Evoplay Partners with Livespins

Evoplay Partners with Livespins

Evoplay, a leading developer of slots and casino games, has recently integrated its vast portfolio of over 200 titles with the renowned streaming platform, Livespins. This exciting partnership introduces an innovative way for players to engage with their favorite casino games and streamers while offering operators an opportunity to expand their reach and enhance player engagement. This article explores the details of this groundbreaking collaboration, the features it brings to the gaming community, and the potential impact on the industry.

Evoplay and Livespins Unite: A Game-Changer for Online Casino Gaming

Livespins, an award-winning streaming platform, is now set to revolutionize the online casino industry with the integration of Evoplay’s captivating games into its platform. This development allows Livespins’ popular streamers to incorporate Evoplay’s content into their live broadcasts, providing players with an immersive and interactive gaming experience like never before. Players can now bet behind the action as it unfolds on the reels, creating a shared and exhilarating gaming atmosphere. Each player can tailor their betting experience, choosing their bet size and the number of spins, adding a layer of customization and excitement.

A Diverse Gaming Experience

With Evoplay’s extensive collection now available on Livespins, players can enjoy a diverse range of gaming experiences. Titles such as “Fruit Super Nova,” “Indiana’s Quest,” and “October Pub” take center stage, offering players thrilling gameplay and the anticipation of potential wins. This partnership elevates the gaming experience by allowing players to have bets in play, adding a new dimension of excitement.

Fostering Social Interaction: The Heart of Livespins

What sets Livespins apart is its emphasis on social interaction. Whether players’ bets result in wins or losses, they are guaranteed a fun and engaging experience. The platform enables players to communicate with streamers and fellow gamers throughout the gameplay, creating a sense of community. Players can share their reactions, express themselves through emojis, and even exchange animated gifs in the chat function. This social aspect of gaming adds a layer of enjoyment and connection that enhances the overall experience.

Lightning Drops and Races: Unleashing the Thrill

Livespins brings even more excitement to the gaming scene with two unique features: Lightning Drops and Lightning Races. Lightning Drops offer the opportunity to win jackpots at any time, injecting an element of surprise and exhilaration into the gameplay. Additionally, Lightning Races are tournaments where players can compete against each other to secure top spots on the leaderboard, adding a competitive edge to the gaming experience.

Livespins: A Game-Changer in the iGaming Industry

Livespins has introduced a novel approach to online casino gaming, opening doors for game studios to collaborate with operators in an entirely new manner. This innovative approach earned Livespins the prestigious “Innovation in Slot Provision” trophy at this year’s EGR B2B Awards. Michael Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer at Livespins, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Evoplay, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Evoplay to the Livespins platform and for the studio to be able to deploy its games with our growing roster of operator partners.” This collaboration allows studios not only to access new operators but also to cater to the growing demand for streaming content, particularly among Millennials and Generation Z demographics.

Evoplay’s Commitment to Innovation

Vladimir Malakchi, Chief Commercial Officer at Evoplay, emphasized their continuous effort to offer players and operators an unparalleled gaming experience while introducing innovative forms of entertainment. He stated, “Given the heightened interest of players in streaming content and considering that Livespins is the only streaming platform situated within the casino lobby, we anticipate excellent outcomes from this partnership.” This collaboration aligns with Evoplay’s mission to continually push the boundaries of gaming entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Livespins, and why is it gaining attention in the iGaming industry?
Livespins is an award-winning streaming platform that allows players to engage with their favorite casino games and streamers. It’s gaining attention due to its innovative approach to social interaction and the integration of popular game titles.

What does the partnership between Evoplay and Livespins entail?
This partnership enables Livespins’ streamers to incorporate Evoplay’s games into their live broadcasts, offering players an interactive betting experience.

Can players customize their betting experience on Livespins?
Yes, players can choose their bet size and the number of spins, tailoring their gaming experience to their preferences.

How does Livespins foster social interaction among players?
Livespins allows players to chat with both streamers and fellow gamers during gameplay, offering a sense of community. Players can use emojis and gifs to express themselves.

What are Lightning Drops and Lightning Races on Livespins?
Lightning Drops are jackpots that can drop at any time during gameplay, adding an element of surprise. Lightning Races are tournaments where players compete for top positions on the leaderboard.

What recognition has Livespins received in the iGaming industry?
Livespins was honored with the “Innovation in Slot Provision” award at the EGR B2B Awards, highlighting its unique approach to online casino gaming.

How does Livespins cater to the demand for streaming content among players?
Livespins is the only streaming platform situated within the casino lobby, making it an ideal platform for players interested in streaming content.

What is Evoplay’s objective in partnering with Livespins?
Evoplay aims to offer players and operators an exceptional gaming experience while embracing innovative forms of entertainment.

Why is the collaboration between Evoplay and Livespins considered a game-changer for the iGaming industry?
This partnership represents a novel way for game studios to collaborate with operators, enhancing player engagement and expanding the reach of streaming content.

What can players expect from Evoplay’s games on Livespins?
Players can enjoy a diverse range of gaming experiences with Evoplay’s titles, including thrilling gameplay and the anticipation of potential wins in a social and interactive environment.


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