Digitain’s Bet Builder for Live Games

Digitain's Bet Builder for Live Games

@Digitain, a leading #sportsbook and #casino platform provider, continues to innovate with its advanced #BetBuilder feature. Designed to offer a tailored and localised #betting experience, this in-house development incorporates flexible management tools and precise margin controls. These enhancements aim to significantly boost user engagement across a wide range of #sports and events.

Introduction to Digitain's Bet Builder Feature

Digitain’s Bet Builder stands out as a versatile tool that empowers users to create personalised bets by combining multiple selections within the same event. This feature not only enhances the odds offered but also allows for a more immersive and interactive betting experience. By enabling users to tailor their bets according to specific preferences, Digitain enhances customer satisfaction and retention.

Comprehensive Coverage: Pre-Match and Live Tournaments

Initially launched with coverage for over 150 pre-match tournaments, Digitain has expanded its Bet Builder to include more than 250 live tournaments. This expansion reflects the growing demand for real-time betting options, ensuring that users can engage actively throughout the duration of live sporting events. Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, or niche sports, Digitain’s Bet Builder provides ample opportunities for customised betting strategies.

Tailored Views for Global Markets

Recognising the diversity in user preferences across different regions, Digitain offers tailored views for Modern, European, African, and Latin American markets. Each view is optimised to cater to specific user behaviours and expectations, ensuring a seamless and intuitive betting interface. Moreover, the Bet Builder is fully responsive, providing a consistent experience across desktop and mobile platforms.

Technical Integration and Accessibility

For partner operators with their own frontend solutions, Digitain offers seamless integration through a bespoke API. This integration capability enhances accessibility and localisation, allowing operators to maintain brand consistency while offering the advanced features of the Bet Builder. Such integration not only expands the reach of the feature but also ensures that it aligns with the operational needs of diverse betting platforms.

Insights from Digitain’s Sportsbook Product Chief

Zohrab Karapetyan, Chief of Sportsbook Product at Digitain, emphasises the innovative approach behind the Bet Builder. Developed in-house using proprietary trading algorithms, this feature ensures reliability and performance. Moreover, Karapetyan notes that user feedback has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of the Bet Builder, with recent enhancements increasing the maximum selections from 10 to 16. This adjustment responds directly to user demand for greater flexibility and customisation in their betting strategies.

Expanding Betting Horizons: Beyond Conventional Markets

Bet Builder expands the horizons of sports betting by offering unique betting options beyond traditional markets. Users can delve into specific player statistics (such as goals scored or assists made) and team performance metrics (including corners, yellow cards, and fouls committed). This diversity not only enhances the betting experience but also opens up new avenues for users to explore different facets of their favourite sports.

Synergy with Digitain’s Sportsbook Features

The integration of Bet Builder with Digitain’s broader sportsbook ecosystem further enriches the user experience. Features like Acca Bonus, Cash Back Bonus, and Sports Jackpot seamlessly complement the Bet Builder, offering users a comprehensive suite of betting options and incentives. This synergy encourages deeper engagement and loyalty among users, who benefit from a variety of rewards and promotional offers.

Commitment to Continuous Innovation

Looking ahead, Digitain remains committed to advancing its Bet Builder feature to meet the evolving needs of its partners and users. By leveraging technological advancements and market insights, Digitain aims to maintain its position as a frontrunner in the sports betting industry. Continuous innovation ensures that the Bet Builder remains at the forefront of user expectations, delivering unparalleled value and excitement.

User-Centric Approach: Feedback and Adaptation

Digitain’s commitment to a user-centric approach is evident in its proactive stance towards feedback and adaptation. Regular surveys and analytics inform ongoing improvements to the Bet Builder, ensuring that it remains relevant and responsive to user preferences. This iterative process not only enhances usability but also fosters a community-driven environment where user input shapes product development.

Future Prospects: Innovating for Tomorrow’s Challenges

As the sports betting landscape continues to evolve, Digitain is poised to tackle tomorrow’s challenges with confidence. Future plans for the Bet Builder include enhanced AI capabilities for predictive analytics, further personalisation features, and expanded integration with emerging sports and markets. By staying ahead of industry trends, Digitain aims to set new benchmarks for innovation and excellence in sports betting technology.


In conclusion, Digitain’s Bet Builder represents a pivotal advancement in the sports betting industry, redefining how users interact with live sports events. By offering unprecedented levels of customisation, seamless integration across platforms, and a commitment to continuous innovation, Digitain has set a new standard for user engagement and satisfaction. As the sports betting environment continues to evolve, Digitain remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing and broadening the capabilities of its Bet Builder feature. This dedication ensures that Digitain effectively addresses the ever-changing demands and preferences of its global network of partners and users. Whether enhancing odds, introducing new markets, or integrating with cutting-edge technologies, Digitain’s Bet Builder remains at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of sports betting experiences globally.


How does Digitain’s Bet Builder enhance user engagement?
Digitain’s Bet Builder allows users to create personalised bets, enhancing engagement through customisation and flexibility.

What types of tournaments does Digitain’s Bet Builder support?
Digitain’s Bet Builder supports over 150 pre-match and 250 live tournaments.

Can Digitain’s Bet Builder be integrated into custom platforms?
Yes, Digitain offers API integration for partners with bespoke frontends.

What are some unique betting options offered by Digitain’s Bet Builder?
Digitain’s Bet Builder offers options like Player to Score and Statistics markets (e.g., Corners, Yellow Cards).

How has Digitain responded to user feedback regarding Bet Builder?
Digitain increased the maximum selections from 10 to 16 based on user demand for more customisation.

What regions does Digitain’s Bet Builder cater to?
Digitain’s Bet Builder caters to Modern, European, African, and Latin American markets.

What features complement Digitain’s Bet Builder?
Digitain’s Bet Builder integrates with features like Acca Bonus, Cash Back Bonus, and Sports Jackpot.

How does Digitain ensure Bet Builder’s performance?
Bet Builder is developed in-house using proprietary trading algorithms, ensuring robust performance.

How does Bet Builder contribute to the mobile betting experience?
Bet Builder is optimised for mobile use, providing a seamless betting experience on handheld devices.

What is Digitain’s future plan for the Bet Builder feature?
Digitain plans to continue innovating and refining Bet Builder to meet evolving market needs.


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