Bragg Gaming Launches Sportsbook with Kambi

Bragg Gaming Launches Sportsbook with Kambi

In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to #Innovation in the Dutch #iGaming market, @BraggGamingGroup has announced the launch of a new #sportsbook in collaboration with @711nl. This partnership, powered by @Kambi’s state-of-the-art #SportsBetting technology, marks a significant expansion for, a prominent player in the #DutchiGaming landscape.

Setting the Stage:'s Evolution in iGaming

Founded as a leading online casino platform, has steadily grown its presence in the Dutch market. The acquisition of a sports betting license from the Dutch Gambling Regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has positioned to venture into sports wagering. This strategic decision precedes major sporting events like the UEFA European Championship Football tournament final and the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, offering timely opportunities to capture the enthusiasm of sports enthusiasts across the Netherlands.

Empowering Innovation: Integration of Kambi's Sportsbook Technology

Central to the launch of’s sportsbook is its partnership with Kambi, a global leader in sports betting solutions. Leveraging Kambi’s robust technology platform, gains access to a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance the sports betting experience. This includes sophisticated pricing and trading capabilities, as well as the acclaimed Bet Builder product, which allows users to personalize their betting strategies with ease.

Kambi’s technology is renowned for its scalability and flexibility, enabling operators like to deliver a seamless and engaging sports betting experience. The integration of Kambi’s platform empowers to offer a wide range of betting markets, competitive odds, and real-time updates—all crucial elements to attract and retain sports bettors in a competitive market landscape.

Regulatory Compliance and Operational Efficiency

Beyond enhancing the user experience, Bragg Gaming Group brings its expertise in regulatory compliance to the partnership. Through its proprietary regulatory reporting tools, Bragg ensures that operates in full compliance with Dutch gambling laws. This integration not only streamlines operational processes but also strengthens’s position as a trusted operator in the competitive Dutch iGaming market.

Fuze™ Toolset: Elevating Player Engagement

To further differentiate its offerings, integrates Bragg’s Fuze™ toolset across its iGaming and sportsbook platforms. This suite of customer engagement tools introduces innovative features such as AI-powered game recommendations, real-time gamification, and personalized promotional offers. By leveraging these tools, aims to foster deeper player engagement, enhance retention rates, and drive long-term loyalty among its user base.

The Fuze™ toolset is designed to create a dynamic and interactive gaming environment, where players can enjoy not only traditional sports betting but also participate in gamified challenges, tournaments, and community events. These initiatives not only attract new players but also encourage existing users to stay engaged with frequent incentives and rewards.

Strategic Insights from Industry Leaders

Matej Nemec, Senior Vice President, Commercial, EMEA and LatAm at Bragg, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded partnership with He highlighted how Kambi’s technology empowers operators to deploy sportsbooks efficiently and cost-effectively, reinforcing Bragg’s commitment to driving innovation in iGaming across Europe and Latin America.

Veena Dhesi, SVP Partner Success at Kambi, emphasized the synergies between Kambi’s advanced sports betting capabilities and Bragg’s expertise in player account management. She underscored Kambi’s dedication to delivering seamless sports betting experiences through continuous technological advancements and strategic partnerships.

Operational Excellence: Gilles De Backer's Perspective

Gilles De Backer, Chief Operating Officer at, reflected on the strategic significance of expanding their collaboration with Bragg and Kambi. He noted how Bragg has been a pivotal partner in their iGaming journey, providing robust player account management solutions and now extending these capabilities to include sportsbook operations. This holistic approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also sets a new standard for sports betting excellence in the Dutch market.

Gilles highlighted the seamless integration of Kambi’s sportsbook technology with’s existing infrastructure, emphasizing how this partnership enables them to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly betting platform. By leveraging Bragg’s regulatory expertise and Kambi’s technological prowess, is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of Dutch sports bettors while ensuring compliance and operational integrity.

Envisioning Future Growth and Market Expansion

In conclusion, the launch of the sportsbook represents a transformative moment for Bragg Gaming Group, Kambi, and alike. By combining cutting-edge technology with strategic partnerships, is poised to redefine the sports betting landscape in the Netherlands. As the industry prepares for upcoming major sporting events, including the highly anticipated UEFA final and the Paris 2024 Olympics, stands ready to deliver unparalleled excitement and engagement to Dutch players.

This strategic expansion not only enhances’s market position but also opens doors for future growth opportunities in the dynamic iGaming sector. By catering to the preferences of sports enthusiasts and leveraging advanced technologies, Bragg Gaming Group and Kambi demonstrate their commitment to innovation and excellence in the Dutch market.

As continues to evolve and innovate, guided by the insights and capabilities of its strategic partners, it aims to set new benchmarks in sports betting excellence. With a focus on enhancing user experience, ensuring regulatory compliance, and driving sustainable growth, the collaboration between Bragg, Kambi, and promises to shape the future of sports betting in the Netherlands and beyond.


What strategic advantages does Bragg Gaming Group’s partnership with offer?
Bragg Gaming Group’s partnership with leverages Kambi’s advanced sports betting technology, enabling to offer a comprehensive sportsbook quickly and efficiently. This strategic collaboration enhances’s market position by combining Bragg’s regulatory expertise with Kambi’s innovative betting solutions, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for Dutch sports enthusiasts.

How does Kambi’s technology enhance the sports betting experience on
Kambi’s technology brings sophisticated pricing, trading capabilities, and the Bet Builder product to’s sportsbook. This allows users to customize their betting strategies and provides real-time updates on a wide range of betting markets. By integrating Kambi’s platform, enhances user engagement with a user-friendly interface and competitive odds, catering to diverse preferences in the Dutch sports betting market.

What regulatory benefits does Bragg’s technology provide to
Bragg Gaming Group ensures’s compliance with Dutch gambling laws through its proprietary regulatory reporting tools. These tools streamline operational processes and maintain transparency, ensuring that operates within regulatory frameworks while focusing on delivering a secure and trustworthy sports betting environment to its users.

How does the Fuze™ toolset enhance player engagement across’s platforms?
The Fuze™ toolset integrates AI-powered game recommendations, real-time gamification, and personalized promotional offers into’s sportsbook and iGaming platforms. These tools enhance user interaction, encourage participation in tournaments and challenges, and increase player retention through targeted incentives and rewards. By leveraging Fuze™, creates a dynamic and immersive gaming experience that resonates with its audience.

What upcoming sporting events is targeting with its sportsbook launch?’s sportsbook launch strategically precedes major events like the UEFA European Championship Football tournament final and the Paris 2024 Olympics. These events attract significant attention from sports enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to capitalize on heightened interest and engagement among Dutch players eager to wager on their favorite teams and athletes.

How does Bragg support’s existing iGaming operations beyond sports betting?
Beyond sports betting, Bragg supports’s iGaming operations with its Player Account Management (PAM) technology and content aggregation solutions. This includes a diverse range of casino games developed by in-house studios and exclusive content partnerships, enhancing’s offering across multiple verticals within the Dutch iGaming market.

What innovative features does the Fuze™ toolset offer to enhance user experience?
The Fuze™ toolset introduces innovative features such as automated real-time gamification, AI-driven game recommendations, and personalized promotional offers like free rounds, bets, tournaments, quests, and jackpots. These features not only enrich user engagement but also foster a sense of community and excitement among players, reinforcing’s commitment to delivering a premier gaming experience.

Who are the key stakeholders driving the success of the partnership?
Key stakeholders include Bragg Gaming Group’s leadership in commercial strategy, regulatory compliance, and technology integration; Kambi’s expertise in sports betting solutions, pricing, and trading capabilities; and’s operational leadership in implementing and optimizing the sportsbook experience for Dutch players. Together, these stakeholders collaborate to enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation, and ensure regulatory compliance across the partnership.

How does the launch of the sportsbook reflect Bragg and Kambi’s growth strategies?
The launch of the sportsbook underscores Bragg Gaming Group and Kambi’s strategic focus on expanding their presence in the Dutch iGaming market. By integrating Kambi’s advanced technology and Bragg’s regulatory expertise, the partnership aims to capture market share, enhance user acquisition and retention, and pave the way for future growth opportunities in sports betting and iGaming sectors.

What market dynamics and opportunities does the sportsbook launch create in the Dutch iGaming sector?
The sportsbook launch capitalizes on growing demand for diversified iGaming experiences in the Netherlands. By offering a seamless integration of sports betting alongside its existing iGaming offerings, addresses evolving consumer preferences and regulatory requirements. This strategic expansion not only strengthens’s competitive position but also sets new benchmarks for sports betting excellence in the dynamic Dutch iGaming landscape.


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