Enteractive & Optimove iGaming Partnership

Enteractive & Optimove iGaming Partnership

In the world of iGaming, where competition is fierce and player expectations are constantly evolving, maintaining customer engagement and addressing problematic gambling behaviors are paramount. Recognizing this challenge, Enteractive, a leading player conversion and reactivation service provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Optimove, a pioneering CRM Marketing platform tailored for the iGaming sector. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing how operators approach player retention and responsible gambling initiatives.

Expanding the Partnership:

Enteractive’s expertise in outbound calling for player conversion and reactivation perfectly complements Optimove’s comprehensive marketing channels suite. With Optimove already offering a robust array of communication channels including email, mobile, SMS, in-app messaging, and web and mobile push notifications, the addition of Enteractive’s personalized touch through outbound calls enriches the suite, creating a holistic approach to player engagement.

The Enteractive Advantage:

Enteractive stands at the forefront of iGaming customer engagement, leveraging advanced technology to facilitate personalized communication and engagement strategies. Through its platform, operators can initiate meaningful interactions with players, from the moment they register to ongoing engagement and even post-lapse reactivation efforts. This proactive approach ensures that players feel valued and heard, leading to enhanced loyalty and lifetime value.

Enhancing Player Retention:

One of the primary goals of any iGaming operator is to retain players over the long term. However, in an industry characterized by intense competition and rapidly changing consumer preferences, player retention presents a significant challenge. Enteractive’s outbound calls channel provides operators with a powerful tool to revitalize connections with lapsed players as part of a holistic CRM marketing strategy. By leveraging data insights and personalized communication, operators can tailor their outreach efforts to re-engage players based on their individual preferences and behaviors.

Moreover, Enteractive’s platform enables operators to identify players who exhibit signs of problematic gambling behavior. By analyzing player activity and behavior patterns, operators can flag individuals who may be at risk and intervene proactively. Through personalized conversations and tailored advice, operators can help these players manage their gambling habits responsibly, thereby fostering a safer gaming environment while also preserving player trust and loyalty.

Humanizing Customer Interaction:

In an increasingly digitalized world, the importance of human interaction cannot be overstated. While automated communication channels undoubtedly offer efficiency and scalability, they often lack the personal touch that human interaction provides. This is particularly true in sensitive matters such as addressing problematic gambling behaviors. Dan De Souza, Director of iGaming Partnerships at Optimove, underscores the significance of humanizing customer interaction in the iGaming industry. He notes that the partnership with Enteractive enables operators to rekindle connections with inactive players and address gambling issues with empathy and understanding.

Tackling Marketing Challenges:

Player churn is a pervasive issue in the iGaming industry, with operators constantly striving to retain their player base amidst fierce competition. The partnership between Enteractive and Optimove represents a significant step forward in addressing this challenge. By combining Enteractive’s proven reactivation services with Optimove’s advanced CRM marketing functionalities, operators gain access to a powerful marketing toolset that enables them to re-engage churned players effectively. This integrated approach not only helps operators recover lost revenue but also strengthens player relationships, leading to increased loyalty and lifetime value.

The Power of Personalization:

Central to the success of the Enteractive and Optimove partnership is the emphasis on personalization. In today’s digital landscape, consumers expect tailored experiences that resonate with their individual preferences and behaviors. By harnessing data analytics and machine learning algorithms, Optimove enables operators to segment their player base and deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns. When combined with Enteractive’s personalized communication approach, operators can create meaningful interactions that drive engagement and foster long-term loyalty.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities:

While player retention is a key focus for iGaming operators, growth opportunities also lie in reactivating dormant players and expanding into new markets. Enteractive’s reactivation services, coupled with Optimove’s comprehensive CRM platform, empower operators to unlock these growth opportunities effectively. By identifying dormant players and deploying targeted reactivation campaigns, operators can reignite interest and drive revenue growth. Additionally, by leveraging Optimove’s predictive analytics capabilities, operators can identify emerging market trends and capitalize on new opportunities for expansion.

Ensuring Responsible Gaming:

Amidst the drive for growth and profitability, responsible gaming remains a top priority for iGaming operators. Enteractive and Optimove are committed to promoting responsible gaming practices and mitigating the risks associated with problem gambling. Through proactive identification of at-risk players and personalized intervention strategies, operators can help players manage their gambling habits responsibly while still enjoying the thrill of gaming. By fostering a safe and supportive gaming environment, operators not only uphold their regulatory obligations but also safeguard the well-being of their players.


The partnership between Enteractive and Optimove represents a paradigm shift in iGaming customer engagement. By combining Enteractive’s personalized touch with Optimove’s advanced CRM marketing platform, operators can elevate their player retention strategies to new heights. From reactivating dormant players to addressing problematic gambling behaviors, the partnership offers a comprehensive solution that empowers operators to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, Enteractive and Optimove remain at the forefront, driving innovation and setting new standards for customer engagement and responsible gaming.


How does Enteractive contribute to player retention in iGaming?
Enteractive provides personalized communication and engagement strategies, facilitating proactive interaction with players to enhance retention.

What marketing channels does Optimove’s suite include?
Optimove’s marketing channels suite comprises email, mobile, SMS, in-app messaging, as well as web and mobile push notifications.

What is the significance of addressing problematic gambling behaviors in iGaming?
Addressing problematic gambling behaviors is crucial for responsible gaming initiatives and maintaining player trust and loyalty.

How does Enteractive help operators identify problematic gambling behaviors?
Enteractive’s outbound calls channel enables operators to identify players exhibiting signs of problematic gambling behavior and offer tailored advice for management.

Why is a human touch important in iGaming customer engagement?
A human touch fosters trust and empathy, essential for addressing sensitive issues like gambling problems and reactivating inactive players.

What challenges does the iGaming industry face in player retention?
Player churn poses a significant marketing challenge, necessitating innovative strategies to reactivate and retain players effectively.

How does Enteractive complement Optimove’s CRM Marketing platform?
Enteractive’s services seamlessly integrate with Optimove’s platform, enhancing its capabilities for player reactivation and retention.

What role does personalization play in iGaming customer engagement?
Personalization creates meaningful connections with players, increasing engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value.

How can operators utilize Enteractive’s services for reactivating players?
Operators can activate Enteractive’s outbound calls channel as part of their CRM marketing strategy to reconnect with lapsed players effectively.

What benefits does the partnership between Enteractive and Optimove offer to iGaming operators?
The partnership provides operators with a powerful marketing tool that combines personalized interaction with advanced CRM functionalities to tackle player retention challenges.


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