CT Interactive Expands in Bulgaria with BetHub

CT Interactive Expands in Bulgaria with BetHub

CT Interactive, a globally recognized online software provider renowned for its innovative gaming solutions, has embarked on an exciting journey in Bulgaria’s thriving online gaming market. With a strategic focus on expanding its presence and offering unparalleled gaming experiences to players, CT Interactive has forged a strategic partnership with BetHub, one of Bulgaria’s newest licensed online betting operators. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in CT Interactive’s mission to deliver cutting-edge gaming content and elevate the gaming landscape in Bulgaria.

CT Interactive's Expansion Strategy

The decision to partner with BetHub reflects CT Interactive’s strategic vision to solidify its position as a market leader in Bulgaria’s dynamic gaming industry. By leveraging BetHub’s extensive reach and local expertise, CT Interactive aims to introduce its diverse portfolio of over 200 HTML5 games to a wider audience, catering to the diverse preferences of Bulgarian players. This strategic alliance underscores CT Interactive’s commitment to driving growth, innovation, and excellence in the online gaming sector.

Empowering BetHub with Cutting-Edge Gaming Solutions

Silvia Hristova, Head of CRM at CT Interactive, expressed confidence in the partnership, emphasizing the transformative impact of CT Interactive’s gaming solutions on BetHub’s platform. With a focus on delivering immersive and rewarding gaming experiences, CT Interactive aims to captivate BetHub’s online audience through its innovative features, including the acclaimed Hotluck Jackpot. By integrating these cutting-edge solutions into BetHub’s platform, both companies are poised to revolutionize the gaming landscape in Bulgaria and enhance player engagement.

Commitment to Innovation

Antonio Donov, Business Development Manager EMEA at CT Interactive, reiterated the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. He highlighted the partnership with BetHub as a testament to CT Interactive’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of gaming technology and delivering best-in-class experiences to players. Through continuous innovation and strategic collaborations, CT Interactive aims to set new standards for interactive entertainment and shape the future of the gaming industry.

Mutual Benefits and Growth Opportunities

The collaboration between CT Interactive and BetHub presents a myriad of opportunities for mutual growth and success. By combining CT Interactive’s expertise in gaming software development with BetHub’s local market knowledge and customer base, both companies stand to benefit from synergies that will drive innovation and propel the industry forward. With a shared commitment to delivering excellence and exceeding player expectations, the partnership is poised to unlock new avenues for growth and establish a strong foothold in Bulgaria’s competitive gaming landscape.

BetHub's Perspective

Kiril Naldzhiev, General Manager at BetHub, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, citing CT Interactive’s stellar reputation and extensive portfolio as key factors in BetHub’s decision to collaborate. He emphasized BetHub’s commitment to providing players with a diverse and engaging gaming experience, leveraging CT Interactive’s rich portfolio of games adaptable to any platform. With CT Interactive’s support, BetHub aims to emerge as a leading gaming destination in Bulgaria, offering players unparalleled entertainment options and unmatched excitement.

Expanding Horizons

As CT Interactive continues to strengthen its presence in the Bulgarian market, collaborations like the one with BetHub serve as catalysts for growth and innovation. By embracing new opportunities and forging strategic alliances, CT Interactive remains at the forefront of gaming excellence, delivering exceptional experiences that resonate with players worldwide. With a shared vision for the future of gaming, CT Interactive and BetHub are poised to shape the evolution of the industry, setting new benchmarks for quality, innovation, and player satisfaction.


The partnership between CT Interactive and BetHub marks a significant milestone in Bulgaria’s online gaming landscape, signaling a new era of collaboration and innovation. With a shared commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering unparalleled gaming experiences, both companies are well-positioned to redefine the gaming landscape and elevate the industry to new heights. As they embark on this exciting journey together, CT Interactive and BetHub are poised to create lasting impressions on players and solidify their positions as leaders in Bulgaria’s dynamic gaming market.


What is CT Interactive known for?
CT Interactive is renowned for its diverse portfolio of online gaming solutions, including over 200 HTML5 games.

What distinguishes BetHub as an online betting operator?
BetHub stands out as one of Bulgaria’s newest licensed online betting operators, offering a dynamic platform for players.

What benefits does the partnership between CT Interactive and BetHub offer?
The partnership aims to enhance the gaming landscape in Bulgaria by delivering cutting-edge gaming content and immersive experiences to players.

How does CT Interactive plan to engage players through BetHub’s platform?
CT Interactive plans to leverage innovative features such as the Hotluck Jackpot to captivate BetHub’s online audience and offer exciting gaming experiences.

What role does innovation play in CT Interactive’s strategy?
Innovation is central to CT Interactive’s strategy, driving the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming solutions and pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

What opportunities does the Bulgarian online gaming market present for CT Interactive and BetHub?
The Bulgarian online gaming market offers significant growth potential, providing CT Interactive and BetHub with opportunities to expand their reach and attract new players.

How does BetHub aim to position itself in the Bulgarian gaming industry?
BetHub aims to position itself among the leading gaming platforms in Bulgaria by offering a rich portfolio of games adaptable to any platform, ensuring a diverse and engaging gaming experience for players.

What factors contribute to CT Interactive’s reputation in the gaming industry?
CT Interactive’s esteemed reputation is built on its commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences, fostering innovation, and prioritizing player satisfaction.

What collaborative efforts are underway between CT Interactive and BetHub?
CT Interactive and BetHub are collaborating to integrate CT Interactive’s gaming solutions into BetHub’s platform, aiming to enrich the gaming landscape and provide players with rewarding experiences.

How does the partnership between CT Interactive and BetHub benefit both parties?
The partnership between CT Interactive and BetHub creates mutually beneficial opportunities for growth and innovation, allowing both companies to leverage their strengths and achieve long-term success in the gaming industry.


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