Betfair Casino Joins Forces with Gaming Corps

Betfair Casino Joins Forces with Gaming Corps

Betfair Casino, one of the world’s most distinguished operators, has inked a deal with Gaming Corps. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both entities, opening doors to new horizons and exciting possibilities in the ever-expanding realm of online gaming.

A Fusion of Gaming Titans

Betfair, established in 2000 as a betting exchange, has evolved into a global gaming giant. The 2006 launch of Betfair Casino catapulted it into the world of online casino gaming, offering a diverse array of games, including slots, table games, and live dealer experiences. As part of Flutter Entertainment, the largest sports betting and gaming company globally, Betfair Casino holds a prominent position in the industry.

The Terms of the Pact

Under the terms of this strategic partnership, Gaming Corps is set to integrate its diverse portfolio of games into Betfair Casino’s platform. The initial focus is on the thriving LatAm market, with the potential for expansion into additional territories. This collaboration promises a symbiotic relationship, enhancing the gaming experience for players across the globe.

Gaming Corps' Bespoke Offerings

In an exclusive arrangement, Gaming Corps will provide Betfair Casino with custom-branded versions of its highly successful Penalty Champion and other Mine games. This tailor-made approach aims to elevate the gaming experience for Betfair Casino’s players, introducing them to unique and engaging content.

Diverse Content for Discerning Players

Betfair Casino gains access to Gaming Corps’ complete range of existing content, spanning Crash, Table, and Slot games, along with the popular Plinko. Players can immerse themselves in Gaming Corps’ latest releases, such as Raging Zeus Mines, 9 Jokers Stick and Spin, and Wild Woof. Classics like the Coin Miner and Jet Lucky series add a nostalgic touch to the diverse gaming catalog.

A Momentous Occasion for Gaming Corps

Mats Lundin, Gaming Corps’ Director of Sales, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant partnership. Welcoming Betfair — a gaming behemoth — into the Gaming Corps family is a momentous occasion. Lundin emphasizes the excitement of providing first-class games to LatAm players, including exclusive editions of the renowned Penalty Champion game.

Unlimited Growth Potential

Lundin points out that the collaboration is not only momentous but also holds immense growth potential. The partnership’s expansion into new markets is a prospect that both parties eagerly anticipate, fostering a relationship that goes beyond geographical boundaries.

Betfair's Perspective on the Partnership

Stefano Buse, Commercial Director Gaming at Betfair International, acknowledges Gaming Corps as a flagship provider in LatAm. Betfair Casino’s commitment to the region is underlined by the inclusion of Gaming Corps’ titles, particularly the captivating Crash, Mines, and Plinko games. Buse expresses excitement about offering players Gaming Corps’ full suite of games, even exploring the possibility of introducing their own branded versions of some games.

A Glimpse into the Future

As the partnership unfolds, the collaboration between Betfair Casino and Gaming Corps holds the promise of shaping the future landscape of online gaming. The amalgamation of Betfair’s global influence and Gaming Corps’ innovative gaming solutions paints a picture of a dynamic and thriving gaming ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What games will Gaming Corps provide to Betfair Casino?
Gaming Corps will supply Betfair Casino with bespoke branded versions of Penalty Champion and other Mine games, along with their full range of existing content, including Crash, Table, and Slot games.

Which regions will initially benefit from this partnership?
The initial focus is on the LatAm market, with potential expansion into other territories in the future.

What makes the Penalty Champion game noteworthy?
Penalty Champion is a highly successful game by Gaming Corps, and Betfair Casino will offer exclusive editions of this game to its players.

Can players expect new releases from Gaming Corps on Betfair Casino?
Yes, players can enjoy some of Gaming Corps’ recent releases, including Raging Zeus Mines, 9 Jokers Stick and Spin, and Wild Woof, among others.

How does this partnership benefit Betfair Casino players?
Betfair Casino players gain access to Gaming Corps’ diverse portfolio, providing a richer and more engaging gaming experience.

Who is Flutter Entertainment, and how is Betfair Casino connected?
Flutter Entertainment is the largest sports betting and gaming company globally, and Betfair Casino is a part of this influential entity.

What distinguishes Gaming Corps in the LatAm market?
Gaming Corps has become one of the flagship providers in LatAm, offering a wide variety of titles that cater to the preferences of the regional gaming audience.

What are some classic titles from Gaming Corps available to Betfair Casino players?
Players can enjoy classics like the Coin Miner and Jet Lucky series, adding a touch of nostalgia to the gaming catalog.

How does this partnership align with Betfair Casino’s operations in LatAm?
Betfair Casino considers Gaming Corps’ diverse gaming solutions crucial for enhancing its offerings in the LatAm market, emphasizing the importance of this partnership.

What opportunities does Gaming Corps foresee in this collaboration?
Gaming Corps sees the potential for growth and development, with opportunities to expand into more markets, presenting a mutually beneficial scenario for both parties.


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