2 million seeding.

Which jackpot currently holds the record for the largest single win on an online jackpot?
Mega Moolah™, another flagship progressive jackpot by Games Global, holds this prestigious title with a massive €19.4 million win in April 2021.

How frequently are jackpot prizes paid out across Games Global’s network?
In 2023, the network has seen more than €73.8 million in jackpot prizes, averaging a win every 10.4 seconds.

What new progressive jackpot has Games Global recently introduced?
Games Global welcomed King Millions™ to its jackpot portfolio, making its debut in key regulated markets in July.

When can players expect the release of Mega Moolah Megaways™?
Gameburger Studios’ Mega Moolah Megaways™ is set to be unleashed on December 18th, combining the Megaways™ mechanic with the Mega Moolah™ jackpot.

How much has WowPot!™ grown since June?
WowPot!™ has seen a remarkable increase of €10 million since June, elevating the jackpot excitement to unprecedented levels.

What is the average time between jackpot wins on Games Global’s network?
On average, a jackpot is won every 10.4 seconds, showcasing the network’s reputation for frequent payouts.

In which markets is King Millions™ currently live?
After its debut in key regulated markets in July, King Millions™ has recently gone live in Ontario.

What makes Mega Moolah Megaways™ a highly anticipated release?
The game marks the first-ever combination of the legendary Megaways™ mechanic with the formidable win potential of the Mega Moolah™ jackpot.

Who is Andrew Booth, and what is his role at Games Global?
Andrew Booth serves as the Chief Product Officer at Games Global, overseeing the development and innovation of gaming products.


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