EveryMatrix Acquires FSB Technology

EveryMatrix Acquires FSB Technology

EveryMatrix, a significant player in the #iGaming industry known for its comprehensive suite of gaming solutions, has recently made a bold strategic move by acquiring @FSBTechnology. This acquisition, completed through an all-cash deal, underscores @EveryMatrix’s commitment to expanding its market presence and enhancing its technological capabilities in #sportsbook solutions.

Introduction to FSB Technology: A Leader in Sportsbook Innovation

Founded in 2007 by industry veterans Sam Lawrence and David McDowell, FSB Technology has carved out a niche as a leading B2B sportsbook technology provider. Headquartered in London, FSB has gained recognition for its end-to-end solutions, which encompass everything from Player Account Management (PAM) to cutting-edge sports betting and casino platforms. Notably, FSB has built a reputation for excellence in horse racing products, widely acknowledged as among the best in the industry.

Integration into EveryMatrix’s Ecosystem: Enhancing OddsMatrix Platform

EveryMatrix’s acquisition of FSB Technology is poised to bring significant enhancements to its flagship OddsMatrix platform. By integrating key features and technologies from FSB, EveryMatrix aims to bolster its sportsbook and odds feed offerings. This strategic alignment is expected to unlock synergies that benefit both companies, particularly in expanding market reach and diversifying service offerings across regions such as the UK, Ireland, and Africa, where FSB has established a robust market presence.

Benefits for Stakeholders: Customers and Industry Impact

The acquisition promises substantial benefits for customers of both EveryMatrix and FSB Technology. Upon migration to the enhanced OddsMatrix platform, clients will gain access to advanced sportsbook solutions and a broader range of services. This includes EveryMatrix’s modular offerings in casino games, payment solutions, and affiliate management tools, empowering operators to streamline operations and enhance player engagement effectively.

Growth and Performance Metrics: Reinforcing Industry Leadership

OddsMatrix, known for its technological prowess and comprehensive service suite, has demonstrated impressive growth metrics in recent years. In 2023 alone, the platform experienced a remarkable 75% Year-on-Year increase in total bets, highlighting its growing market traction and operational efficiency. Profitability surged by 90%, underscoring EveryMatrix’s ability to deliver robust financial performance amidst competitive market dynamics. Additionally, live events saw a substantial uptick, exceeding 1.8 million events for the year, reinforcing OddsMatrix’s position as a preferred choice for tier-1 brands across Europe and beyond.

Strategic Implications and Future Outlook: Positioning for Long-term Success

Ebbe Groes, Group CEO of EveryMatrix, expressed confidence in the strategic rationale behind the acquisition. He emphasized the transaction’s role in accelerating EveryMatrix’s growth trajectory, particularly in regulated markets where FSB Technology has a strong foothold. This strategic expansion not only diversifies EveryMatrix’s revenue streams but also enhances its competitive edge in delivering high-performance gaming solutions tailored to meet evolving industry demands.

CEO Perspectives: Vision and Collaboration

Adam Smith, CEO of FSB Technology, echoed Groes’s sentiments regarding the acquisition’s transformative potential. Smith highlighted the opportunity to leverage synergies and collective expertise, driving innovation and value creation for FSB’s partners and stakeholders. The partnership aims to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, ensuring that clients benefit from enhanced technological capabilities and a more robust service offering in the competitive landscape of iGaming.

Conclusion: Redefining Industry Standards

The acquisition of FSB Technology by EveryMatrix marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of sportsbook technology and iGaming solutions. By combining forces, EveryMatrix and FSB Technology are set to redefine industry standards, setting new benchmarks for innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. As both companies continue to integrate and collaborate, stakeholders can expect continued advancements in sportsbook technology and an enriched gaming experience for players worldwide.


What does EveryMatrix’s acquisition of FSB Technology mean for customers?
EveryMatrix’s acquisition of FSB Technology brings enhanced sportsbook and technology solutions to customers. They can expect access to advanced sports betting platforms, improved odds feeds, and integration with EveryMatrix’s modular products like casino games and payment solutions, ensuring a more comprehensive service offering.

How will the integration of FSB Technology into OddsMatrix benefit operators?
Operators will benefit from a broader range of services and enhanced operational efficiency. The integration will offer access to FSB’s acclaimed horse racing products and EveryMatrix’s robust technology, supporting operators in delivering superior gaming experiences to their users.

What are the strategic goals behind EveryMatrix’s acquisition of FSB Technology?
EveryMatrix aims to strengthen its market presence in key regions such as the UK, Ireland, and Africa. The acquisition also diversifies EveryMatrix’s revenue streams and accelerates growth, positioning the company as a leader in sportsbook technology solutions globally.

How does FSB Technology contribute to EveryMatrix’s long-term growth strategy?
FSB Technology’s expertise and established market share in sportsbook technology provide EveryMatrix with a strategic advantage. By leveraging FSB’s capabilities, EveryMatrix can expand into new markets and enhance its competitive edge in the rapidly evolving iGaming industry.

What growth metrics has OddsMatrix achieved recently?
In 2023, OddsMatrix experienced significant growth with a 75% Year-on-Year increase in total bets and a 90% rise in profitability. The platform also saw live events rise by 31%, underscoring its strong performance and market acceptance among tier-1 brands.

How will the acquisition impact existing FSB Technology partners?
Existing FSB Technology partners can look forward to continued support and enhanced service offerings through collaboration with EveryMatrix. The acquisition aims to create synergies that benefit partners by improving technological capabilities and expanding market reach.

What challenges does EveryMatrix anticipate in integrating FSB Technology?
While integration efforts are expected to enhance service delivery, challenges may include aligning technological infrastructures and ensuring seamless migration for customers. EveryMatrix is committed to overcoming these challenges to deliver uninterrupted service and enhanced value to stakeholders.

How does EveryMatrix plan to maintain customer satisfaction during the integration process?
EveryMatrix has implemented a strategic roadmap to ensure minimal disruption to customer operations during the integration of FSB Technology. This includes dedicated support teams and proactive communication to address any concerns and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

What are the key factors driving EveryMatrix’s decision to acquire FSB Technology?
The acquisition aligns with EveryMatrix’s strategic goals of expanding its product portfolio and entering new regulated markets. By acquiring FSB Technology, EveryMatrix strengthens its position as a leading provider of sportsbook and iGaming solutions globally.

What future innovations can stakeholders expect from the EveryMatrix and FSB Technology partnership?
Stakeholders can anticipate ongoing innovations in sportsbook technology and enhanced product offerings. The partnership aims to drive continuous improvement and deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the iGaming industry worldwide.


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