BETBY Elevates Betting with Major Update

BETBY Elevates Betting with Major Update

@BETBY, a leading supplier in the #sportsbetting industry, has unveiled a significant content update for its Betby Games’ #esports feed. This update promises to transform the #bettingexperience for its partner network by introducing a new game, an innovative game mode, new leagues and tournaments, and expanded market offerings for existing games.

Introduction of New eShooting Game: Counter-Strike AI

The highlight of this update is the launch of a new eShooting game, Counter-Strike AI. This addition increases the Betby Games portfolio to nine e-sim game titles. Counter-Strike AI offers players a fresh and exhilarating gaming experience, featuring cutting-edge graphics and comprehensive market betting options. The game is specifically designed for esports enthusiasts and effortlessly fits into any esports roster. Unique to this game is the independently developed and trained AI bots, which enhance the realism and competitiveness of the gameplay.

Counter-Strike AI includes a wide array of betting markets, such as round wins, total kills, bomb plants, and victory methods, providing approximately 3,000 events per month. This extensive offering ensures that players have numerous opportunities to engage and bet, elevating the overall betting experience.

Innovative Game Mode for eSoccer: Futsal

Betby Games has also introduced a new game mode for its eSoccer content: Futsal. This dynamic and energetic version of FIFA focuses on skill and agility, showcasing top Brazilian futsal teams. The Futsal mode promises a dynamic user experience with continuous attacks and frequent goals, generating an additional 4,000 events per month.

This new mode is designed to cater to fans of quick and exciting gameplay, offering a fresh perspective on traditional soccer betting. The emphasis on skill and agility ensures that each match is unpredictable and thrilling, enhancing the excitement for bettors.

New eCricket Championships: British, Sri Lankan, and Bangladesh

Cricket enthusiasts have much to look forward to with the introduction of the British, Sri Lankan, and Bangladesh Championships for eCricket. These tournaments will feature content around the clock in a special 5-over mod, adding over 7,000 events per month. This update significantly boosts the variety and volume of cricket betting opportunities, catering to fans of the sport worldwide.

Expanded Markets for FIFA

Recognizing the importance of offering diverse and high-quality betting markets, Betby Games has expanded its FIFA eSoccer product. The update introduces more than 15 new betting markets, covering everything from the precise number of goals and exact scores to a variety of combination markets. These additions provide players with a broader range of betting options, enhancing the strategic depth and excitement of the game.

New eBasketball Tournaments

The content update also enhances Betby Games’ eBasketball offering, with the introduction of regional leagues for Spain, Turkey, France, and several other regions. The addition of seven new tournaments will generate over 10,000 monthly events. These regional leagues provide players with more localized and relevant betting opportunities, catering to the specific interests of basketball fans in different regions.

New eTennis Tournaments at Iconic Venues

Tennis fans will be thrilled with the introduction of new eTennis tournaments held at the renowned venues of Roland Garros and Wimbledon. These tournaments will add approximately 4,000 events per month, allowing players to engage with some of the sport’s most famous competitions. The addition of these prestigious venues enhances the appeal of eTennis betting, offering fans a more immersive and exciting experience.

Commitment to Excellence in Esports

Kirill Nekrasov, Head of Betby Games, expressed the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the esports sector. “We are continuously striving to innovate and improve our offerings to provide the best possible esports experience for our partners and their players. This major content update reflects our commitment to excellence and our passion for the esports sector. By introducing new games like Counter-Strike AI, expanding FIFA with the Futsal mode and adding new markets, and launching exciting tournaments for eCricket and eBasketball, we aim to enhance the gaming experience for the end players. We believe these additions will not only enrich our esports portfolio but also drive the satisfaction among our partners and elevate the overall engagement of their player base.”

The Future of Esports Betting with BETBY

BETBY’s major content update for Betby Games marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey to revolutionize esports betting. By continuously introducing new games, innovative modes, and expanding market offerings, BETBY ensures that its partners and their players receive a top-tier betting experience.

This comprehensive update not only broadens the scope of available betting opportunities but also enhances the quality and excitement of the games offered. BETBY’s commitment to excellence and innovation sets a high standard in the esports betting industry, promising a bright future for its partners and players alike.


BETBY’s major content update for Betby Games marks a pivotal advancement in the esports betting landscape. With the introduction of new games like Counter-Strike AI, innovative modes such as Futsal, and expanded markets and tournaments across various esports, BETBY continues to set new standards in the industry. This comprehensive update not only enhances the betting experience for players but also strengthens BETBY’s commitment to delivering top-tier content for its partners. As BETBY pushes the boundaries of innovation, the future of esports betting looks brighter than ever.


What is the new game introduced by BETBY in its content update?
BETBY has introduced Counter-Strike AI, a new eShooting game, which features cutting-edge graphics and comprehensive market betting options.

What are the features of the new Futsal mode in eSoccer?
The Futsal mode offers a fast-paced, high-energy version of FIFA with continuous attacks, frequent goals, and features the best Brazilian futsal teams.

Which new eCricket championships have been introduced?
BETBY has introduced the British, Sri Lankan, and Bangladesh Championships for eCricket, featuring around-the-clock content in a special 5-over mod.

How many new markets have been added to the FIFA eSoccer product?
BETBY has added over 15 new markets to the FIFA eSoccer product, including exact number of goals, correct score, and various combo markets.

What new regional leagues have been added to the eBasketball offering?
The update includes regional leagues for Spain, Turkey, France, and several other regions, adding seven new tournaments and over 10,000 monthly events.

What iconic venues are featured in the new eTennis tournaments?
The new eTennis tournaments are set at the Roland Garros and Wimbledon venues, adding approximately 4,000 events per month.

What is the total number of events added per month with the Counter-Strike AI game?
The Counter-Strike AI game will add approximately 3,000 events per month.

How does the new content update enhance the esports betting experience?
The update introduces new games, innovative modes, expanded markets, and numerous events, providing a more engaging and diverse betting experience.

What is BETBY’s commitment to the esports sector?
BETBY is committed to continuously innovating and improving its offerings to provide the best possible esports experience for its partners and players.

Where can more information about BETBY be found?
More information about BETBY and its offerings can be found on their website at BETBY.


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