BGaming: Art, Gaming, & Charity at SiGMA

BGaming - Art, Gaming, & Charity at SiGMA

iGaming content provider BGaming is set to make a splash at SiGMA Americas with a unique blend of art, gaming, and philanthropy. In anticipation of the event, BGaming has intensified its support for local artists, enhancing its ongoing artistic collaboration initiative, “When Art Meets Gaming,” and extending charitable donations to emerging creatives.

Strengthening Artistic Collaboration:

BGaming has joined forces with renowned street art duo, Clandestinos Art, ahead of their debut at SiGMA Americas in Brazil. With over two decades of experience in mural creation, Clandestinos Art has brought to life BGaming’s beloved characters from various games such as Elvis Frog TRUEWAYS, Aztec Magic Bonanza, Scratch Alpaca, Book of Cats MEGAWAYS™, Penny Pelican, and Jogo do Bicho.

Meet the Artists:

Comprised of visual storytellers Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack, Clandestinos Art infuses their murals with a captivating blend of reality and imagination. Their award-winning style has garnered international acclaim, characterized by unique techniques and subject matter that transcend traditional boundaries.

Integration into SiGMA Americas:

Illustrations of BGaming’s game characters by Clandestinos Art will not only adorn a limited merchandise collection and branded gifts but will also be featured prominently at BGaming’s stand during SiGMA Americas in São Paulo from April 23rd to 25th.

Supporting Emerging Creatives:

In addition to collaborating with Clandestinos Art, BGaming is demonstrating its commitment to nurturing local talent by making a substantial donation of €10,000 to the A7MA Institute in Sao Paulo. This institute plays a pivotal role in promoting street art in Brazil and empowering young artists from marginalized communities. Furthermore, BGaming will sponsor an activity aimed at inspiring children to embrace art, collaborating with art educators from the A7MA Institute to paint murals on the facades of their homes.

Testimonials and Reflections:

Kate Puteiko, Chief Marketing Officer at BGaming, expressed delight at the partnership with Clandestinos Art and the opportunity to showcase their vibrant reinterpretation of iconic characters at SiGMA Americas. Emphasizing the significance of supporting local talent and charitable causes, Puteiko highlighted BGaming’s ongoing commitment to fostering creativity and making a positive impact.

Clandestinos Art conveyed their enthusiasm for collaborating with BGaming and delving into the realm of digital illustration while staying true to their artistic ethos. Reflecting on their creative process, the duo emphasized the fusion of their individual styles to create a cohesive masterpiece. They extended their best wishes to the BGaming team for their endeavors in Brazil, promising to infuse the event with color and passion.

Event Details and Engagement:

Attendees of SiGMA Americas can explore BGaming’s artistic collaboration and innovative games firsthand at Stand D40 from April 23rd to 25th, 2024. For those interested in scheduling a meeting, bookings can be made through the provided link.

About BGaming:

BGaming stands at the forefront of iGaming content provision, revolutionizing traditional gambling experiences into engaging gaming ventures. With a dedicated team and player-centric approach, BGaming crafts innovative products featured on reputable platforms and over 1,100 online casinos worldwide. Notably, BGaming holds the distinction of being the first to support cryptocurrencies and offer Provably Fair games. Their extensive portfolio comprises 150+ products boasting high-definition graphics and user-friendly interfaces across all devices. Additionally, BGaming is renowned for its exclusive collaborations with leading operators in the industry.


BGaming’s collaboration with Clandestinos Art at SiGMA Americas marks a significant milestone in the intersection of art and gaming. By showcasing the talents of local artists and supporting charitable initiatives, BGaming demonstrates its commitment to fostering creativity and making a positive impact in the communities it serves. As attendees immerse themselves in the vibrant displays and innovative games at SiGMA Americas, the partnership between BGaming and Clandestinos Art stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change within the iGaming industry and beyond.


How did BGaming enhance its support for local artists at SiGMA Americas?
BGaming intensified its collaboration with street art duo Clandestinos Art and made charitable donations to support emerging creatives.

What games did Clandestinos Art reinterpret for BGaming?
Clandestinos Art brought to life characters from BGaming’s popular games like Elvis Frog TRUEWAYS and Aztec Magic Bonanza.

What distinguishes Clandestinos Art’s style?
Clandestinos Art’s style is characterized by a unique fusion of reality and imagination, earning them international recognition.

How will BGaming’s collaboration with Clandestinos Art be showcased at SiGMA Americas?
Illustrations of BGaming’s game characters by Clandestinos Art will be integrated into merchandise, branded gifts, and BGaming’s stand at SiGMA Americas.

What charitable initiatives is BGaming undertaking in Brazil?
BGaming is making a €10,000 donation to the A7MA Institute in Sao Paulo and sponsoring an art activity to inspire children in collaboration with the institute.

Who expressed excitement about the collaboration between BGaming and Clandestinos Art?
Kate Puteiko, Chief Marketing Officer at BGaming, and Clandestinos Art conveyed their enthusiasm for the partnership and its creative prospects.

How can attendees engage with BGaming at SiGMA Americas?
Attendees can visit BGaming’s stand at SiGMA Americas and explore their artistic collaboration and innovative games.

What sets BGaming apart in the iGaming industry?
BGaming distinguishes itself with a player-driven approach, support for cryptocurrencies, Provably Fair games, and exclusive collaborations with leading operators.

What is the scope of BGaming’s portfolio?
BGaming offers over 150 products featuring high-definition graphics and user-friendly interfaces, accessible across various devices.

What is BGaming’s overarching mission?
BGaming is committed to revolutionizing gambling experiences, fostering creativity, and making a positive impact in the iGaming industry.


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